Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Year of Empties

This is really SAD people. And entire trash can of Red Bull empties (think 160 cans).

Looking at that, makes me realize why I'm so hyper. My man was appalled that he beat me. His Monster's totaled 240. (not all of them are pictured here)

Then there is our favorite Coke product. CANS! (175 of them)

Not to be outdone is the 2 liters. I haven't counted them yet.

Then there's the "guest" drinks. We have lots and lots of guest. (ok so we might drink Mountain Dew too, What of it?)

I'm redeeming them this week. This is ALOT of work for $40.


Sassy said...

I'm a coke person! I'm also thinking about being a Red Bull person...I'm tired as hell today.

I hate Mondays...

Anonymous said...

LOL Holy Shit Mig!!!