Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Days Before Halloween

The party countdown is on. Today we did some straightening and put ALOT of baby toys away. Clearing the living room for the "tourneys". Once we were done, there was anime watching compliments of YouTube.

Here is where I try to take a picture of my girls. (note "try")

This is cute, but I want more. Let me take your picture baby.

No she says.

Please I say.

Ok but I won't smile.

Now. Stop. Pwease. (her words)

I love these frogs. Compliments of Hallmark for the bargain price of $3.

Here is the Elmo costume the baby won't be wearing. She shakes every time I suggest it.

I love these pumpkins. They were the centerpieces at our Halloween Wedding reception. (we eloped so the party was two months after we were married AND we still got gifts.)

He just looks AWESOME sitting on the back of my reading chair.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Rings

I feel like I'm living the life of a ringmaster.

I go into detail ... but as you well know ... I'm already running late for work.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Everything & Nothing

Well, I've decided I don't like the show Alias. I tried to watch it twice and twice I found myself doing anything but watching it. Sorry Sydney, I'm just not into the whole spy thing.

I went to the mall this weekend with my man. We were looking for jeans for him. I am very happy to report that I was able to walk by the Bath & Body Works Store without purchasing a thing. (not that I didn't think about it, because I totally have COUPONS) My man recognized the SHEEP as we walked by.


I ran a couple errands today. Because the weather was mild, I had my windows and sunroof open. It was awesome! Until I got into my driveway and found that the motor CRAPPED out on the passenger side. It sounded like glass grinding. Now it will slide down and won't go up. I need this like a hole in the head PEOPLE.

There was no cleaning here at casa-de-mig's. Unlike me I KNOW. I seem to be suffering from a gigantic case of PITY ME. I cut myself some slack this weekend, focusing on laundry and baby care only.

This will come back to BITE ME, I'm sure.

The week ahead? Looks busy. LaLaLaLaLaLaLa.

Saturday I was busy doing adult stuff. Volunteer work (outside and it was cold I tell you, VERY COLD). I also went to a Parent Meeting. It involved informing parents about the minefield of sexual innuendos that teenagers are bombarded with and why chastity should be a high priority expressed by parents to their children. I saw some nasty pictures of STDS. Did you know that there are over TWENTY FIVE different STD's now? You can have one and not know it AND it would appear that condom use does nothing to prevent passing it on because it is the genital contact that does it.

Shocking isn't it? It was also pointed out that Women, by nature, bond during the act of sex. While Men, by nature, are visual bonders. (ok, that probably isn't a word, but you get it). So Men, that porn is warping your brain into thinking all you want is a barbie doll. And Women, there is no such thing as a one night stand.

I sat there somewhat dumbfounded. I left with a packet of additional information to look through, resources and such for more information. Wow is all I can say.

Why is it that when you don't need something in your house you come across it easily and frequently BUT when you really WANT it because it will serve some useful purpose, you cannot for the LIFE OF YOU find it.

I'm looking for my mother's wedding album. It was my grandmothers and there are some pictures I want to pass along to a cousin on my dad's side and I cannot for the life of me REMEMBER where it is.


I did not cook dinner tonight. Everyone had to fend for themselves.


I finally picked up a couple of memory cards, on sale. I have not one but TWO digital pictures frames, that have sat in various locations on my bedroom floor for an entire year, that need to be utilized. As. Christmas. Gifts.

The baby is cutting MOLARS. She is drooling everywhere and telling me that her mouth hurts. Tylenol is not cutting it. Freeze pops work but are messy. Poor thing.

I'm off now to watch Curb your Enthusiasm.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost There

I cannot even begin to express how RELIEVED I am that the weekend is almost here. If I can just get myself through tomorrow ...

My Saturday is crammed with activities. Thankfully none of them involve a lot of complex thinking, more like nodding and smiling.

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures with everyone.

I may be slightly obsessed with the Bath & Body works store. What gives it away? The two free SHEEP.


THIS is my daughter's choice of HALLOWEEN costume. I did try to explain to her, that at 5' 9" she will be showing LOTS of leg. She just keeps telling me she doesn't care and it's fine. SO, just in case, I have her Grim Reaper costume from last year handy (picture a long flowing BLACK coverall).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Breathing Into That Paper Bag


I know it's only Tuesday but frankly, it feels like it should be Thursday. I try not to talk about work but BOY it is very hard not to. There is LOTS and LOTS of stuff going on at work.

It's mentally exhausting.

I am seriously considering putting in some overtime on Saturday to just catch up. The issues that are coming up on a daily basis are simply killing any chance I have at getting the backlog of stuff that needs to get done, moving.

I can see your eyes glazing over, so I'll give it a rest.

In fun news. I had a dentist appointment today. It's never fun having your teeth and gums picked and scraped. To add insult to injury (literally) there's the cleaning AND floss for good measure. No cavities. And the potential that the crown I need but can't afford without insurance assistance (think over $1,000 for a FAKE tooth, which must be made of gold or something), looks like it might be covered at 80%. Cross your fingers for me will ya.

My son has this project where he has to create a square block, similar to what was used in the Mesopotamia days. After much discussion two blocks were made. One with dirt, clay and straw. And. One with rice crispies, sand and glue. The first one was my son's idea. The second was mine. We now have to hope that in two days it will dry and harden. I'm thinking the oven probably will need to get involved to dry but we shall assess the situation tomorrow.

If the block can hold up through three tests, he will get an A+.

Always something.

The baby continues to be afraid of everything in the house. Tonight it was the towel hanging over the shower curtain. I finally had to take it down because it was preventing her from going into her room and rescuing her baby dolls.

I can't make this stuff up people.

There was some more party discussion. The Dance Dance Revolution Game Pad for Xbox was taken out and the batteries replaced. There was some testing and it appears ready for the party. I picked up extra brownie and cake mix. Nothing says party like baked goods.

While I do realize tomorrow is Wednesday, I'd really like it to be Friday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's The Party At The End Of This Book

So if you haven't already guessed, you know, from the flier I put up in the previous post. We are having a party. It was requested because Halloween falls on a Friday this year AND, as I was told by several other Mom's, it was my turn to host because 8th Grade Not Going to the Dance Party and the Trip to the Mall All Day Sunday Party had already been done.

Fair enough.

I like Halloween anyway. As if the six storage containers FULL of Halloween decorations weren't a tribute enough. I have to keep adding to it. This year brings us a scary door knocker. Which is somewhat lame in silent mode but there is the baahbee to consider.

The baby is not liking the idea of Halloween at all. Just to give you an idea of how bad it is, tonight, we were digging through her PJ drawer picking out tonight's evening wear. I came across a pair she hadn't worn yet. It's cow print. Normally she likes cows. But when I pulled it out and held it up for her inspection she screeched and hid her face in my shoulder,clinging to me like Parana were eating her feet.

I explained it was just PJ's but to no avail.

She feels that way about her the Elmo costume I bought her. She loves Elmo but not when it is a hooded furry shirt.

Granted these days Pooh and the monkey hanging on her door knob scare her too. I'm thinking that Halloween night will be spent hiding with her in the bedroom, as SIX teenagers come in an out dressed up as creatures of the night.

Good times right?

Secretly I am looking forward to this party. It represents many things. My oldest just keeps getting older and more entertaining. Gone are the days of being moody and sullen (ok, to be fair she hasn't entered any sort of a boy stage yet so it could change at any time), she has been replaced with a Freshman Attitude which involves humor and lightheartedness.

I am loving it. I can tease her about the boy in Science class and point out how she could invite him to her party (she said No Freaking Way) but she also respects my opinion when it came to inviting one friend who is known to not participate in any type of group activity.

I often have a hard time, stepping back and enjoying life. Instead I waste my time working for those perfect moments. No wonder I fail miserably, the key is to just wait it out and they will fall into place in their own time.

Nothing scary about that.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Party Anyone?

Mig's Teenage Daughter's Halloween Party
Date: October 31st, 2008 (No year-late partiers, thanks. xD)
Location: Smalltown, USA
Leave your contact number, in case I need to call you back.
Time: Whenever you can get there!
Girls can sleep over, guys cannot. Sorry guys.

In the spirit activities:
· Truth or Dare!
· Prank calls.....
· Manhunt after Sunset!
· Seance, courtesy of the Ghosts of our 100 Year Old House!
· Guess what? (Blindfold game)
· Ghost stories... Outside, after Dark!
· Horror Movies!
· Music&Treats!

(Video game tourneys will be held inside before sundown, after sundown we're going straight outside no matter what.)
· Kareoke Revolution!
· Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution Tourney!
· Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tourney!
· Pokemon: Battle Revolution Tourney!
· Dance Dance Revolution: Party Mix!
· Costume Competition!
(Any costumes are ellidgeable as long as they are high school appropriate. All Costumes will be judged fairly, so other then that, wear what you like!)
· Pumpkin Carving Competition!
· Halo 2, Four player capture the flag!
· Another, secret competition that goes all Halloween!

· Barbie Smashing!
· Group Youtube video! Make those costumes good, everyone! ;D
· The scaring of trick-or-treaters. MUAHAHAHAHA!
· Glowie stickz?!!? Oh teh noes!
· Plenty of sugar!
· A 118-year-old house with old-style rooms and creepy cubbyholes. (AKA, Ushi's house.)

Required/Optional items:
· Your own pumpkin (Required for pumpkin-related activities)
· Your own carving set (Required, same as above)
· Candy or treats (We won't be trick-or treating... This is optional, but would be loved!)
· Ghost stories (Optional)
· Flashlight (Optional, but helpful for the game of manhunt.)
· Your own controller (Optional. Original Xbox, Wii, and Gamecube only.)
· Any other games you think would make good toys for us. Be warned; Group is known to get competetive and we are not responsible for broken games. (Jk, jk, xD)
· Costume (Required, it's the spirit people!)
· Movies! (Optional; Horror or Halloween-related please!)
· Warm outer layer (Optional)
· Regular clothes (Required)
· Bring your own beverage and snack, in the case you don't like what we have to offer.

Be ready for a night of Fun and Games this Halloween!
There's only six of us, so skip out and I hunt you and then gut you like a fishie, kay?
*Note, Rides are available if needed!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Friday Fun For My Friends

Alright. Since I promised. Here are pictures of this year's favorite Halloween Decorations. Now keep in mind the baby finds everything scary so I have items here and there, not the full blown house full of stuff like usual.

I love the witch. She will cackle and chant but this year, she is silent and pretend.

This witch is new. She takes ALOT of wall space. But I like it. I have her mate, Frankenstein but he's got a scary look on his face, so this year? He's hibernating.

The Ghostie (that's what I call him) travels back and forth across the kitchen. Currently he is immobile but I am hoping that the baby will warm up and enjoy knowing that if she claps her hands he'll move on his own. We shall see.

I love this sign. Last year it was outside but this year I chose to hang it over our kitchen table so I could enjoy it more.

Here's a little known secret. I love this guy. It's like seeing what lives in my head.

This is another favorite. I hope you all appreciate the fact that I had to take six pictures before I finally realized I should shut the light out so you could actually see it glowing.

Here's a picture of the baby, I have no plan for her Halloween costume yet. I do have several options, involving a bear, a tiger and the hundred acre woods.

Here's Hallmarks tribute to Halloween, a singing tree and hooting owls. The baby doesn't like it at all. In fact, if you want her to cry, just hit the "press" button. Which is too bad because she is missing many opportunities to drive us all nuts. Oh well, next year.

Okay so here's a laugh for everyone. We put these up side by side BUT after looking at it for a week, it seems to me, the panel on the left should be cut up and placed on the panel on the right. We'll be working on that.

Nothing scary here. I just wanted to show you that everyday, the baby has me buckle her baby into her car seat before I drop her off in daycare. EVERYDAY.

This is our outside display. I'm thinking next year we will invest in some more realistic gravestones. Because ...

This is what I am competing with next door. Gah!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sometimes I Just Don't Get It

You'd think at my age (quit snickering) this kind of thing wouldn't happen anymore. That gone are the days of sitting in the very back of the class trying to make sense of something that, to me, makes no sense at all. (think math, social studies and science back then).

Yet it still happens and, taking it a step further, it SURPRISES me every time it does.

Tonight I had my "controversial committee" meeting. We were reviewing and discussing a report provided by a consultant. I do realize that in itself is a joke. As consultants are just puppets being paid to write an official report the way the person hiring them wants it to be. But this consultant was hired to do a review of one of our Town services and report to us whether it could be expanded or not.

The expanded part was based on numbers and other variables.

I understood none of it. I read and re-read the entire 48 page report (because reading, I CAN do) and I could not, for the life of me, make any sense out of it.

What's worse is I didn't want to tell anyone that I just didn't get it. I didn't get the columns of numbers and totals and I didn't understand the context of the report and how it tied with the various charts and such.

It's very frustrating when that happens and it's not like I could raise my hand and say "Umm I don't get it", like Tom Hanks did in his landmark movie Big. I'm not ten, although tonight I sort of felt like I was.

The one saving grace came at the end of the meeting, when one of the other members pointed out how the report itself (in addition to having various errors in the figures provided) was not a coherent document.

At least THAT I understood.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Taking A Deep Breath

I cannot even being to think about how crazy this week is going to be. At least not until tomorrow morning. I still have stuff I need to pull together tonight.

Focus. Mig. Focus.

This weekend was wonderful. Yes, I did a lot of cleaning. Yes, I did a lot of laundry. But there were some great family moments and while when they were happening I was thinking "I'm so blogging this" but ... now? As I sit here and try to remember them, they escape me, completely.


I am pleased with the Halloween decorating that took place. I'll post some pictures this week. My oldest really came through for me, doing lots of yard work, right by my side. She deserves some serious applause. Exactly one week ago she asked me for a list of chores to do that would work off the money she owed. (think $30 for a DS game she HAD to have)

To be fair, the list I gave her was extensive and some of the items on it, (think brushing knots out of the back of our gigantic cat) that I didn't think she'd do. She did them all. She didn't complain once.

I'm impressed.

Adding itself into the mix, my latest obsession. Mice. I think only one but I could be mistaken. It left a trail in my storage area. Ew. Here is where my keen eye comes in handy. Seriously? Low lighting, flashlight use mandatory, hundreds of items, misc. boxes and too much stuff crammed into one place and I? Notice a trail of tiny logs.

Now it's all I can think about. Using some peanut butter and two circle traps, I am now playing the waiting game.

It's going to be a long winter.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Went On A TP Run

I know you all will find this SO hard to believe ...

But we are out of Toilet Paper (TP) in Mig's house. A travesty, I KNOW! So I ran out while the baby was napping to pick some up.

Here's what I bought.

2 Sheets of Halloween Vinyl Stick Ons (a friendly skeleton and pumpkins)
1 Vampire Kit
1 Rat Race Game
1 Pair of Wool Socks
1 Box of Coco Krispies
1 Bag of Pistachio Nuts
1 Box of Cherry Pop Tarts
3 Pine Scented Fire Starter Pine Cones
1 Gigantic Jar of Pickles

What's not on this list?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sometimes I Don't Even Recognize Myself

I'm in a horrible mood. It seems like I could knock small children over or kick dogs while roaring at everything in my path

I am not being over dramatic. I really can roar.

It's to be expected with the schedule I keep. A schedule that is wearing on me as my 40th birthday approaches (umm in 2009 people, not that close, sheesh). Let's start with Monday, shall we?

Monday it became clear I'm a week overdue (and a week to go) for a haircut. The result if my bangs looking ... unruly. I hate unruly. Unruly ruins my day if I let it. I'm this ... close to cutting it myself, THAT's how annoying it is. Moving on, I made it through the crazy day at work (which is several blog posts in itself, IF I were writing about work, which I am not, so don't even ask) only to remember on the way to pick up the baby that I needed to get my oldest daughter and her friend too. Done and done. Then I go home and find my cute little baby has been replaced by an evil monster.

Quit laughing.

I seem to have blanked out in my head just how bad two can be. The falling on the floor, sobbing like there will never be another lollipop again, over and over and over and over. There was no dinner made, it was all I could do just to deal with it. The boy had piano, my man was MIA and it was parent teacher conferences at the High School. Could I squeeze anything else in there?

Why yes I can. I had to also work Monday Night. So for parent teacher conferences I had a whopping hour to try and see four teachers. No appointments, you. wait. in. line.

I waited in line three times. And all three times I heard raving reports about my oldest. She is quiet. She pays attention. She is kind. She answers correctly. She sometimes misses an assignment but overall. It was verry verry good.

However, as a side note here, I will continue to worry obsessively about her and the endless possibilities for a boy to enter her life, that she befriends someone in the "wrong" crowd or that she somehow confuses black with being full fledge goth. WHAT? It is my child. I am allowed.

The kicker in all of this is the one teacher I didn't meet? I emailed. She wrote me back today and got into how my daughter, could do better, could try harder and needs to quit turning in just about every assignment late. THAT's what I get for skipping the English Teacher's line (which was very long every time I went by).

Continuing on.

I went to my night job. One that I have always loved but these days, I hate it completely and utterly. I am tired of working at night and if it weren't for all those pesky bills, I would quit. But sadly I cannot quit at this time. SO I had to deal with members who behave like they are TWELVE (yes they are men, I am surrounded by men, all my jobs involved 99.9% men). Making comments that are known to get under my skin. Snickering. Then when I don't take the bait, outright making comments so I can hear them with my name attached.

I couldn't get out of there quick enough. I went home to a hungry family. Nothing says love like Mandatory Mac - N - Cheese at 10 PM. And yes I made everyone eat and behave like it was 6 pm and a normal dinner. Sometimes it's all about me, people.

Tuesday, more of the same. Lots of work. Lots of stuff going on at work (Again, I am not at liberty to discuss them, sorry). I came home and decided, I must jog. Having not worked out since the previous Friday. I thought what an excellent idea. A jog around the block.

I have no brain sometimes.

There is a distinct difference between track running and sidewalk running. Track has cushion and consistency. Sidewalks do not. I do two miles and then come home and die. I can feel my toenails peeling already.

I manage to recover, cook dinner and work around the five or six tantrums the baby is throwing in my path. Then it's off to my second job. Where the Board I do work for is reprimanding on of their consultants for not properly representing them and ... well... slacking. Now could this guy just say, "Yes", "I was wrong", "I will try harder." "Let me make this right." He instead said things like "If the Board had told me earlier." "We agreed to this process." "I feel I have done nothing wrong." Making what should have been a one hour meeting, a THREE hour meeting with no less than fourteen pages of notes for me to transcribe.

~jabs fork in eyes~

I come home at 11 PM to a silent house. I missed all the evening activies and have only the dog staring at me. Wanting to go out.

Enter Wednesday. Yet another relentless 8 hour day. Ending with picking the baby up and taking her over to the Library while we wait for her brother to participate in a Chess program (Hey, Chess is TOO cool). The baby? Loves books and took as many as she could off the shelves, in between leaving a trail of toys and puzzle pieces. I'm still recovering.

I get through the whole dinner and bedtime routine, and then head to my Controversial Committee Meeting. Because what better way to spend your Wednesday THAN being tortured some more. Makes for a good fun week.

Arriving earlier than I usually do, I had hoped to sit as far away from the Chairman as I could. Did it work? Hello no. Sits right next to me. I brought my hand 200+ page report that I have had zero change to read with me and sat and read the entire thing. To my surprise (and amusement because life is funny that way) the Chairman was in the spotlight. There was some lack of information on a key meeting that he attended and none of us knew about it (oh the HORROR). He explained it all away and there was WAY to many "don't take it personally's" for me but whatever.

I will admit by the time we got to almost the end of the meeting. I was tired. Perhaps I was a tad fed up (Noooooooooo not me). So when I made a suggestion of an idea that funding that we didn't need for one area be transferred to enhance another, I put my hand in the Chairman's face.

Oh yes. Me. My hand.

As soon as I put my idea out there I immediately turned to him and said this (word for word people)

"I do not EVEN want to hear any sort of argument come out of your mouth about that statement because you know what I am saying is TRUE."

He got all offended and actually defended the STATE. To which, I was right back in his face saying that he and I both know that what he is saying should happen AIN'T HAPPENING. (I will admit I used the bad English on purpose here)

Then it passed. He moved on.

He apologized at the end of the meeting for loosing his cool. I could have cared less. My stand? Was to get under his skin and his skin only.

And it worked.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This schedule is killing me! Waaaahhhh!

I have barely enough time to visit and leave comment before I need to go downstairs and get everything ready for the day. Let alone TRY AND POST!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well HERE I AM. It's Sunday evening and I'm winding down (finally) from a busy weekend, crammed with stuff that was mostly non-productive.

I ended up with a tooth infection last week. I am stalled in the dental process of having an implant put in. This means, my tooth was removed and in it's place there is a metal post in my jaw, a new tooth will eventually be put on it. But. I'm at the post part. The tooth part won't be until next year, as it costs over $1,000 and my pathetic dental insurance won't cover one red cent of it. (I'm not at the point of selling off an arm or leg ... yet)

SO, I have this exposed gum and I eat ... say chips on it ... and then I eat ... steak ... and then it's irritated and THEN it got infected.

Think a big zit. A nasty looking wet zit.

Am I grossing you out? I won't tell you what the dentist did to it, I'll just leave it your active imaginations. But let's just say, some Novocaine later, it was gone completely and in it's place was the top part of the post.

It hurts 'yo. I keep taking Advil but, ow. ow. ow.

When I can ignore that, my daughter got some EXCELLENT news regarding her scoliosis brace. She has outgrown it. Like she needs to be any taller than the 5' 9" that she already is. She no longer fits into this custom made brace that cost us $200 out of pocket, one year ago. The doctor is going to let her take a break and then see her in four months. He thinks her period of rapid growth has past and is willing to see. So cross your fingers for us that her spine stays the same.

The rest of my weekend was spent doing out of the ordinary house stuff. Like trimming bushes, sorting empties (yes more empties) and putting away out door stuff. Inside we are getting ready for Halloween. It will have to be less spooky than previous years. No need to stress out the baby. HA.

Sadly this week is a total zoo. With work Monday and Tuesday nights and my Controversial Committee meeting on Wednesday night, I already want to jab myself with the prop butcher knife.

Caution Tape anyone?

One Moment In Time

We have known him for about ten years. He had gained our trust over those ten years. He moved to the city for a couple of years and we pretty much lost contract with him.

He started calling us about 6 or 8 months ago. He said he wanted to get out of the bad area and move back to town. We let him borrow $700.00 for an apartment and helped him move all his things from the city to here. We also helped him get an apartment.

We got him a job at my work and gave him a ride to work and back every day. We would even feed him meals sometimes.

One Saturday, he was at our house, he must have unlocked one window in the back of the house. He left his beer in the fridge and a backpack near the window he unlocked. We went to a party that night, he went with us. He left after a while and came back in an hour and then left again soon after.

We got home about 1 AM. We were going to bed when we noticed our lock box missing. He knew there was cash and a prescription drug in it. We also kept all important papers, such as birth certificates, titles, etc. I had a strong feeling it was him. We started checking windows and found one unlocked.

We went to his apartment. I was banging on his door and yelling for him to open it and he was asking who it was. So I said “Just open the fucking door!” He opened the door just enough to look out, I shoved the door open and started yelling “Where is my stuff, I know you ripped me off!” We started looking through his room. He got scared and grabbed his phone. I watched him dial 911. I said “Good, Call the Cops!” We went downstairs to wait for the police to arrive. When the police arrived I told them he had called. They told me to wait there and they went up and found my lock box. I went to the police station to open the box and identify it as mine. I then discovered the container of pills and cash missing. The police asked him where they were. The police recovered all the items.

We later discovered his beer and backpack were gone along with a loaf of bread, box of chips, cookie dough and brownie mix.

I can only think that he has a drug problem to do this to us.

He still owes us $640.00. I hope I can at least get paid back. I also hope he gets the help he needs. I have a lot of bills to pay and any missed time from work hurts me financially. I think he should have to pay for my lost work. It is his fault and not mine.

Friday, October 3, 2008


The status-quo for the week ... I'm BEHIND.

But it's Friday! I'm ready to just plow through it so I can enjoy the weekend!

How about you?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The "C" Word

Alright people, I'm here for about ten minutes and I promise not to waste it carrying on and on about how I need sleep ... and how it is interfering with my morning routine or how it cuts into my blog reading/writing time.

Moving on.

Yesterday I did a mail run at work. I love doing the mail run. It's time out of the office, away from the phones, yet its still work.

Do I need to remind everyone that I work with ALL men at ALL times? I came back and was sorting junk mail, correspondence and receivables. I didn't announce that I was back in the office I just went to my desk. Our office space has walls and doors but it's tiny and you can literally yell to each other if you want to.

I hear this.

"C ~* ~U~N~T!"

I can't help myself, I yell back, "HEY I'M HERE YOU KNOW!" The guy who said it came right into my office, twelve shades of red, apologizing profusely that he didn't know I was there, etc. He went back to his desk. He came back and apologized gain. I get it. I get that he didn't mean to say it.

But why is that so offensive? I had to ask myself that. I been in this job for 8 years and no one has said it before, so there's that. I also swear like a sailor, I am not offended by porn and consider myself open-minded.

Yet bandy that word about and I'm put off. I don't get it. It is just a word. A word that makes you feel slimy after hearing it.

I moved on and so should you. The latest in Mig's house is MAGIC. My son came across a magic kit that I had stored away ( I honestly can't remember why we have it ) and he's been entertaining me, the baby, his sister, his dad, the dog and anyone else who will watch with various trick. He does them slow enough that I get how it works and, I have to say, some of them are really neat and I LOVE that he wants to show me them.

Coincidentally, last night he gave me some paperwork for his school's yearly fundraiser (can everyone just open their wallets for me please? I'll only take the $20's). It's a magazine drive and the first stop is to pimp out TEN of your dearest family and friends so that THEY TOO can share in this glorious event only via the POST OFFICE.

As I was filling it out last night (and I still have more to fill in this morning) I realized that by completing this and turning it in, he is eligible for a prize. The prize?

A trick wallet.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This whole morning routine is leaving me ZERO time to blog.


I'll be back LATAH.