Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where Does The Time Go?

My middle child turns SEVENTEEN today.  I still can't believe it.  Pinch me please.

I remember barely making it to the hospital with him.  My husband driving 80+ miles and hour down the highway, afraid he would come in the car.

I had waited to long in my labor.  I didn't realize how far along I was, until it was a bit too late.

He was born within a half hour of arriving at the hospital.  A total of three pushes and there he was.  The saving grace was my water hadn't broken, if it had, we wouldn't of made it.

This boy has always been sweet and kind.  He would never even think of hurting anyone.  He has always been respectful of me, he will always help me when I ask him too and the hugs I get with the giant bear arms of his, are the best.

I still remember the little boy who used to cuddle with me all the time.  He couldn't tell me he loved me enough.  He would do anything for his family.

As he makes his way to his final year of High School and we look at colleges, I have great faith that he will be successful in anything he decides to do.

Love you Bud! xoxo

Sunday, May 12, 2013

All About The Mom

Top ten activities on this lovely Mother's Day.

1. Watching the first season of Rome.
2.  Wearing jeans, white t-shirt and flip flops.  Hair pulled back, straight.
3.  Eating a grilled chicken salad from the local eatery.  Yumo.
5.  Massaging my heels.  They are killing me.
6.  Receiving lots of home made gifts from my youngest. (adorable)
7.  Reading anything and everything.
8.  Using my loom in an attempt to make a lap blanket.
9.  Chewing Mentos Squeeze Gum
10.  Enjoying the quiet as my children all do their own thing.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm on a ROLL

Its Saturday, 8:56 AM.

I'm spending a wasteful amount of time on Facebook and reading news feeds.  My knees are killing me from a night of dancing and listening to my man's band.  I might have drank a wee bit too much beer, so I'm extra parched this morning.

My son went to take his SAT's at 7:30 AM.  I made sure he took his phone.  I, however, had left mine on the charger upstairs.  I returned at 7:35 and hung out with my youngest and the bunnies.  By the time I got back upstairs to check my phone I had 13 missed calls.  All from my son.

Course its too late now, but I am thinking he forgot his calculator.  Arg.

I now have to convince my rear-end to get off the chair and get into the shower, so I can spend 10-2 today at the Library, volunteering for the booksale.  I don't mind, I'm just a little cranky is all.  There is something soothing about walking among shelves of books.  Maybe because they absorb sound so well, it's like standing with silence.  I have 100's of books to read already but that won't stop me from searching the shelves for some other great find.  As volunteers we get a free book.  Everytime.

No set plans for the weekend.  I might try and meet up with my parents tomorrow and perhaps visit with a friend after the book sale today.  Or hit up some yard sales if my knees allow it.

Mowing, laundry and grocery shopping also have to be fit in there somewhere.  Pretty much business as usual.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Get Me Wrong

I really do love my job.  I haven't always loved the people I work with but I do enjoy that it's ten minutes away, decent pay and benefits and I always have the flexibility to take time off, when needed.

But these days?

After our well loved, liked and annoyed by, CFO, retired in October, responsibilities were split and an outside accountant was hired to come in two days a week to fill in the gap.

Now, I have all these really large, daunting sometimes, responsibilities.  They all look good on my resume but the reality of how much I am taking care of, overwhelms me.

This week especially.  I am feeling like I can't get things done quick enough and things are just getting done by the "skin of my teeth".

I am soooo glad its Friday.  I am sooo glad to have two days off.  The weather is suppose to be really nice and I am thinking a quick trip to the beach might be in order.

Relax and renew.  Because Monday?  The whole things starts over again. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I just don't get it ...

The latest news in our tiny town (and by tiny, I mean this town has very little noteworthy news) these days is regarding two members of our local Parent Teacher Association who managed to steal funds from the kitty over a four year period starting in 2008.*

*note:  if that sentence reads weird its because I don't want to be found via google*

 It sticks in my mind for one reason.  Years ago I started reading this totally open blog put out there by a woman in the town I live in.  I don't know her personally but I've read tons of stuff about her children, her likes, her family and her opinions of things that have gone on in our town.  I was introduced to her in the chaos of some function put on by the group and I just nodded and smiled.  Didn't want to give myself away, where no one ever commented on anything she wrote.

So this woman, along with another parent, managed to pilfer these funds.  Funds that were for students, to enrich their learning experience.

What makes someone think they can get away with that?  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it.  This woman has ruined her life in this Town.  The other parent (who I don't know at all, and its a guy, who has children in the school system) has ruined his life too.

Is it worth it?  Was that small sum of money worth the fall out? 

Why on earth would you present yourself as honorable and trustworthy, for years.  Establish yourself in the town as an advocate for children, then steal.  What kind of role model are you for your children?