Thursday, January 31, 2008

Working For It

Yesterday, my son had yet another doctor's appointment. As if the ADD, Sleep Issues and Hip problems weren't enough. Add in a neurologist.

When his ADD diagnosis was done, one part of the recommendation was that my son be seen by a neurologist. This has something to do with his being left-handed when he writes but right-handed dominant for everything else. To me, not a big deal. But, somewhat unusual and then when you tie it in with his clumsiness and such, it seemed as though it should be looked at.

So we went. I dismissed him early. Even took his DS so he'd have something to do on the 20 minute ride to the doctor's office.

We arrived with 30 minutes to spare. Heh. No big surprise to my boy. Who knew intuitively when we pulled into the parking lot and asked how early we were. We hung out in the parking lot, as I had to park a pretty far distance from the office.

The waiting room was empty. This made me wonder how good this doctor could be, if the waiting room was barren at 2:30 pm. My son did his math homework and we were call in as soon as the initial paperwork was completed.

Oh the fun. Hanging out in the crinkly paper room. My son hates this. Everything takes FOREVER in this tiny space.

The doctor arrived. A woman in her fifties, I'd say. She did a very thorough check of his reflexes. She took her steth-a-scope and listened to his forehead and the back of his head. I happen to mention to her that I didn't even realize the skull had a pulse. Turns out it doesn't but if something was wrong it would.

Then we discussed headaches. A favorite topic of mine, as a migraine experienced person. Turns out he gets lots of headaches. Perfectly normal in children. Hmph.

She went on to do strength testing. While you probably picture weights for this, she merely held down various appendages and asked him to push back on them with all his might. He appeared to do fine, until she got to his right leg. It's weak. She checked it several times, different ways. It's unusually weak.

Weak enough that she wondered if she should look at it further. Then she decided a better appraoch would be for us to wait one month and come back, she'd look at it again. She explained that, as with his left leg, he should be able to push her back up, but with his right, he can't.

So I made the obligatory appointment for one month.

As we walked out to the parking lot, I turned to my son and said ...

"Race ya to the car."


"YES, start running."

I threw my handbag under my arm and I RAN AS FAST AS I POSSIBLY COULD. I know parents aren't suppost to encourage racing in the parking lot but if his right leg was weak, let me see how weak.

I didn't cut him any slack and when he saw me taking the lead, he pushed harder. We were in the second parking lot, so it was probably half a football field away. (or what felt like it) I was impressed. He beat me to the car.

My unmedicalopinion? He's FINE.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day Off Ramble

If I could figure out some way that I can stay home and get paid, I'd be all over it. Sadly I'm a working girl, so days off, time home are not as frequent as I'd like them to be.

Today, my son has a doctor's appointment. Did I need the whole day off for this? I'd say no. Did I want the whole day off for this? Hell yes.

There is no one in the house today. Except me (and if we get technical, three cats and one dog). It's awesome. I can tell you that the last time I was all alone in the house was Mother's Day two years ago. My man took the kids out for a few hours and let me be by myself.

Two years ago. I kid you not. I know there are many who do get time to themselves, pretty frequently. I envy all of you, this is THE BEST.

I made myself lunch and it didn't involve making anything for anyone else or answering questions about what I was making or a baby clinging to my legs.

So have any of you seen this? Isn't it a NEAT idea? Granted I like touching pages. But as far as gadgets go? I'm totally digging it (did I just write that?) Too bad I don't have a spare $400 to try it out.

In other news, my legs are about to fall off. Well, not really. But it sure does feel that way. The boot camp instructor has changed up the routine. Therefore, all those exercises I was used to (and good at), are changed. I just about cry every time I need to squat down, so if everything would just stop falling on the floor, that'd be great. Thanks.

I was thinking this weekend I might not clean my house (SHOCKING I KNOW). I am thinking, for a change, that I'd like to work on one of my many projects, instead of obessing about hair on the bathroom floor and the mysterious splatter on the kitchen wall.

This might require mind altering drugs to achieve. (or a maid) We shall see.

After two nights of evening work, this week. I am depressed to have yet another evening out. I know I signed up for this but the controversial voluntary committee that I am on, may be sucking the ever living life out of me. What I find strange is I go into it feeling like jabbing my eyes out and I leave SO GLAD TO BE IN THE KNOW.

Don't try and figure that one out, I certainly can't.

Now I'm off to enjoy the last half hour of aloneness and get on with the rest of the day.

Boo yah!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Spare Minutes

Here I am. 7:20 AM. Ready for my day. The baby? Is sleeping. The kids? Are sleeping. Their school has a teacher planning day today, so no school for them.

The sun is rising. I'm watching Yoga on TV. I am writing a post. I am by myself. It's really nice.

Yesterday I was a little competitive. While I'm not in your face about that kinda thing because, well, lets face it, usually I'm the one getting beat. Usually there is someone who is stronger, faster, more agile or whatnot. This competiton was different. It was typing.

And people, I am a very quick typist. Alright stop laughing. I can't help that I'm a total geek and enjoy it. It is something that is key for a secretary. It's a skill. I am skilled.

I sent this link out and had a couple people try it. Go ahead I'll wait while you look and try it yourself.

The two that tried it, one did 25 wpm and the other 50 wpm. (wpm = words per minute)

Me? I can do 100 wpm. I've earned that score. I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel to prove it. But really, it's just about being able to do something that most people can't.

Even if it hurts feelings or surprises them, when I yell things like "you suck!" Or "your lame!"

When the shoe is on the other foot? I kick with it. Look out.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Picture

Here she is, one good picture!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

In Five Pictures or Less

Today I worked. (cue the angels singing) And inbetween attempts to do this work, when the baby was clinging to my legs, crying "mamamamamama" I would take a break.

Sometimes it was for a snack, sometimes it was to play, sometimes it was to read, sometimes I would try and take a picture. Not asking much. Just one good, cute picture.

Not easy.

Here is the Elmo Chair. We love the Elmo chair. It's a perfect fit for a little bum. However it's light therefore it slides and if leaned upon in a backward manner ... it goes over.

Here is the freshly bathed baby. Ready to read. Smile baby.

No I do not want to read the book yet. I said smile.

Hello? Baby? Smile?

Ok, not so close. No need to see your tonsils. Let's try that one more time.

Oh and I just deleted it. CRAP! (insert swear words here)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

She's a Beauty

Oh you guys are so SWEET. But I wasn't talking about me!!!! I was talking about my new baby. My new addition to the family. My DELL.

I have named her "Midnight Express". Why? Well because I can. Ok, really it's because I spent alot of late night hours surfing the net and it was appropriate.

Holly asked where I got her? It was online. I didn't got to the store. This is the Inspirion 1520 and it doesn't have Vista. It has XP. I'm not read for the worlds of Vista. Not yet.

The picture reflected the flash. But it is black. Sleek, Shiny, Lightweight and Quiet. Well worth what we spent and the number of months it will take to pay for her.

I spent the better part of today trying to prevent playdough from being stuffed in her keyboard as I attempted to get work done. (see new gray hair on head to attest to that)

Once I figure it out, I can burn CD's, Play DVD's and chat via video cam. I loaded in the usual Word and Xcel. It has a battery that works (for now) and I do get three whole hours of not being tethered. There is wireless but I can't hack into anyone's in the area. I do hear I can sit at Panera Bread and surf the net. The Library too. I have yet to try either.

Everyday I add something new to it. Today it was this wallpaper. That you can have yourself from It's free.
While I have oodles and oodles of work that I need to get done. I still find myself sitting back and just enjoying the whole package.
It's awesome!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too Many Stairs

It's been an interesting week. Yesterday I drove by at least twenty state troopers, if not more. They had all gathered outside the funeral home for a wake of one of their own.

Have I mentioned how I'm intimindated by our men in blue? Ah yes I am. As I turned the corner I couldn't help but feel that I was under a microscope. Although I have nothing to hide, except a brake light that's out. I held my breath as I drove past.

I went to kickboxing the other night, after three whole weeks of not do anything but sitting my lazy butt.

How'd did it go? Let's just say that my ass is screaming and later on tonight, I'll be going back for more.

Bootcamp starts Monday. I need to be ready.

On a fun note, I am now the proud owner of a Dell. I love it. It makes everything so much easier for me workwise. Well, sans getting the work done. But I'll get to it, eventually.

This weekend I am looking forward to doing .... nothing. I say that now but when the actual weekend arrives, I'm sure there will be plenty to do.

Until then, I'm off to visit everyone and I am really looking forward to FRIDAY!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Could Have Worse Problems

I've been driving this same road to work for years now. You know, the routine. We all take the same paths. As we travel, sometimes we notice certain houses.

Oh you know what I'm talking about. I think we ALL do it. You see a house that peaks your interest and each day as you go by, you look at it.

There is nothing special about the house, just that you go by it everyday. Day after day you drive by, the seasons change. You notice anything new.

It becomes part of the routine.

Then you have a rough morning. Everything you touch turns to total crap. You head to work aggrevated. Not a good way to start the day. You turn the corner, you look for your house ... and you see this ...

And pray, that the family who you don't even know, made it out alive and realize you aren't really having a bad day at all.
Your day is just begining and you are grateful.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One Angry Mother-"bleep"

Granted I am not having the best day. But does anyone EVER need to pick their child up from day care and see this?

(click to enlarge and take a GOOD look at that cheek, you cannot miss what I'm talking about)

She was bit today. And I quote "the baby would not give back the toddler's sneaker, so the toddler bit her on the face."


Monday, January 21, 2008

All For Nothing

So I went to visit a friend of mine today. She let me go shopping in her basement. Let's see, there's a large variety of tylenol, advil, shampoo, conditioner, wet wipes, razors, body wash, soap, band-aids, feminine products, gum and candy ... just to name a few things. I took a picture of today's loot. Four shopping bags FULL. FOUR people!

My friend is someone who spends alot of time (clearly) clipping coupons AND scouring the local drug stores for "sale" items.

The end result? ...... Is shelf after shelf of goodies. At a cost to her of next to nothing (think under $10 for over $70+ in merchandise, everytime)

It gets even better ... SHE SHARES, with family & friends. While I would be her friend anyway, all this stuff is certianly an extra bonus. This is the third time she has sent me home with bags of goodies. I'm thinking at some point she will get burnt out. I mean listening to how she figures it all out and how she gets the inside scoop on deals ... is very involved. But right at this moment she's all about "sticking it to the man" (her words)

As for me?

Free Q-tips for everyone!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here I am, inbetween ... LIFE ... checking in.

Let's see. I've done three of the five loads of laundry I need to do. I've swept and mopped the kitchen floor, while keeping the peeing and/or pooping dog at bay (in her crate). I've gone through a rather large stack of paperwork, extracted important receipts and discarded coupons and scraps of paper I don't need. I've cleaned not one but TWO disgusting bathrooms AND ...

I am now eating Fruit (that tastes like M&M's) and drinking Water (that tastes like soda).

The baby is napping.

I am, however, surrounded by unfolded laundry watching ... a movie whose title I am NOT even going to share with you because you all will laugh and make fun of me.

No I'm not paranoid, why do you ask? (and you in the back STOP LAUGHING)

Ok, so now the baby is up. And my break is over.


Friday, January 18, 2008

The New Meltdown Causing Agent: Bubbles

I think I've glimpsed the future.

I think I'm scared.

Oh I had an inkling exactly sixteen months ago. That was when I held my 8lb baby and watched her face turn purple in frustration. Her wail was tiny and music to my ears. Several nurses made the comment that she had a temper. I just laughed. I mean how can you really tell when they are that little anyway.

Famous last words.

I signed up for "as you grow" emails. These are weekly narratives that tell me all about my baby's developement and what to expect for the week. Sometimes it's not even close to what my baby is doing. Sometimes it's dead on.

I wondered when I read about tantrums if they would be visiting with us soon. Let's just say I can wonder no more. They are here. Everyone QUICK duck and hide.

I know I wish I could take cover. Yesterday and Today's tantrums were brought to me by something so simple and so much fun. Bubbles. The baby loves them. Obessively loves them (which I honestly have no idea where she gets this whole obessive thing from ~whistles innocently~). Her daycare has them. We have them here at home.

Heck, Santa even brought a bubble machine. We can have a room full of bubbles at the flick of a switch. But to the baby, it's not the same as those bubbles at daycare. She doesn't have unlimited access to them, like ours, at home.

She has to share.

Today, I picked her up and she brought me over to them. Showed me the shelf. Looked up at me with her blue eyes and said "mine".

I explained to her that they belonged on the shelf. Then I picked her up, kicking and screaming and we left the building.

The car ride home? More kicking and screaming.

The next 45 minutes at home? More kicking and screaming.

I'm not going to lie here and say I could tune it out and it didn't bother me. The dog was howling for pete's sake. As I watched her, colapsing in a heap on the floor, eyes covered, sobbing,

I thought to myself ... where do we go from here? I had visions of future vengance toward anyone who wrongs her.

She's cute, blonde, firey and not even TWO.

Heaven help us all.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Mental Boost

Today was the longest day of the week. Yes, Thursdays, usually are but for me, especially so. Between changing personnel at work and my writing scathing emails (which is not like me, I swear) I need some happy thoughts.

Quick. So here they are. Five random things that make me happy, right now.

1. My jeep is clean. I gassed her up, cleaned brake dust off her wheels, vacuumed all the cracker and cereal bits and took her through the automated car wash. She's a beauty.

2. The new Lifehouse CD.

3. My fuzzy blanket. I made three at the holiday's. Two for friends and one for myself. Mine is a snoopy and woodstock pattern. Purple and blue. It's sitting across my lap right now, warm and it makes me feel good.

4. That in a few weeks, I'll be getting my own baby. Oh you silly's, not a baby, baby. This baby. Well not that one exactly, but pretty close. Yes, in black. I am very excited because this one will be mine and only mine. Joy.

5. Tomorrow is Friday, the end of the week. Finally.

Actual AM Conversation

MIG: So, how'd you sleep last night?
MIG: You had no trouble falling asleep last night?
Son: Nope.
MIG: It worked?
Son: Yup.
MIG: Are we going to get past the terrible taste then and take it again tonight?
Son: Mom, it tastes disgusting! But, I will attemp, again, tonight to take it.
MIG: Well, alrighty then.

There you have it. The tiniest amount, 1/4 teaspoon, grape flavored, did the trick. AND, this morning when I went in to wake him up, he eyes opened and he SMILED.

I guess we shall see how it goes and maybe once he gets into a regular schedule for bedtime (which, HELLO I thought we had a regular schedule for bedtime) he won't need it.

I am going to look at herbal solutions though and thank you everyone, for your support.

None of this is easy for me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wanted: Fifty Winks

My son and I had another appointment with the peditrican yesterday. Equaled yet another $15 copay to discuss his meds. One thing that continues to come up is his inability to fall asleep at night.

The doctor questions whether this is related to the focalin he is taking. I know it is not. His history of not being able to fall asleep at night didn't just begin, it has existed as long as he has.

Even as a baby he would struggle to fall asleep and for many years he would wake up at night and cry out for me. Now that he's older, he simply entertains himself. Not with TV or Video Games. But with legos or pokemon figures.

I was asked how many hours of sleep he gets each night. It's a question I cannot accurately answer. (as I am asleep long before he is) I estimate eight. For his age (I am told) he needs 10-11. The constant shadows under his eyes seem to concur with that.

So what to do about this? As the peditrician and I discussed options, my son, just kept saying the hardest part for him is falling asleep. His mind doesn't shut off.

I wish I could say this is all new to me but we've been discussing it probably longer than the ADD diagnosis. We tried benadryl with no real result. There is the option of a sleep aid or now giving another (low) dose of focalin an hour before bedtime for the same result.

Geeze. As a parent you don't start out with that little baby thinking you'll be deciding what the best drugs are for them to take. Yet here I am. Doing just that. Watching my son listen to the options and being willing to try, bothers me too.

I relented. Agreed. We are going to try a very small dose of a seditive in liquid form that will put him out and we are going to move his bedtime to an earlier hour.

I know he needs more sleep. I know this is all part of helping him. That long road of trying different things and seeing what works and what doesn't. There is no magic solution, I keep telling myself that.

But a plateau would be nice, right about now.

Monday, January 14, 2008

An Alarming Experience

We went out as a family yesterday afternoon. Seizing the moment when the baby first woke up to head out to a local restaraunt (Not Panera Bread, sorry Amy).

The baby handled the car seat for the duration of the ride and, to say the least, she was very excited when we walked toward the restaraunt. However, she didn't handle the twenty minute wait for a table, all that well.

A one-year old is not used to waiting. And neither are we. So we sat. And sat. And (did I mention?) sat. And stared at the buzzer.

I will admit that when the party of four that came in after us, went in to be seated before us. I got up to inquire. "Your table is being prepared" was said to me with a smile. Yeah. I hope so.

Finally it was our turn. The baby did her usual cute act, the kids did some drawing. We had salad and breadsticks. (Yes, the baby does eat garlic breadsticks and black olives, how did you know?) While we waited for the main course, my man leaned in toward me ...

"Let's play pig dice."

"Excuse me?" Did I miss something entirely? "What is pig dice?"

The kids burst into giggles. He meant this game. I carry it in my purse to entertain the kids wherever. It's new name? Is pig dice. Who knew? I took it out and let me tell you ... I don't know what was cuter, the kids getting excited over these little pigs or the baby oinking and clapping everytime we rolled.

It was all good. After dinner we hit the mall. My man had one errand to run and we had 1/2 hour before it closed. The kids, decided to stay in the car. Which I put the alarm on as we took the baby with us in the stroller. (more on that in a minute).

First order of business? Hitting the bathroom. Because when you have only one 1/2 hour to get what you need, peeing is all important. (Can you tell it wasn't me that had to go?)

As my man walks into the men's room, I happen to catch the eye of this guy. I'd say he was may age. He smiled at me like he was going to say something, so I smiled back. Now, work with me here, I actually thought, for a split second, that maybe I knew him, so I looked at him again and smiled and said hi.

Big mistake.

Now that he's looking right at me, I don't recognize him AT ALL, and he smiles back hugely. Here I am, with the baby in her stroller, sitting somewhat outside the men's room, in front of the mall map and he thinks this is a good place to pick me up???? Oh boy, suddenly that mall map? Was the most interesting thing I have EVER seen. I make no further eye contact. I may of even cringed a little.

But I do have periphial vision. I see him linger. He heads over to the mall map too. I don't look. I look in the complete opposite direction. Use my super-vulan-mind-bend to get my man to HURRYUP.

SHIT. What was I thinking???? The best I can come up with, in the enternity it seemed like, was to search through the baby's diaper bag for some important item, I come up empty. I mean how long does it really take a guy to pee anyway? Come on HONEY.

Thankfully, my man, returns ... and we ... are off. WHEW. I don't even look back. (while this is flattering, it's not.)

We run our errand. Which is a post in itself. But if you read the title, I'm going to plead ignorance as to where we went and what we bought.

Then it's out into the parking lot. The first thing I see (after I find the jeep in the dark) is my daughter, standing outside the jeep.

Then I see mall security sitting behind my jeep. Then I see my girl, has been crying. She is MORTIFIED.

My man and I chuckle. I disarm the jeep, I wave to mall security and we all get in.

My son? The guilty party? Decided, after we went into the mall, to open the jeep doors.

Oh YES. Sounding the alarm. My daughter? Got out to speak with mall security and when the alarm stopped, she didn't want to get back in and set it off again. She stood outside in the cold, with a thin little sweatshirt, while my son sat in the jeep. She did the responsible thing, she did talk to mall security and explain the situation. While the guy laughed at her situation.

They let her use the cell phone to call us. But reception wasn't good in the mall. She cried a bit on the way home. She insisted her brother OWES HER BIG TIME. Poor kid.

I checked my phone when I got home, her call to us ... was no less than five minutes after we walked into the mall.

Kids. They won't be using the line "I'll wait in the car" anymore.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


So is anyone bothered by the man in the news? The one that threw four young children off a bridge?

Yeah. That one. I think its in the national news. It's horrible and everytime I think of it, I cry.


I spent almost the entire weekend catching up on my night work. This is a huge task made more difficult by the baby, who is into EVERYTHING. I would give examples, but I am exhausted just thinking about it.

Most of my work is now done and once the baby wakes up from her nap, we will be heading out to the mall and then have an early dinner.


I have not cleaned my house AT ALL this weekend. The only person bothered by that ... sadly ... IS ME.
I did do five loads of laundry and some dusting. That must count for something.
I am trying to decide which book I will be reading next. I happen to be at my favorite bookstore yesterday and I happen to pick up two new books. I know, I know, the last thing I need in this world is more books but ... what can I say. I'm an addict.
Even with the two new books I still am unable to decide what to read next. Horror? Romance? Mystery? Biography? Self-Help? So many choices.
I am sitting watching my usual HGTV and am wondering how the heck you get yourself picked for any of those re-design shows.
Boy do I have a kitchen for them.
Just to say it ... it's not even Monday and I already know it's going to be a long, high stress week.
So here's to enjoying the rest of my day!

Twenty-Five Projects I'm Working On

I was over reading at blackbirds and she had done a post of twenty-five things ... well that she doesn't like. I do realize this was last week .. but hey, I'm a little slow.

Here is my list but it's of project that I plan to work on in my spare time (Read: never at the rate I'm going).

In no particular order ~

1. Wooden Calendar. I started this project seven years ago (I wish I were kidding). I'm almost done with it. It just needs shallac.

2. Plaster Molded Christmas Figures. My mom gave me these. They came with instructions and lots of little paints to color them. I seriously doubt I'll get around to painting them, it's been three years now since I got them.

3. Quilt. This is the one I'm working on for my bed. It's squares are all cut up and ready to be pieced together and sewn. I'm hoping to get to this before summer. Heh.

4. Hemp Bracelettes. I have this great kit to make a whole bunch of these woven bracelettes. Beads too even. Just no time.

5. Scrapbooking. I do plan on someday taking all those scrap momento's I save and putting them all together in scrapbooks but I have yet to start.

6. EZ Quick Crochet. This kit will make beaded crochet items. And it's EZ. Unfortunately it doesn't come with time to do it.

7. Cross Stitch picture of a cat sleeping among books. I love this pattern, the colors the design. I do like cross stitch but have yet to start it. I also am not sure where my medium sized hoop is.

8. Punch Needle Craft. This has a butterfly and says Sweet Dreams. I bought it to make for the baby, frame and hang in her room. She might be in college by the time I get to it.

9. Paint Your Own Art. This is a beautiful dockside scene with boats in the distance. I comes with paint and shows you the colors and where to use them but isn't a paint by number. I'm afraid to do this, lest I mess it up.

10. Lettering Kit. This kit gives you the ability to do all kinds of fancy lettering. There are stencils and colored pencils to use. I have yet to even open it.

11. Puzzle w/ Embelishments. Ok, so I just bought this one (ducks head). It's a puzzle, the scene is grandma's attic and it comes with embelishments that you put on after you do the puzzle. Wha? It was only $3.

12. Friendship Bracelettes. Yes, I am TEN. I love these and out of all the craft projects I have to do, this is one I will go back to. I don't even need the instructions to do the different designs, I know most of them. They are cheap to make it look great in black.

13. Knitting, Summer Tote Pattern. So I was ambitious when I bought this do-it-yourself knitting kit. It comes with a DVD that shows you how to begin knitting. Someday. Right?

14. Knitting, Yoga Bag Pattern. Alright, clearly I have a problem and I need to admit I will never knit these things.

15. Digital Photo Frame. My plan is to steal JennyJ's idea and incorporate my parents old pictures and new family photos into this frame. I am hoping to have this done by Mother's Day.

16. Digital Photo Frame. This one is for me. Who knows when I'll add photos to it.

17. Printing Two Years Worth of Digital Pictures. All this talk of pictures reminds me that I have a date with either Snapfish or Flickr.

18. Photo Albums. See #17. The printed pictures will need homes.

19. Crate Painting. My plan is to paint five wooden crates to match the bookshelves in my library. These would hold my "must keep" magazines.

20. Shadow Box. This shadow box needs to be painted to match the decor in the Library and it will hold several sentimenal items of my man's side of th family.

21. Shadow Box. This shadow box will hold items that are sentimental to me.

22. Picture Frames. I have at least 5-10 that I want to paint in the same color and fill with the latest pictures of the kids.

23. Vintage T-Shirt Quilt. I have been collecting concert t-shirts and other sentimental t-shirts to sew together in a quilt that we will use to cover our pooltable. Or it could be made into a wall hanging.

24. Painting Bathroom Shelves. These are currently nature and need to be painted to match the trim.

25. There is no 25, yet.

You'd think that with all these projects in limbo I'd be using this valuable nap time to work on any one of them. Instead, I'm here.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Freaky Friday

I'm glad this week is over. Nothing bad happened. There was lots of stress (so what else is new?) and I'm in a new place.

This weekend? Will be spent catching up. And letting everyone know about my new spot.

I did manage to read an entire book this week. Don't ask me how, I have no idea. It was this. This is probably the third or fourth book I've read on the subject. Obviously this one was the most interesting because it is written in the first person. Well worth your time, if you have followed it like I have.

Just sayin.

The rest of a week was a total blur and sadly, there was zero exercise involved. That's right ZERO. I need to turn that one around and QUICK. Thankfully, camp starts again in two weeks. 5 AM here I come.

In other news, my son has been adjusting remarkable well to his medication. It hasn't fixed his sloppy handwriting or his ability to narrate a paragraph when he is suppose to be reporting facts. He turned in a paper today, worth a test grade, that was full of spelling mistakes. He kept insisting it was fine and for me to stop looking at it. ~sighs~

The baby received her second "incident" report from daycare. Biting. Sadly she is not the one being bitten. She is the biter. Apparently, sitting in a highchair next to her and reaching for her food will result in her sampling your finger. Who knew?

I did receive word that her tuition will be dropping. Which is good. And I can take her off formula completely (goodbye $20 cans!).

I'm off now, to do some visiting. Thanks for sticking with me!

Third Time's A Charm

So here I am. New spot. Profile private. I'm ready.

At least THIS time I didn't have to completely delete everything.

Up next ... business as usual.