Friday, August 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The UGLY

Let's play a couple rounds shall we?

The Good ~
My MIL is here visiting. There is lots of Grandma worship going on by the baby and the older kids are getting out of the house for walks each day. We love Grandma.

The Bad ~
Having to constantly be "on". Always smiling, always pleasant. Making small talk, watching endless video's of family, seeing lots of digital pictures, looking at My Space, sitting and chatting and someone always in the kitchen.

The UGLY ~
I want my house back dammit. I am happy to be working today (more like escaping today) and I am counting the hours now for the return flight. Which, BTW, is still 48 hours away.

I'm FULL of these ... but let's just do one more because I have to head to work ...

The Good ~
Our cute little Corgi. Grandma loves her, walks her and sneaks her treats.

The Bad ~
She has developed a urinary tract infection so she is peeing little puddles, some with blood, all over the damn kitchen floor, during the Chaos that is my life right now.

Besides wanting to scream as I constantly clean up and sanitize. I am finding that my MIL's solution for her peeing is laying paper towels over the puddles. Do any of you think that bothers me? HA!

Alright, because you are twisting my arm ... ONE. MORE. ROUND.

The Good ~
The grand kids have been simply marvelous. They aren't taking advantage of the situation (I know what's wrong with this picture), they are gracious when Grandma takes them for donuts and sodas every morning and they walk around with her in good spirits, no complaining. She is even able to get countless pictures of the teenager.

The Bad ~
When the kids aren't doing any of those lovely things, the teenager is glued (and I do mean glued) to the computer and the boy is laying on the couch watching TV playing game boy. I'm okay with it.

Grandma has said to me TWICE now (bless her heart) that she cannot believe how the kids are doing NOTHING since she's been here and it's bothering her. I'd like to tactfully point out here (but I'm not sure how to work it into the conversation) that she is staying in my sons ROOM so he can't go in there and use his stuff and my daughter? Has no room to speak, her things in storage bins, because we have been painting it for what seems like YEARS.

It is great fun to be me! Anyone want to come over?

1 comment:

Amy said...

I think you should just tell G'ma that the kids really just want to spend time with HER while she is here, so they are kind of sticking close in case she wants to do something.

Or not.

But 48 hours to go? Wow. You've been an angel to have her this long. I would have lost my mind during day TWO!