Monday, August 11, 2008

Wanted: Female Therapy

I had a long day today (how often do you hear that here? Oh HUSH), it started with a workout session that kicked my fucking ass, a get-ready-with-a-cranky baby, running the same errand twice (mostly because I forgot my wallet, so yeah that was FUN), rain, work, more rain, late lunch, payroll for forty, demanding baby, grocery store, dinner and entertaining (see previous mother-in-law reference). I escaped with an excuse to walk the dog ... in a cool after rain air ... soothing.

I got to the end of the driveway and found I had forgotten my phone. I kept going but I wished I had it. I need some recharge, refuel, idle chatter mixed in with laughter. I needed no one to solve anything. I just needed to be listened to. To be heard.

In the end, I got a long walk with my old dog, who panted and practically sat at various points. She was a good sport. But hardly any sort of replacement for some girl time. The rest of the evening was spent watching videos of various family stuff. Joe playing the guitar, gopher turtles walking in the yard and a rather large dog chasing a butterfly.

It's the equivalent of torture, trust me. The saving grace was my man hanging out with us. He was making (and getting away with) those mother-son jokes. There was much laughing.

Last night, just before bed? And a stellar way to end the evening. Dinner? Made a second showing. Something just didn't agree with me. And let me tell you tacos are disgusting the second time around.



Anonymous said...

So just talking is considered female therapy??

I won't even explain what men consider therapy :)

By the way, I'm having tacos tonight...appreciate the visuals!!

Amy said...

I'm so sorry you forgot the phone and even more sorry that when you called last night I didn't have my phone on me.

I'm hoping you talked with some great female friend who listened and nodded and agreed and sympathized.

Missing you (which I realize is my own fault)


Sassy said...

I wish we lived closer! I'm in need of therapy...a girl's night out would be even more awesome!

I hope you are feeling better!