Friday, January 11, 2008

Freaky Friday

I'm glad this week is over. Nothing bad happened. There was lots of stress (so what else is new?) and I'm in a new place.

This weekend? Will be spent catching up. And letting everyone know about my new spot.

I did manage to read an entire book this week. Don't ask me how, I have no idea. It was this. This is probably the third or fourth book I've read on the subject. Obviously this one was the most interesting because it is written in the first person. Well worth your time, if you have followed it like I have.

Just sayin.

The rest of a week was a total blur and sadly, there was zero exercise involved. That's right ZERO. I need to turn that one around and QUICK. Thankfully, camp starts again in two weeks. 5 AM here I come.

In other news, my son has been adjusting remarkable well to his medication. It hasn't fixed his sloppy handwriting or his ability to narrate a paragraph when he is suppose to be reporting facts. He turned in a paper today, worth a test grade, that was full of spelling mistakes. He kept insisting it was fine and for me to stop looking at it. ~sighs~

The baby received her second "incident" report from daycare. Biting. Sadly she is not the one being bitten. She is the biter. Apparently, sitting in a highchair next to her and reaching for her food will result in her sampling your finger. Who knew?

I did receive word that her tuition will be dropping. Which is good. And I can take her off formula completely (goodbye $20 cans!).

I'm off now, to do some visiting. Thanks for sticking with me!

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