Monday, August 4, 2008

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I'm pretty sure that I've stolen this title from someones blog I read regularly but I can't remember whose. It just seemed appropriate. Being Monday and all.

I haven't gotten around to posting pictures yet. (hey, Type A, cleaning is a priority here) BUT I have gotten the house back in order from the trip.

So tonight, I will put up pictures. M'kay?

The trip was really nice as far as spending time with the family goes. There is a delicate balance between 30 of your closest relatives that want to meet for breakfast and dinner for THREE days of your five day trip AND hanging at the pool with your own children, ditching everyone.

I heard alot of complaining about how this is vaaaaacaaaaaashun. A time where nothing should be planned and sleeping in the hotel room until 10 AM is allowed. That's where being part of two is difficult, at a time when it should be relaxing and fun.

This is every vacation. I want to go. He wants to relax. The kids fall somewhere in between. Everyone has their crosses to bare right?

And what is it with older people and their need to plan for dinner at 8 AM? Every morning when I saw my parents they would ask me my thoughts on it. I had none. I still needed to get through breakfast and here we are talking about the end of the day. That became a running joke with us. (in our little corner of the world) "So ... what did you want to do for dinner tomorrow night? Any plans?"

While it was hard for me to take a good look at just how old my Mother and her Brothers & Sisters have become, it was nice to see them all sitting together and chatting non stop. One of my Uncles took me aside and thanked me for coming up with this beautiful place for them to all get together. He then told me how it is up to all of the children to keep the family outings going and he hopes that long after they are gone, we will still meet.

All I could think about was suggesting that we plan the next DINNER. Ha.

So here I am, back home. Back to work in less than an hour. AND I'm in a great mood. How long do you think that will last?


Amy said...

I'm somewhat stunned that you are neglecting your Type A personality on vacation. I am surrounded by a famiily of type A and we discuss dinner plans THE NIGHT BEFORE. Breakfast is just really a finalization of The Game Plan.

I'm glad you had a good time. I hope today isn't too horrible for ya! Can't wait for pics!

Sassy said...

Not very long, it's Monday!

Monday should be against the law..