Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Always doing ... and Happy New Year!

Why in the heck is life so busy?  Yeah, yeah, I created it myself, blah blah.  REALLY THOUGH.  When I was a kid the days dragged on and on.  These days?  I'm still doing stuff at 9 at night.  Don't get me wrong it's not horrible or anything.  Just full of ... stuff.

It has to let up right?  2014.  New Year.  New Inspiration Board.  I'll put up a picture of it.  (I say this having just noticed that some of the sticker letters that I put on, have come loose and the word "defy" is upside down, all under glass)  It was easy to put together and I used some of the items from last year.  Things I want to carry over into the new year, so to speak.

I can't get over how much life has changed.  My parents live downstairs.  My dad just went into a nursing home.  His full blow dementia.  Can't do any sort of thinking for himself.  Its heavy on my mind.  Ironic.

There is loads and loads of paperwork.  Like an obnoxious amount.  And that's saying something for someone who handles paperwork for a living.  Secretary.  I can't keep it flowing.  Instead I'm overwhelmed and sad.  Life is unfair.  My father was a brilliant man.  Inspiring.  He was so intelligent and funny.  I miss him terribly and he is just down the street.  An empty shell that has no idea who I am.

I want to throw myself on the floor and kick my feet.

In other news,