Saturday, August 30, 2008

Inside The Mind Of A Teenager

I freaking wish! It's been a long long time since I was one and frankly, what I thought I remembered, isn't really what I remembered and when I look at pictures, I still don't remember.

So it's nice (as in right now, right this very minute) to be sharing my looooong weekend with mine. I've asked her to go everywhere with me. Anything from the Grocery Store to having lunch with a old School friend of mine. She's gone everywhere and she's been wonderful.

I haven't had to buy her anything either (so you in the back, HUSH).

It's like she's been craving time with me. I keep talking about all the things for her room (new curtains, new bedding, new furniture) but she's not as interested in talking about it as I am. Instead she wants to talk to me about her friends, tell me jokes, tell me stories, ask me questions about her childhood, compare herself to her baby sister, talk about the nice things her brother does for her and talk about her dad.

I am loving every minute of it and I know in just two more days, it will be back to the crazy-busy life that I lead but for the moment ....

Friday, August 29, 2008

End In Sight

Good news here at Mig's house. The girl's room is ALMOST DONE.

I knew you all would be thrilled!!!! Seeing how, oh I dunno, it's been MONTHS now that this little chore (HA) has been waiting to be completed.

Yesterday the paint sprayer came out and the room was sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. There might have been some glee (me) and some swearing (my man) but it got done. I couldn't be happier.

Today, there will be trim painting and a final coat on the doors and the painting portion of the program will be finished.

Then it will be the fun stuff, moving in furniture putting up curtains and sorting through no less than fifteen totes full of teenage CRAP.

I'm okay with that though. With school starting next week and HIGH SCHOOL no less, she needs her space.

And I? Need my living room back.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Vs. Three

Three things I am hating right now.

1) The baby has a double ear infection.
2) The Living Room TV has "issues"
3) Freaking allergies (ie: stupid ragweed)

Three things I am loving right now.

1) My clean house.
2) Having the next five days off.
3) SIMS Apartment Life.

I'll take all of it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catholic You Down

It's been about a year now, that I've been friendly with one of my daughter's best friend's mother (can you follow that one?). I'll call her M.

Our girls have been friend's since second grade but I'd say over the last year we've started do more things together. She's nice. I like her. But EBF she is not.

When she asked me if I was interested in selling some of my stuff at her yard sale I said sure. And it's one of those things that when you say yes, you do mean it but the night before when you are boxing stuff up and loading it into your jeep, you are sorry you did.

Didn't help that I caught the cold that seems to be rampant at daycare either. Saturday I was blowing my nose and hearing echos in my head.

I made it through the day. Sold maybe $10 worth of junk. M's mom and dad came by to hang with us. They seemed nice to me. I had met them in passing before but actually got to spend sometime chatting with them.

All was well until the end. What is it about the end that can ruin the whole thing? I don't know either. A woman came as we were cleaning up and as I packed she would ask about some of my things and would I take less for it, etc. I admit I was cranky. I admit I had to walk away from her because it was reaching the point of saying "take it all for $2".

I walked over to where M's parents were sitting and M's mom asked me what that was all about. So I said this "well, just wait because she will be over here before too long trying to Jew you down too."

People? I said this to a JEWISH woman. Not just any Jewish woman. M's MOTHER. I have no idea what I was thinking. I knew M was Jewish. I am not generally known to say that sort of stupid thing. Yet. I. Did.

M's Mom turned to me and told me how I had OFFENDED HER. Which I fell over myself apologizing. She then said to me, how would you like it if I said that to you? Are you Catholic? I said I was. She said how would you like it if I said "how about I Catholic You Down."

I had to stop myself from laughing. I get her point BUT the statement itself made no sense. I'm not a small child. I don't need examples. I clearly understood the error of my ways.

There was more apologizing and then clean up and finally M's Mom left. I did hug her when she left and apologized one more time. It was wrong to make the statement.

So after M told me how embarrassed she was by her Mom, she went into how this woman is not above talking about or making similar types of comments, that I made, including her own kind.

My point here, or observation, or whatever the heck you want to call it, is this ... I apologized for making a poor statement that I was called out on but she can say whatever she wants and does anyone call her out?

I don't care what you say, being older doesn't make it right.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Always Pressed For Time

What the heck happened to Monday? I have no idea either. Except maybe there was a headache involved, I can't remember that far back because it is now TUESDAY.

I need to keep up people. Help!

Today I've got to work (boo-hiss), a dentist appointment at 4:30 (oh the fun just never ends), some sort of dinner AND as an added bonus, more work.

I am hating me some Tuesday.

I did get to redeem some empties, during my lunch hour, to the tune of $18.75. Which I promptly spent at the drug store on a snack, Star Magazine and some headache medicine (which did not work, probably because I've got a stubborn mind).

Now it's approaching 7 AM and I have exactly a half hour to get the baby up, dressed, fed, her lunch made and if I'm lucky I'll get a glass of water before I head out and start my day.

Is your head spinning yet? Oh GOOD!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Year of Empties

This is really SAD people. And entire trash can of Red Bull empties (think 160 cans).

Looking at that, makes me realize why I'm so hyper. My man was appalled that he beat me. His Monster's totaled 240. (not all of them are pictured here)

Then there is our favorite Coke product. CANS! (175 of them)

Not to be outdone is the 2 liters. I haven't counted them yet.

Then there's the "guest" drinks. We have lots and lots of guest. (ok so we might drink Mountain Dew too, What of it?)

I'm redeeming them this week. This is ALOT of work for $40.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Leaving Some Slack

Well I'm not going to break any workout records this week. Or last week. Not that I was trying, AT ALL.

I think I've reached some sort of exercise overload. (You in the back? I'm so kicking your ass!)

In a two week period, I went four times. Twice each week. I'm choosing sleep for a change. I think I need it more than a grueling one hour work out.

And I am literally "making" myself not feel bad about it. That's the hardest part. See us Type A Control Freaks need to do, need to be there, need to participate. Anything, not, is like going against the grain. Nails on a chalkboard. Chewing on a sweater. It's hard to bear.

I'm already plotting co-ordinating a couple of days jogging at the track next week because I'm good at doing my own thing.

Sometimes I suck at following someone else. Bad.

Moving on.

TODAY! Today I have the morning off. I'm going from one form of torture to the next you could say. I'm taking the kids shopping for School clothes with my MOTHER.

If that doesn't scream fun I don't know what does.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Comment For the Day

Why is it that people who drive and talk on their cell phone cease to be able to DRIVE?

I think they all were out yesterday and I was behind each one of them, thinking, WTF!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seven & Nine

Alright so I hope you all got a chuckle out of my previous post. I've been hearing about how "leaning" might be a possibility ... so ... WHATEVAH (and you in the back, SHUT UP!).

It rained cats and dogs today so the hand print is no longer there. Works for me.

Moving On,

Guess what today is? Go ahead GUESS! GUESS! WRONG. Today my baby stood up from her booster seat and said "shake-a-bum" and if you didn't catch it the first time, again, "shake-a-bum". Now maybe she was parroting, something she does alot right now ... but then ... she ... shook ... her ... bum. Nice eh?

I have no idea who taught her that, I sWeAr!

But seriously, what today is, what today represents, is MANY things. First (and most important) it's our sixteenth wedding anniversary. I know. Say it with me. Sixteen Years. That's a long damn time to be with someone. To be with ONE person. It blows my mind because it does not seem that long at all. I mean, wasn't 1992 yesterday?

Funny how this day is the opposite of all those years ago. Then, I was fitting into my dress and having my hair french braided with baby's breath weaved in. Lots of make-up. Looking forward to our elopement and honeymoon in Cancun. My man? Had a mullet with a pony tail. (WHAT? I asked his permission, he said I could tell) If I had access to a scanner, I'd show you the picture. He wore a blue suit and tie and I wore a cream colored dress. We were married by a Justice of the Peace in her backyard under a trellis. It was the perfect moment for me. No fanfare, just us.

Mmmmmm Cancun.

Today, was a regular work day and then non-stop baby entertainment. There were no cards exchanged, no flowers, no dinner out. And that's okay, because after sixteen years, it's those little moments, like eating a home cooked chicken and laughing about stupid stuff that happened during the day, that makes it all worthwhile.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feel Free To Speculate.

So get this. After work today I decided to take my girls to the grocery store. The stores I usually go to are five minutes or less from my house. But they are pricey compared to the grocery store I recently went to. I've known about it for years but never took the time to see what it was all about. And much to my surprise going there, gave me ALOT more groceries for the same amount of money.

Except it is in the CITY. There are some interesting people who go there AND who work there. I hate that the parking lot is always jammed.

But ... today we went. We needed DINNER(s) and quick. I figured the baby would probably be alright with snacks and having her sister entertain her. (note to self: buy chocolate).

We got lots and lots of stuff and the baby behaved right until the check out when she might have lost it over chewing gum (picture me saying NO) but all the fun and games came to a grinding hault when I went out to the jeep. My beautiful black jeep, new tires, I love how it looks. Until I noticed, in the brightly sunlight that there was a GIGANTIC hand print right by the rear window. I think some DNA might have been left behind along with outline of skin? salt? dirt? I'm not really sure. But then ...

I started thinking, maybe I'm mistaken, or I thought that perhaps ... oh you know ... I was maybe too anal about my car, heh, so, I didn't say anything. But my daughter (the teenager) came right out with it and said "look at the hand print Mom!" and "when did that get there?" She hadn't seen it either and it was on her side. Oiy! People are you hearing me? "O~I~Y" (breathes into paper bag.)

Then I had a real moment of panic and thought ... DID I REMEMBER TO LOCK THE DOORS?

Granted the thief would find, lots of squished graham crackers, raisins and fermented juice cups. Alone with a couple bags of baby toys that may or may not be VERY STICKY. There are Altoids but they have been raided and drooled on by the toddler who really likes to have minty fresh breath, so go ahead and eat those! Undoubtedly there is a black zippered pouch with a weapon's worth of PENNIES! Because you just never know when you might need a PENNY or fifty.

But really? It would have sucked to find my stroller gone and my notary seal ... taken. My daughter mentioned how she was glad she had her Ipod on her. Me Too!

Course there was the possibility that it was my Husband's hand. He could have been leaning in to look at the baby. But the location of it AND the size (like this person had a BIG hand) would mean you were leaning in looking through the window not leaning into the opening. (if that makes any sense at all). To be sure I asked when we got home. He came down to look at it.

It's definitely not his hand print or my son's. He agrees with the theory.

Seriously ...

Here we are, poised for another week of chaos. Joy. This morning has already held a ball busting workout (hey I survived, that's saying something) and now I'm off to get ready for work.

This week holds the usual. Some grocery shopping, some obsessing, lots of work, extra work on top of the extra work, probably more obsessing with a mix of errands.

Sounds like fun doesn't it?

Well at least it doesn't include having a house guest, so I. will. take. it.

In other news and for those of you who are interested in this update, the guy? That was trying to collect state benefits, the one where I thought we presented a good case in our favor? He ended up winning and gets his money. So yeah, that was worth getting gussied up and putting blisters on my feet.

Except. Not.

And the compliance stuff I'm dealing with that should be finished? Isn't. I did a final submission last week with one outstanding item and I'm waiting to hear back. That will be at some point this week and it won't be pretty.

Can't. Wait.

Otherwise, I'm doing just fine. Which is good. I'm not even thinking of the other shoe falling. Heh.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Step Inside For A Visit

One week ago today my MIL came for a visit. She's 62 and a wonderful, wonderful lady. I am lucky to have her in my life. She told us before she left what a pleasant trip it had been and commented on spending quality time with the older kids and hearing the baby say Grandma over and over couldn't have been any cuter.

My MIL picked this from the landscape to take home with her. It's carefully wrapped with paper towels and a baggie. She forgot it when we left for the airport this morning at 4 AM. (Yes you did read that right 4 AM!)

This little fella made pot after pot after pot of coffee this week. I can now put it away as there will only be one drinker now that my MIL has left. (read: coffee = yuck)

This is the coffee maker of choice. The Cadillac of coffee makers, single serve. I like the color. (and hate the rest of my kitchen m'kay?)

This goody was purchased for a whopping $2 as the thrift store and currently transports a few naked baby dolls with blankets AND as an added bonus the baby can sit in it, which she does and then she tells me to push her around, what fun!

Here's to you Grandma. We had many laughs this week and it was nice to look at pictures and catch up. You are an inspiring writer and know alot about a variety of things. The Baby couldn't have enjoyed your visit more if she'd tried. She misses you already!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The UGLY

Let's play a couple rounds shall we?

The Good ~
My MIL is here visiting. There is lots of Grandma worship going on by the baby and the older kids are getting out of the house for walks each day. We love Grandma.

The Bad ~
Having to constantly be "on". Always smiling, always pleasant. Making small talk, watching endless video's of family, seeing lots of digital pictures, looking at My Space, sitting and chatting and someone always in the kitchen.

The UGLY ~
I want my house back dammit. I am happy to be working today (more like escaping today) and I am counting the hours now for the return flight. Which, BTW, is still 48 hours away.

I'm FULL of these ... but let's just do one more because I have to head to work ...

The Good ~
Our cute little Corgi. Grandma loves her, walks her and sneaks her treats.

The Bad ~
She has developed a urinary tract infection so she is peeing little puddles, some with blood, all over the damn kitchen floor, during the Chaos that is my life right now.

Besides wanting to scream as I constantly clean up and sanitize. I am finding that my MIL's solution for her peeing is laying paper towels over the puddles. Do any of you think that bothers me? HA!

Alright, because you are twisting my arm ... ONE. MORE. ROUND.

The Good ~
The grand kids have been simply marvelous. They aren't taking advantage of the situation (I know what's wrong with this picture), they are gracious when Grandma takes them for donuts and sodas every morning and they walk around with her in good spirits, no complaining. She is even able to get countless pictures of the teenager.

The Bad ~
When the kids aren't doing any of those lovely things, the teenager is glued (and I do mean glued) to the computer and the boy is laying on the couch watching TV playing game boy. I'm okay with it.

Grandma has said to me TWICE now (bless her heart) that she cannot believe how the kids are doing NOTHING since she's been here and it's bothering her. I'd like to tactfully point out here (but I'm not sure how to work it into the conversation) that she is staying in my sons ROOM so he can't go in there and use his stuff and my daughter? Has no room to speak, her things in storage bins, because we have been painting it for what seems like YEARS.

It is great fun to be me! Anyone want to come over?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Five Day Recap

Ok, you all know you've been DYING to see my wonderful photography. So join me. Will you? the first picture if the view. It was positively beautiful.

Always swimming. Here are all three of my children. Note, those snorkel masks? Didn't come home with us, so who ever ended up with them and my son's bathing suit, made out.

Here are my girls.

The view from our bed.

This is a game. I SWEAR. There is a fork on the end and you are suppose to use your head to stack these little glasses in a pyramid. There might be a picture of me in these styling glasses but you readers? Won't see it. EVAH.

I have lots of reunion photos but I picked this one because my MOM is in it. Everyone celebrating a birthday was gathered. She's in the yellow shirt. (ok, I suck at pictures, I know, it doesn't help that she's got a bad retro do AND the sun in her eyes make the evil look, I THINK)

There was paddle boating.

The day I went with my son? It was FOG city.

Did I mention the fog?

My paddle boat partner did the steering and directed me to either speed up, slow down or paddle backward. He took total control of the experience. My favorite part of the entire vacation? Spending those 30 minutes with him. Truly.

Our last day there, I was playing on the slide with the baby.

She tells me, not to take her picture. I don't listen.

Here she is telling me, in case I forgot to NOT take her picture.

Ok, now she's mad I keep taking her picture. Whoops.

Yes, I am THAT good at taking pictures. I have no idea what I was going for here.

The princess.

And last, but not least, the Gift Shop loot!

A Twisted Karmic Retrobution

I keep trying to post my vacation pictures to no avail.

I repeat. No avail.

First it was the "internal error". Then I was able to put together a post with five or six pictures ... when (cue the suspense music, dun dun dun) my computer froze. Alright, froze is a word I use for "not responding fast enough". It appeared to be continually saving.

So I had my man check stuff out, as this is a new Dell. He did. He did the usual check of systems stuff. Did a Ad-Ware scan. There may have been 75 cookies. AHEM. He closed some things that were running in the background that needed to be. He did the update that I had been ignoring ... for a month or so.

And now I'm going to try again. Today.

Because I am off to hang with my Mother-In-Law and have my parents over for lunch.

Oh this should be fun. And I say that because everyone gets along so well that, in fact, it will be incredibly boring.

Still it's better than WORK.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wanted: Female Therapy

I had a long day today (how often do you hear that here? Oh HUSH), it started with a workout session that kicked my fucking ass, a get-ready-with-a-cranky baby, running the same errand twice (mostly because I forgot my wallet, so yeah that was FUN), rain, work, more rain, late lunch, payroll for forty, demanding baby, grocery store, dinner and entertaining (see previous mother-in-law reference). I escaped with an excuse to walk the dog ... in a cool after rain air ... soothing.

I got to the end of the driveway and found I had forgotten my phone. I kept going but I wished I had it. I need some recharge, refuel, idle chatter mixed in with laughter. I needed no one to solve anything. I just needed to be listened to. To be heard.

In the end, I got a long walk with my old dog, who panted and practically sat at various points. She was a good sport. But hardly any sort of replacement for some girl time. The rest of the evening was spent watching videos of various family stuff. Joe playing the guitar, gopher turtles walking in the yard and a rather large dog chasing a butterfly.

It's the equivalent of torture, trust me. The saving grace was my man hanging out with us. He was making (and getting away with) those mother-son jokes. There was much laughing.

Last night, just before bed? And a stellar way to end the evening. Dinner? Made a second showing. Something just didn't agree with me. And let me tell you tacos are disgusting the second time around.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wanted To But Didn't

Things I wanted to do today.

Mow the lawn.
Post vacation pictures.
Blog about said pictures.
Finish laundry.
Cook chicken.
Hang out.

Things I did today instead.

Waited at the airport for SIX hours. Thinking every half hour that the Mother-In-Law's flight was finally leaving Washington Airport.

Six hours with the baby hanging out. She's here and we love us some Grandma. But man ...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pump Up The Jam

Remember that lame song? ME TOO! I don't miss it either. It just popped into my head as I was logging in here.



The week after vacation is brutal. BRUTAL I tell ya. I'm just now getting a handle on all the paperwork that accumulated from last week. I've got work to do this weekend ...

And ...

As an added bonus? My mother-in-law is coming to stay for the week. Hello SUCKAGE. Ok, I don't really mean that but it's going to be a week of hanging out, chatting, cooking dinner with an extra plate and hoping her grandkids don't say anything too, oh I don't know, OFF THE WALL.

Because there is painting going on in my daughter's room. THAT RIGHT! Painting. As in the final coat is on the ceiling and I just picked up three gallons of wall paint yesterday so the painting? CAN CONTINUE. Big shout out to my man for taking off this project for me. I will be doing the trim paint, which after much discussion about drips and such, I think I'm good to go. I am setting up my son's room for my mother-in-law to sleep in. SCARY, I know. It's so smelly in there but once I get done with it? Sparkling clean. Heh.

I have a couple of days off next week to hang with her so she can smooch her preshush grand-baby.

I'm sure it will be fun, it's just OH SO HARD having a house guest for an entire week.

At any rate ...


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sometimes I'm A Brat

I had a week off from bootcamp while I was on vacation. So everyone trudged on without me and Monday I came in all fresh, rested and chipper.

The instructor? Kicked it up a notch. Now keep in mind this instructor is excellent at motivating us. He's like having a personal trainer. He will work you individually if you ask him and he likes to keep us guessing by constantly changing the routine.

I have learned over the three years I've been going there to never let on, how sore I am, how difficult OR easy the workouts are. Because, for me, they are easy and I think that annoys him.

We came in Monday and there was a long list of exercises for us to do. 25 reps of each one and jogging. We work at our own pace. I don't know what got into me but I figured I'd just crank the whole list out. My leg? Not hurting anymore. I was first finishing. I managed to stay ahead of everyone, through THREE sets of all the exercises. Which is good.

One of the gals took me aside at the end and said "Wow you really cranked on those exercises." I said well I wasn't here last week and blah, blah, blah.

But really? I just wanted to beat everyone.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Answer The Question!

I don't know about any of you but I find infomercials amusing. I don't buy their products. I mock them.

Over the years I've been presented with various opportunities to participate in the debt to wealth schemes. Ok I say schemes only because I've never been willing (or stupid) enough to pay any sort of money to actually get in and participate in the programs, whatever they may be.

Those opportunities always seem to come straight out of left field. For example, years ago my husband was contacted by a childhood friend through his mom, he sent us a cassette tape with a mysterious note saying listen to this and tell him what we thought of it. We laughed as we listened to it.

Now, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but these programs all follow the general path. They tell you nothing, other than dangle the carrot of getting out of debt and then they talk about how rich they are and how much money they've made and then there are testimonials. Endless testimonials.

~insert gagging noises here~

Get this? YESTERDAY I got an email from the new guy on one of my Boards and guess what it was??????


Along with this email.


Have you heard of FDI before?
Have you ever wanted to be in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME?
You hear it in the news - all day, everyday. Words like recession,
slowdown, down turn, hardships, and bleak have become the headlines of our world - but that doesn't mean that these headlines have to be your bottom line. If you're like most Americans, you're concerned.
In the midst of all the turmoil, there is one company perfectly positioned to solve some of the biggest financial concerns in America today: The out-of-control Debt Epidemic, Identity Theft, and Rising Cost of Health Care are only a few of the issues that can be solved. One company that says "out of adversity grows tremendous opportunity - opportunity to help yourself,opportunity to help others." An opportunity to change your financial life for generations to come. Are you ready to turn the tide for yourself, your family, your community, and your country? Millions of people WANT and NEED what you and FDI has to offer! Let's go tell them about FDI.
New Guy


You know, am I a sucker or something? There's no hello there, no how's your summer, just here you go, SALES PITCH.

So I write him back and say how I prefer a hello over another debt to wealth opportunity being flashed in my face that TELLS ME NOTHING. Oh except that I can pay various amounts of money MONTHLY to "guide" me into getting out of debt.

I turn the whole thing around on him and tell him that I am interested but I want to know the HOW THEY DO IT, without having to spend any money.

I kid you not, we emailed back and forth several times. I still do not have an answer to that question. His final email to me was that I should call him and he will do his best to try and explain it but its complicated.

MY ass.

Anyone out there have this same thing happen to them?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Doesn't Work Yesterday, Works Today

So. I am still in a good mood. In spite of the endless issues that I was presented with upon my return to work. Some as simple as ordering more creamora for coffee and other as complicated as getting the wrong training manuals for a crucial deadline next week.

I'm hoping it all works out. Granted it's only Tuesday. Today will be easily a 10+ hour work day between my regular job and my night job. I'm trying not to think about the long day ahead.

Onto the pictures ...

I tried six ways to Sunday to get pictures to post last night. I kept getting the same "internal error" message. I tried rebooting, I looked at some back end type areas trying to find the solution. I finally gave up and went to bed. This morning? When I have no more than five minutes to write something quick? Works fine.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I'm pretty sure that I've stolen this title from someones blog I read regularly but I can't remember whose. It just seemed appropriate. Being Monday and all.

I haven't gotten around to posting pictures yet. (hey, Type A, cleaning is a priority here) BUT I have gotten the house back in order from the trip.

So tonight, I will put up pictures. M'kay?

The trip was really nice as far as spending time with the family goes. There is a delicate balance between 30 of your closest relatives that want to meet for breakfast and dinner for THREE days of your five day trip AND hanging at the pool with your own children, ditching everyone.

I heard alot of complaining about how this is vaaaaacaaaaaashun. A time where nothing should be planned and sleeping in the hotel room until 10 AM is allowed. That's where being part of two is difficult, at a time when it should be relaxing and fun.

This is every vacation. I want to go. He wants to relax. The kids fall somewhere in between. Everyone has their crosses to bare right?

And what is it with older people and their need to plan for dinner at 8 AM? Every morning when I saw my parents they would ask me my thoughts on it. I had none. I still needed to get through breakfast and here we are talking about the end of the day. That became a running joke with us. (in our little corner of the world) "So ... what did you want to do for dinner tomorrow night? Any plans?"

While it was hard for me to take a good look at just how old my Mother and her Brothers & Sisters have become, it was nice to see them all sitting together and chatting non stop. One of my Uncles took me aside and thanked me for coming up with this beautiful place for them to all get together. He then told me how it is up to all of the children to keep the family outings going and he hopes that long after they are gone, we will still meet.

All I could think about was suggesting that we plan the next DINNER. Ha.

So here I am, back home. Back to work in less than an hour. AND I'm in a great mood. How long do you think that will last?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Are Back

And I am exhausted! I need a vacation to recover from my vacation (now if I had a nickle for every time I heard that).

I've done two suitcases full of laundry and put away more bottles of whatnot than I care to recollect (needless to say I was overly prepared).

There are pictures to post and a few funny stories to write about. I will get working on it.