Monday, July 28, 2008

You Are Here

We made it. Here we are on vacation. It took three hours to get here. The view is gorgeous. I will dig out my camera today and take some pictures.

I am loving that it is 8:22 AM and I am not at work.

I am hating the fact that my parents (in the next room to us) seem so old and frail.

I am loving that I suggested bringing the Wii. It was easy to set up and we are using it on a 52" screen TV.

I am hating the fact that the shower only seems to have scalding hot water.

I am loving the crisp bug free air.

I am hating that for the maid service, we have to put away a GPS, Wii, Games, Remotes and two computers.

Ok, I'm not complaining, this is vacation and all. Now where is my cell phone?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why Is Vacation So Exhausting?

It's the day before we leave and I think my legs are dead. Here is why.

1. Get up at 3 AM to pee. Listen to the baby singing.
2. Try and go back to sleep.
3. Get up at 6:15 AM, shower, get dressed.
4. Check map.
5. Breakfast. WAKE baby.
6. Leave at 7:15 AM w/ baby to pick up free toys.
7. Take a LONG ride to pick up toys.
8. Finally get toys.
9. Ride back.
10. Stop at big box retail store, hoping to pick up paper goods and snacks for trip.
11. Find empty parking lot and that the store doesn't open until 9 AM.
12. Swear.
13. Go to cheapest grocery store around.
14. Impressed and pick up everything on list.
15. Mental note to return, weekly.
16. Head home.
17. Unload a yit load of groceries.
18. Start laundry.
19. Sort more laundry.
20. Bring more laundry to the basement.
21. Decide laundry will never get done by tomorrow.
22. Go to empty dishwasher.
23. Find that dishes aren't even close to clean.
24. Realize dishwasher hasn't drained and is broken.
25. Curse at dishwasher.
26. Empty dishwasher of dirty gross dishes.
27. Manually wash dishes.
28. Note how much THAT is going to suck, after vacation.
29. Take dog out.
30. Feed and chase around dirty baby.
31. Attempt to clear of kitchen counters and organize food for trip.
32. Wipe fruit punch of kitchen floor.
33. Sit on deck with the baby.
34. Realize wilting plants need water.
35. Coax baby off deck and into house.
36. Realize there is no trash bag in trash can.
37. See trash in trash can with no trash bag.
38. Curse about uncaring children.
39. Go downstairs for the 100th time to get @#$%ing trash bag.
40. Children wake.
41. Baby squeals.
42. Children eat.
43. Lecture children about doing their own dishes due to #24.
44. Move into baby's room to dig out necessary items.
45. Sit and wonder how it will all fit into the jeep WITH our stuff.
46. Try and estimate how many diapers will be needed.
47. Let baby play with her floaty.
48. Listen to her shout "water" "water".
49. Get out two diaper bags. One for clothes and one for diapers.
50. Catch baby biting chunks out of floaty.
51. Distract baby with lotion.
52. Move back into kitchen.
53. Decide no more can be done in there.
54. Head into living room.
55. Realize it's been a LONG time since any cleaning has been done in this room.
56. Move into hallway to check on the cat area.
57. Find that it is abysmal.
58. Decide to wait for nap to clean either area.
59. Go back to kitchen and drink coke.
60. Decide coke needs chips and salsa.
61. Try and hide snack from baby.
62. Without success.
63. Clean up crushed chips and salsa mix.
64. Switch around laundry.
65. Wonder if it's nap time yet.
66. Notice excessive dust bunnies on stairs.
67. Sweep stairs.
68. Back in the kitchen, decide to sort mail.
69. Find baby screaming because the deck is hot on her bare feet.
70. Locate socks.
71. Notice fish tank is disgusting.
72. Clean it.
73. Lunchtime for the baby.
74. Nap time for the baby.
75. Clean front hall and cat area like a banshee.
76. Notice front porch is equally disgusting.
77. Clean front porch.
78. TAKE break. Check email.
79. Get message that reserved book is in.
80. Decide it would be great to take on trip.
81. Drop everything run to library.
82. Find Library CLOSED.
83. Cry in car.
84. Pull self together and stop at local hardware store.
85. Search for goggles and a blow up ring for the baaahbee.
86. Find BOTH. Head home.
87. More obsessive cleaning.
88. WAKE napping baby.
89. Children insist on taking baby outside so I can do stuff.
90. Listen to squeals of glee.
91. Head into 110 degree storage in search of suitcases.
92. Find both coolers.
93. See suitcases and realize stuff needs to be moved.
94. Sweat.
95. Get suitcases and lalalala about how they will fit in the jeep.
96. Cool off with more coke.
97. Decide now is the time to clean the living room.
98. Easier said then done.
99. Clean the boys room too because I'm on a roll.
100. Locate his TV manual and fix his TV.
101. Shout out to boy that his TV is fix.
102. More squeals of glee.
103. Children return with hyper baby.
104. Realize it's time for dinner.
105. Call from my man, on his way home.
106. Hungry baby cries for snacks.
107. Whip up burgers, sliced cucumber, mac n cheese.
108. Everyone EATS.
109. Clean up gigantic mess under high chair.
110. Give the 14 and 12 year-olds their bags to pack themselves.
111. Chuckle to myself.
112. More laundry.
113. Get kitchen back in order.
114. Bathe baby.
115. Get baby ready for bed.
116. Goodnight BABY.
117. Bask in the glow of #116.
118. Get bills together.
119. Pay bills for week, sort receipts.
120. Sigh heavily.
121. Walk dog, drop off mail and stop at ATM.
122. Die walking up the stairs, one last time.
123. Shut off lights, lock doors.
124. Realize another load of laundry is ready for folding.
125. Walk right by it.
126. Think about packing, TOMORROW.
127. Sit down to blog.
128. Realize this is a really long list.
130. No wonder I'm tired.
131. I'll stop now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Music To My Ears

Actual conversation, that took place as my man was up on the ladder in my daughters room. He was finishing up scraping off the loose paint and patching the uneven areas.

Mig: Wow.
My Man: Yeah, I figured the ceiling needed to get done before "we" paint the rest of the room.

I might have squealed a little even.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Devious Plan

Try not to laugh as you read this. I dare you.

About four weeks ago, I was at the hairdresser's with the kids and I happened to meet on of our Town's men in blue. You know the ones that carry guns and flash that badge? Let's call them something. Not pigs, cuz that's too obvious (and already my pet name for them, I will apologize in advance for anyone I might offend with that). How about Marshmallow's?? Come one, squishy goodness .... Let's go with that.

So I'm at the hairdresser and one of the stylists (who I really like) has just recently married, a Marshmallow that works in Town. Alarm bells are going off in my head because I've had a change of heart these days about Marshmallow's.

Let me explain. Over the years there have been incidents that still cling to me like they were yesterday. There was the first time I ever was pulled over (at the tender age of 18) and yelled at for speeding. Then there was the time I tried to pass a slow car that was going straight, from the left hand turn lane. That time I was yelled at and given a written warning. THEN on my 23rd birthday, I was pulled over for speeding, in my new Plymouth Laser 5-speed, yelled at and given a ticket. (On my BIRTHDAY people, that is just wrong on so many levels) Which resulted in me sobbing uncontrollably and declaring I would never drive again. (as a side note, I fought that one and was completely honest when I said to the court guy that if I were ever in trouble the LAST place I would turn is to a Marshmallow, they threw it out) THEN, when I had my babies, I was pulled over on the highway, I wasn't even speeding but got yelled at ANYWAY and then as it turns out, my license plate needed a new sticker and I didn't have one. So there was threatening of towing and such. But finally I was allowed to leave.

The last couple were in the past three years, in the Town I live in. Driving down a rural road speeding (because I HAD TO GO #2, it WAS URGENT). I got yelled at. I explained. And the Marshmallow told me, that he'd just write the ticket up QUICKER. I paid that one because I just didn't want to have to explain, yet again, how I don't trust Marshmallow's but really I should have talked to the Chief Marshmallow because he and I talk about his department's budget).

Then there was the most recent incident where I ignored the sign and parked "between here and the corner" and I shouldn't have. Got lectured and yelled at for that. While I was holding the baby for Pete's sake.

I just feel that those local Marshmallow's should know me. I work for the Town and maybe if they did know who I was, MAYBE, just maybe they'd be a) nicer and b) LET ME GET AWAY WITH IT.

So with all that in mind, about a month ago, at the hairdresser's I happen to meet one. And I told him all about my anxiety and how I'd like to get over by meeting each officer and hopefully if there ever is an issue (and when the Marshmallow's raise their eyebrows at that, I go lalalalalala) it won't go as bad as the last few incidents have gone.

That brings us to tonight. Where I met the first Marshmallow's friend. Again at the same hairdresser and I teased him about getting to know my face and told him all about my anxiety and my new plan, which is to get to know all the fine Marshmallow's in Town so if I do anything foolish, maybe I at least won't get yelled at.

Or a ticket. HA.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Can Describe It In One Word


2 AM. I just waked up. No bad dreams. No weird feelings. Like clockwork. Five days straight now.

The first night I blamed the baby, she was up, for whatever reason. Not crying. Talking and singing over the monitor in a way that wants to make you go and get her (but then the voice of reason takes over and tells you how it's a bad idea).

Next night. Baby sleeps. Me AWAKE.

Next night. Baby is awake and I hear a weird noise (the kind you can't ignore because it might be something bad). Said noise turned out to be the baby pushing the rails in her crib with her feet, while she sang renditions of "Itzy Bitzy Spider" "Yucky Bubblegum" and "LMNO B" over and over. I got up to listen outside her door and happened to catch my son helping himself to a second bowl of cereal at 2 AM. He got a whispered lecture from me for waking the baby (sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, heh).

Last night. 12:30 I woke up and just faked myself out with a roll over and pillow fluff. I fell back to sleep. However, 2 AM.


You know, I can accomplish alot of thinking at 2 AM. There is no noise in the house. I can assemble mental to do lists. I can over analyze various aspects of my life and I can think about getting up but don't. Instead I get aggravated and toss and turn because THAT is so much more productive than relaxing and going back to sleep.

Today, as I sat at my desk at work. I nodded off. Any idea how embarrassing that is? Thankfully I heard the front door close with a slam and it jolted me completely out of my seat, I knocked over my cup of water. Good times.

Since it's catching up with me (ah clearly), tonight's plan is some PM's. I hope it works because at the rate this lack of sleep is going. I will be clinically insane by Friday.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't Nod, Say Yes

I had an interesting experience today. It was odd, entertaining and not at all informative and I won't know the outcome for 10-14 days.

In my job (brace yourself people, I am going out on a limb and talking about work here, yes HERE) I deal with a lot of bureaucratic stuff and this particular thing has to do with us letting an employee go (ie: your FIRED) and them trying to collect from the State.

This particular guy was let go because of his less than stellar attendance. It is my job to make sure that the paperwork he signs when he starts with us, covers us on the other end.

For this reason. We let him go and he tried to collect. We said no. They said OK. So I said, HELL NO.

I didn't realize this (well okay, I did, so really I just lied) but it would mean that a hearing date would be set and I would be attending. With my papers and the employee's signature on them being the topic of discussion.

I had to go into the inner city to do this. That alone was a trip and a half. (like the people pushing all their belongings in shopping carts, but not my point). I arrived.

And prayed the contesting party would not. My hopes were dashed when he walked in. I studied my shoes because who wants to make eye contact? Um not me.

I was given a file to read and I was lectured to read it, not write on any of it (I considered putting a smiley face on the last page, just because) and to give it back. I looked over the stuff and confirmed that, yes, it was all my documentation.

The contesting party also got to read the file.

We were then called into a little room, marked #2 and asked to sit across from each other, while the arbitrator sat at the head of the table, with his tape recorder.

Did I mention we were being recorded? Oh yeah, that was fun.

So I smile at the other party. I am from the "kill 'em with kindness camp". We each sign in. The arbitrator explains that the sessions will be recorded (uh, duh) and that he will swear us in, then ask each side questions and then if anyone has anything to add they may do so. We were not to answer for each other (as the tape recorder might get confused, I am not kidding, he said that) and once the session was over we could no longer speak to him and we had to leave together.

I cannot make this stuff up.

So this guy proceeds and swears us in. We say our I Do's. (ok, now that's funny) Then the arbitrator asks us if we each agree to the record documents. We both do. So he references each one. Then he reads a bunch of blah, blah, law stuff that meant nothing to me.

Me and the other party just zoned out and made big eyes at each other (in a this is fun sort of way, well that's what I was thinking anyway).

The arbitrator then turns to the other party and goes over in detail his final day of employment and the events that lead to his dismissal. He denied none of it. (score one for me) The arbitrator showed the other party the paperwork I had him sign that lists out our requirements for new hires, it references excessive absence. He agreed he understood the intention of the document when he signed it and knew he could not be excessively absent (score one for me)

Then there was some mumbling on the other party's part. So there was a brief lecture that mumbling could result in the entire hearing needed to be redone.

Yikes. I thought of kicking him under the table but decided against it. He did better after the lecture.

There were more blah, blah, blah questions. I don't know if the other party was just incredibly honest or not very smart because his agreement, made me look good.

Unbelievable good.

Then it was my turn. (insert scratching record here) We went over my documents, and there was nodding on my part. My bad. Again with the tape recorder not getting the whole thing. I get it dude. You have no life, I think.

YES. I say. YES. YES. YES. There was more affirmation as to the paperwork I had and more admission on the other party's part in agreement to the termination.

I almost wanted to smack him. Why bother coming? Why apply to begin with.

Turns out he wanted to discuss the incident after he was let go. But my case? Was not based on said incident. Why you ask? Because I knew it would not come to any good bringing it up. So I left it out.

And left the door closed.

Before I knew it the hearing was over. Me and the other party walked out, together.

As we walked to our cars, I said this ~

Me: I don't think we had a chance back there. I think they will rule in your favor. (I lie people, what can I say).
Him: You think so? (I move to the next subject)
Me: So are you going to get a job now?
Him: Yup.

I crack myself up sometimes. What can I say.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Final Countdown

Vacation is coming. I will be packing up a week's worth of everyone's crapola for five days of scenic views, a POOL (let's just pause here and bask in the chlorine glow shall we?), paddle boats, fishing and family.

My mom is footing the hotel bill. Which is most excellent because otherwise we wouldn't be going. As it is, breakfast and lunch will be in the hotel room (think cold cereal and deli meat). Dinner will be a splurge.

But even if we do nothing but hike trails and visit state parks, it's STILL a week away. A week someplace else.

Away from work. Away from cleaning. Away from caring for animals (anyone want to watch my Corgi for the week?).

Course, just because vacaton is at the end of the week, THIS week is chock full of stuff to do, every day. Ready. Set. Go.

I just keep thinking of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Details

The band ...

The crowd ...

The baby ...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We All Need A Little Tenderness

Because I need a little pick-me-up (more like an air balloon this week) here are five things that I am loving today:
1. My man and his band are playing a free concert on the common, tonight, and if last week is any indication of the crowd, he will be playing for 175+ people. No pressure honey!
2. Hummus, feta cheese and cucumbers. Served with tortilla chips. I cannot get enough of this stuff and make small servings to eat, all. by. myself.
3. My youngest. She is starting to speak clearly and while I get tired of "want more mommy" mantra, I am loving the "your cute" and "tank ewes".
4. Getting my oldest daughters room ready for painting. Everything is moved out, the floor is completely covered and taped. Paint Sprayer Please.
5. That tomorrow, is Friday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mid-Week Crankies

I am dying for it to be Friday. Heck, I'll just take the end of the day already.

It's one of those weeks where everyone has something to say and you have two choices a) take it personally or b) blow it off.

I'm falling inbetween. I start by taking it personally and then I just blow it off. Again, I wish I could give examples but this is all work related and we all know I'm not about to start talking about work (although if my boss is reading he probably wants me to just write about it, so he knows what the heck I'm talking about).

Today, I hope everyone leaves me alone and I will say a small prayer of thanks that I don't work in an office full of women because it could be FAR worse.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Things Not Equal

My attitude is not much better today. I think work is a little overwhelming. I put up the front and make like all is well but all of the compliance stuff I am working on is not easy, when you have no clue what you are doing.

Oh what fun it is to be me.

I'm irked by a friend who is evasive when I attempt to make plans with her. We've know each other since High School and at one time were "best friends". I don't let her run my life anymore and so now we see each other occasionally. (read: not in a long time) I have called and left messages for her. I have sent emails with dates and ideas for plans. Doing so, all but guarantees she won't reply. My husband stopped by her house the other day, he was passing by. He thinks I'm being foolish and I should just stop by like he did. He relayed her message, "call me".

Yeah. Ok.

I feel like there is something I'm missing with her. That there is something to what is going on that I don't get.

Like the other shoe, waiting to fall.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Wrong Attitude

People, it's 6:30 AM and I'm about to go start my day. I'm not giving the "it's a long week" spiel because I have no evening work this week. It should be ducks and bunnies.

It should be a breeze.

However, I am in a shit-ass mood for first thing Monday AM.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Six Loads Of Laundry

You know I spend every weekend doing laundry. I will admit I took ownership of it in the beginning (and that would be eighteen years ago), I wanted to do it. My mother? Had done it for me until the day I moved out. So when I had a chance to take control, I did.

Of all the stupid things, hind site is most definitely 20/20.

Not my point though. Over the years, and because I am Type A (oh you in the back, HUSH) I can now fit in an exhausting amount of things in between trips to the dryer.

So I'm sharing. Now I will say one of my tricks and it started when I first began this journey of dirty, smelly, disgusting clothing. Towels are hung up to dry and reused. and reused. and reused. It makes for far less laundry, I do believe. (but it also makes guest cringe because apparently I am the only one with this rule while others just do additional laundry? I'm not sure but every guest that stays in my house longer than one day, they too, are on the hung up and dry program)

This week I am trying to clean out my oldest daughter's room (you'd know this unless you live under a rock, I'd like to paint in there, consider yourself up to speed) so I voluntarily washed her clothes (adding three extra loads to my usual schedule of five). When you turn thirteen in this house, laundry becomes your own chore. As the oldest she is the Guinea pig. (and doing fine, if you consider wearing the same smelly clothes over and over).

Alright so Saturday Early AM, first load of laundry is my daughter's whites. I will tactfully point out here that SEVERAL of her t-shirts smell so bad that my eyes water. I used extra fabric softener and was wishing I had more spray n wash.

Because it's summer and the A/C are running on the same old circuits as the washer/dryer. SO I really know it's summer when I can only wash or dry. Makes the whole process take a lot longer but it's always give and take when you live in 100 year old home.

8 AM - The whites are ready to dry, no eye watering here. WHEW.
I come upstairs and sort the laundry for the house. I throw it down the stairs in one big pile (this is two-fold, one I don't have to carry it and two it collects the dust bunnies on the stairs) Once that's done, there's the baby laundry that needs to get put together. Hers I don't throw down the stairs, too risky with those little sockies.

The whole process takes too long, in my opinion. What I wouldn't give for a laundry shoot.

I scan the paper for local yard sales and then work on getting the baby dressed and fed. I wish this was easy but depending on what order I have her eat or get her dressed, the whole process would restart depending on how messy she gets.

Wake teenagers. This process is always a challenge. By 9:30 we leave and hit several LAMEO yard sales. What a waste of gas.

But I did get a call from my supercool friend with an invite to swim in her pond. JOY! So we head home because the teenagers are hungry (what else is knew) and I am not forking out for a fast food breakfast. Paaahleze.

We get home and there's more washing. This time my man's many pairs of jeans. All black. His uniform for work. Black jeans. Filthy with the insides of people's walls. They get clean quick and it's more dryer time to clock. I hope this load gets dryer before 1 PM (swim time).

While I wait, I sort through everything that has accumulated on my kitchen counters. There are dollar store purchases to put away. School papers to keep or toss. Little animals to be matched up with their farms, books to put back, misc. areas that are crunchy to be cleaned up.

Litter box duty. It doesn't have to be a day that I clean my house, these are things that I need to do or they make me nutty. I pack bags, grab sunblock and towels (lest I forget goggles!)

1 PM cannot come quick enough. I make the switch. This round of dryer time is going to be spent hanging with a friend who I cannot get enough of. Three hours isn't enough but it will have to be. The teenagers are hungry again. Anyone know where I can get a feed bag? I think that might be a good investment.

The good news is, the next load is ready to go. It's my clothing. A week's worth in one medium size load. (here's a hint, I wear my jeans more than once and sometimes the same pair all week long, so LOOKOUT).

I empty the diaper bag, unload dirty sippy cups, kill a few ants and make a pile of wet towels. Good times. Dinner plans? Chinese? Sounds good to me.

Rice clean up is always easy, just call in the dog.

Then, like every evening, I participate in the three B's. Baby Wrangling, Bath and (my favorite) Bedtime.

Ding, ding, ding. Next load. (yes my life IS this much fun) WHITES. The rest of the family's. No eye watering but no less smelly either. (think SOCKS). Bleach and fabric softener are my friend's here people.

Bonus, my man happens to be in the vicinity. So instead of having to hike the laundry basket up three flights of stairs (so not joking here) he does it. Excellent.

I spend the next two hours assembling furniture. You know where you make every muscle in your shoulder tight from those little wrenches AND as a bonus, you can undo & redo them because you know, there is more than one way to put them together and the way you did? Is wrongo.

After that fun has ended, there is mucho laundry to fold and that last load? The baby clothes. I am not a big fan of laundry but baby laundry is ADORABLE. And quick.

I just had to get them to the dryer and then I could hit the hay because that tiny laundry doesn't even get wrinkly. Go figure.

Friday, July 11, 2008

In Ten Seconds Or Less

I have lots to write about and lots to do (no big surprise there).

I'll be back later to post pictures of the progress I made yesterday (there was very little TRUST me).

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brought To You By The Letter P

Again, awake at 4 AM. I am hating this. Have I become the princess and the pea? This bed has a kernel of dust under it and "Oh I cannot sleep any longer".

I was suppose to jog this morning with a couple gals at the local track. We all confirmed last night we'd meet at 5 AM.

Want to know where I was at 5 AM? Sleeping. WTF? I wake up and blink several times to see my clock reading 5:17 AM. After struggling to put on clothes and get my arse out the door, I arrived at the track at 5:30 and saw the girls ... jogging.

Oh well, at least I went. Got my butt moving. I convinced a couple of them to stay extra and walk with me so I got in a two mile jog/walk kinda thing.

I took today off to head over to the lab and have my blood drawn after fasting. My man had to go too, so we made a date of it (cue the awwwwws here). You know, I find that my man is ALOT like the kids in the sense that it takes doing something one on one to hear all those juicy details I'm interested in. (just add coffee)

There was much chatting about his job and I got hear all sorts of funny stories that I just don't get, at the end of day. You know when he's dirty and tired and I'm a tad bitchy (I am too, SHUT UP).

So there has been much friction in the house about the whole painting of my daughter's bedroom situation. I have LIKE NO TIME AT ALL to do it. My daughter contributes by trashing the room because, you know, she lives in it and is a filthy pig. And my man works like a dog in his new job so his days off consist of playing WOW (that's world of warcraft for you anti-techie types).

None of these options work towards the goal of FINISHING THE ROOM ALREADY. I am taking my digital camera after I hit post here, so you all can see what I am about to do (read: CLEAN IT FIRST).

I made the declaration the other day that I was going to find out how much a contractor would charge to paint it. You know you have to add in the cracked ceiling repair, which boosts the cost considerably. The room is 13x12.4x9 foot ceilings. It is ginormous (that is too a word!).

So, after a heated discussion on why I can't just paint the room and quit trying to get out of it AND contacting places only to find pricing int he $500 to $1000 range ...

Guess what?

Oh you all are so SMART! I'm back to square one. Me painting it. ~sighs~

Fast forward to today and how we had to go to the local big box retail store for all things construction related AND while we bought 2x4's and steel door. I made us wander by the paint area, only this time I had a plan. A devious plan. Mooohahahahaha.

We looked at paint sprayers. Simple right? I thought it was going to be a tough sell. Spending a couple hundred on a good one. Turns out, the idea, was a BRILLIANT. Apparently the plan is to paint our entire house at some point, so this is an "investment".

I love it.

In theory that is. I still have to get downstairs and start cleaning and laying down covering to protect the hardwood floor. Oh and pick up FILTH.

But maybe, just maybe it will get done and THEN you won't have to hear about it anymore.

Or see pictures for that matter.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4 AM

Why is it ... when I am working and it's mid-afternoon the clock creeps but when I wake up at 4 AM and can't get back to sleep, my mind starts working on all the stuff from the previous day and before I know it my alarm is going off.

I hate that. Makes for a long day.

I didn't say it on Monday (like I usually do) but this week is chock full of tedious crappe that I have had to deal with. Life around here is never dull.

Work has probably been the most interesting. I wish I could talk about it ... freely ... because you readers would DIE laughing at some of the stuff that's been going on. (you know for example and/or theoretically speaking, of course) I will share that we have a new guy in our office and he's super nice to me but the position he is in is VERY stressful to begin with. Throw in that he's worked in the industry, in sales, so he knows all these people AND, let's just say, the shoe is on the other foot, so now he has to service these customers. He's not handling it well. Yesterday he got so frustrated he slammed down his phone, got up and threw his pen against the wall. His PEN!

I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it was for me to not bust a gut right there. This guy is BIG and I'm pretty sure throwing that teeny pen wasn't very satisfying, like AT ALL.

There is SO much more and I could talk for days about it. Just not here. Sadly.

In other news, I get to go to a ladies gathering at my boss's house tonight. His very sweet wife has invited a whole bunch of mom's from Town (most of them I know) and wants us all to socialize and eat her gourmet snacks.

I'm trying not to agonize over it because we all know how that goes (think me + July 4, 2008) but I'd give my left arm to have a believable reason NOT to attend.

Lack of sleep isn't one.

Before I head out and start my day, I want to give a shout out to Sassy & Slick. Keep those witty comments coming. I love it.

Peace out.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Get Your Freak On

You know, I just wanted a roll of masking tape. I was on my way to take my son to his piano lesson. I left him in the car, running with the A/C and the baby in the back seat.

I went into the local hardware store. A place I frequent in bursts of several days over a period of a few weeks or I got months and months of never setting foot in the place.

I happen to go in a couple weeks ago, and then on Sunday and then today. Today, there was a new guy there. Probably about twenty. Had a blond beard but other than I don't remember much of his face. What I do remember is him catching my eye and then STARING at me.

I don't get that. What makes a guy forget completely any sense of discretion and they just OUTRIGHT STARE. The definitely stop in their tracks and sometimes, their mouth drops open. If I were a bitch I could wave my hand in front of my face and it wouldn't break the trance they seem to be in. I used to look behind me to see if there was an alien or something freakish giving me bunny ears but now I know better. Maybe I look like someone they know. Maybe I am their fantasy brunette. I used to encourage it, now I find it annoying but mostly ...

I don't get it. I don't think I'm that good looking. I've certainly seen plenty of other people worth gaping at. (note to those that stare, play hard to get its FAR more appealing) I ignore it. He snaps out of it and realizes he needs to ring me in. So he scans the masking tape and two candy bars and I can feel his eye balls boring through me. I don't give him a chance to smile, I make no eye contact whatsoever. I hope my body language screams GO AWAY.

Thankfully its closing time. I pay my cash and get the heck out of there. I don't flirt, I don't smile, I make like I haven't noticed a thing.

I promptly forget about it and head to the ATM.

As I finish my banking and head out back by the hardware store, there he is. Getting on his motorcycle. He pauses. I look down, finding the the cracks in the concrete far more interesting than anything I've ever seen. Finally I am past and turn the corner.

Course he drives by, revs his bike as he goes by the jeep. This must be HIGH SCHOOL.

Then he circles back. While I'd like to think it had nothing to do with me, there is more revving. I ignore him completely. I drive in the opposite direction. At the same rate of speed as this guy, clearly because as I was taking a left one block away, there he was again.

I have no idea if he waved.

This incident reminds me of the guy who tried to pick me up in commuter traffic, he tried to keep at the same speed with me. His timing was impressive and for three days in a row, he met up with me by getting on the highway as I was driving by, the odds of this was weird I thought. He would smile and try and get my number. I would speed up and try and get away. I must have a weirdo magnet in me or something.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Five Days Off At-Nausium

Because I can. There is a synopsis of my five days off. Day by Day.

I had planned for this to be a "do nothing" day and while it wasn't easy for me, I did it. I beat down all those plans to do, do, do and instead I watched TV, read and I might have done a teeny-tiny bit of work. All in all, it was a most excellent and much needed day of ME.

There were many things I had planned to do today but after having one entire "do nothing" day I had the idea in my head, what if I made this entire five days off that way also. (or at least try) So while I did do a few things, like put in paperwork with my Town for a raise this coming fiscal year and get a new dump sticker (I love me some dump), I for the most part did more of nothing. Go me.

There was the carnival in the evening. I took the baby and the kids. Paid $20 per child for a wristbands (which were put to good use because at 12 and 14 they do not care how long they wait in line, as long as they are with their friends and can ignore me) and rode the merry-go-round once with the baby.

The highlight of the evening was the power going out without any warning. One minute it's lit up like Las Vegas and the next, plunged into darkness. I was sitting on a bank with the baby when the lights went out and had to laugh at all the teenagers screaming. I mean really, who wants to be at the top of the zipper when the power goes out? Apparently every teenager. My own kids were jealous because they were standing in line. Go figure.

This was probably the most anticipated long day that, in the end, turned out A-OK. (which always seems to be the way when you agonize over details) The parade? A total blast. I posted a couple pictures in the sidebar but I probably have close to 100 photos of this 1 1/2 hour parade. We were right at the beginning of it so while we didn't see any real good stuff, like the bands playing full songs or routines from the marching bands, we DID get lots and lots and lots of candy. The baby ... LOVED IT. I put down a towel for her and she sat like a good little girl on it the ENTIRE time. Eating tootsie rolls and waving. I was amazed (and exhausted probably from all that worrying about it, heh).

We are definitively hoping to do it again next year.

The after parade party was very low key and ON THE BEACH PEOPLE. The bass player's sister lives right next to a path that takes you down to the OCEAN. I was in awe. (and maybe oozing a little jealousy) The baby isn't into baths or anything water related but SAND, oh how she loves sand. She sat and played and so we sat and played.

It was so much fun. The polar opposite of everything I had worried about. Imagine that.

I couldn't take it anymore. I cleaned my entire house top to bottom. I managed to read an entire Amanda Quick novel too. Heh.

I am sitting here and it's now 1 PM, the baby has gone down for a nap and I don't want to do anything. I could be working in the yard or painting my daughter's bedroom but honestly?

I could get used to this whole "doing nothing" thing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

How The Day Actually Went

2:30 AM - Thought I heard my son bouncing around in his room, attempting to stay up all night. Went to investigate, found I have an overactive imagination.

3:45 AM - In anticipation of my do nothing day, I cannot sleep!

6:20 AM - Get up, shower, dress. It’s routine and the baby is going to day care so I want to make it look like I am heading to work. (the bedhead might give me away otherwise)

6:25 AM - Pray that when I go to get the baby from her crib, that she doesn’t have a fever or any sort of illness that would prevent her from going to day care.

6:30 AM - No fever. Proceeded with regular business of getting her ready.

7:45 AM - Drop off baby and have mental argument with self about running just a couple errands versus going home and implementing the BIG plan.

7:55 AM - The BIG plan wins. I am home, sitting in bed watching morning TV surfing the net.

9:00 AM - Watching Ellen. Umm it’s not Fall. Repeat. WTF?

9:29 AM - I am not working. REALLY. ~whistles innocently~

10 AM - Wake teenager for orthodontist appointment in 1 hr. Repeat at five minute intervals until she gets her ASS up.

11 AM - Leave with disheveled teenager to sit in waiting room. Wait. Wait. Wait some more. Good news, braces are coming off, for the SECOND time.

1 PM - Lunch at the local diner with the teenager where I get my ear literally talked off (note to self: Soda to a teenager is like truth serum) about friends and upcoming plans.

2 PM - Back to watching mindless TV and alternate with reading.

4 PM - Pick up Baby and head to grocery store (just an FYI, this IS entertainment for the baby)

5 PM - Prepare dinner, entertain baby until bedtime.

8:45 PM - Head out to walk (and I repeat walk) to the fireworks presentation.

8:59 PM - Loose both kids in the crowd.

9:00 PM - PANIC because I cannot find them.

9:02 PM - Realize that they cannot go far and will (more than likely) look for me after the display.

9:15 PM - Be eaten by a swarm of mosquitos.

9:25 PM - Head home with kids.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The BIG Plan

I am off for the next five days. That's right. FIVE DAYS OFF. No evening work and only the busy 4th of July (to which I will now la~la~la~la~la past any concerns I have) to get through.

The kids? Want me to cart them around places. Places that will cost ME money. Like the movies and the mall.

The baby? Will be going to daycare today and tomorrow. Mommy needs some sanity.

I have agreed to the local carnival and some fireworks watching tonight but otherwise. I am commitment free.


The BIG plan today. And my mission. Is to do nothing.