Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He Calls Her Biddy

I was sitting quietly on the deck yesterday afternoon. All three of my kids were in the yard playing. Here's an exchange I overheard between my son and his little sister.

"Dee-Dah, you shoe untied."

"I know, Biddy, it's fine."

"Dee-Dah, I fix it."

(bends down to try and reach it as my son backs away)

"No Biddy, it's fine."

"You might twip."

"I won't trip, I'll just tie it, see?"

(ties shoe)

"You push me on the swing now?"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The ABC MeMe

A – An advantage you have – I'm organized, it makes me look like I've got it together when sometimes I just don't.

B – Blue or brown eyes – brown baby.

C – Chore you hate – cleaning the toilet. Its just gross.

D – Dad’s name – Nicholas.

E – Essential start of your day – Caffeine.

F – Favorite color – Purple.

G – Greatest thing you’ve ever done that made you feel really good – volunteering. I do alot of it and the feeling you get from helping others can't be beat.

H – Habit you have – everything must always be neat and clean. (wait is that an obsession?)

I – Issue you hate that the world tries to make you pursue – my finances. I'd like to ignore them but the world won't let me.

J – Job title – Executive Assistant.

K – Kohls or Target – Target.

L – Living arrangements – living with my man.

M – Music you like – rock n roll.

N - Nicknames – one, Babe.

O – Overnight hospital stay – three, one with each child I have.

P – Pet Peeve – people who drive slower than the speed limit.

Q – Quote that you like most – "It's not quantity, it's quality."

R – Right or left handed – right handed.

S – Siblings – a brother.

T – Time you wake up – 4:45 AM on weekdays, whenever I have to on weekends.

U – Underwear – bikini.

V – Vegetable you dislike – asparagus.

W – What makes you run late – my children and it drives me fug-nuts.

X – X-rays you’ve had – arm, knee, sinuses, foot and hand.

Y – Yummy food you make – BBQ Chicken Dip.

Z – Zoo animal – Koala Bear.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Change Is In The Wind

My 2.9 year old has told me (on her own) every night this week that she no longer wants to sleep in a crib. That she wants to sleep in a bed.

My bed.
Her sister's bed.
The couch.

While I do realize that part of this is her not wanting to sleep at night, I also realize that she is quickly reaching a point where she will simply climb out. She has the gross motor control to do it but hasn't caught on.

The logistics of this are scary. We are on the third floor and she is on the second, her door, at the bottom of the stairs. And like every room in our 100 year old house, there are two doors to enter and exit from. We are working out the logistics of it all. Her crib transitions to a toddler bed.

It's time.

In other news, the party yesterday? Was a success. I had thought that there might be some new boys coming over but they never showed. Perhaps being handed a two page invitation concerned them. Or all the mocking in it. (or maybe they really had no idea what all those acronyms were and did wanted to be a FOO) Last night she had her three girlfriends sleep over. I was upstairs when I got this text. It was 9:40 PM.

"Mom, can we have a fire? I really want to burn my planner."

I said no. I'm not the fire person in the house anyway but the little pit we have is in the garage (to protect it form this onslaught of rain) and under a couple of riding toys and beach chairs. We were not ready for it. (she even asked if doing it in the early AM before work would be beter) Instead they choose to go for a second walk. Even though I distinctly remember saying "stay in the yard"

I happen to take out the trash and found the driveway empty of giggling, bug sprayed girls. I called her on her cell and here is how it went.

"Where are you? I asked that you stay in the yard."

"I told you Mom, we were going to go for a walk."

(side note: I am hearing that statement a lot these days, the "I told you" part. While I do realize I am getting older, I am pretty sure that these things I am being told must be happening when I slip into a coma because I am not remembering any. of. them.)

"You did not tell me, if you had, I'd of said, stay in the yard please."

They came back. In hindsight I should have realized they weren't putting on bug spray to hang in the yard. But I'm a newbie when it comes to catching on to teenage antics. I cleaned up the kitchen after that and locked up the doors and turned out the lights. The girls were in the living room hanging out.

This morning? The front doors, both of them, unlocked. Do I think they went out after we went to bed?

I honestly have no idea but you have to wonder ...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

End Of Another Year

School year that is. The kids are out of school as of noon-time today ... For them, summer is here. Although you'd never know it with all the sopping wet weather we have had.

Tomorrow is the big bash. I plan on getting a semi-head count from my daughter as we take our last ride to the High School for her last day of Freshman year.

Not that I'm sentimental about it or anything. Just thinking about how she only has three years left of school before she takes yet another big step towards living her own life. That's the hard part for me. I will miss her.

My husband and I have relented this year. I should say that in previous years my MIL has asked repeatedly for her grand kids to fly to Florida and stay with her. For a week. For a month. For the whole summer. Our answer has always been no. Until now.

At 15, my daughter is wanting a summer job and while that won't happen this time around (with this economy it's hard to even find a summer job, adults are taking them all) by next year I think she will do it. So really this summer? Is the summer for it.

I booked one way tickets. That makes me uneasy. But my MIL insists she will figure out how they are coming back, most likely flying but maybe they will take a train.

I am anxious about them flying alone. I know they will be fine but it does little to put my mind at ease. Let alone the fact that for an entire month, they will be gone.

My mess makers.
My babysitters.
The bane of my existence some days.

But as a parent, you reach a point where it's important to let go. To let them experience life without you waiting in the shadows or standing in the background.

July 8th is the day it begins.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You Know Its Summer When You Get This Invitation From My Daughter ...

You are informally invited to the Mig's Daughter's summer party. Whoo!
Location: Mig's house. Genious.
(35 Any street. Anytown, USA. Duh.)
Time: About that time.
( 11:00 AM.)
RSVP and I'll tell you, bish.
(Aka, she doesn't know yet. xDD)

Now, for more exciting stuff.
Activities will include:
· Now seriously. xD
· We'se gonna smash some barbies with a sledgehammer and throw them over into my neighbor's yard! Yaaayyy!
· Wese gonna fill balloons with tap wata.
· And throse them at each otha.
· There's gonna be... Semi-operational squirtguns.
· And operational squirtguns.
· And squirtguns with pointed edges that really shouldn't be used.
· We suggest youse bring yer own squirtguns.
· There'll be fire.
· Bonfire.
· We'll burn stuff.
· Like our planners.
· And possibly our fingers.
*We are not responcible for any burns inflicted while your attending this party.
· We'll harass the cumberland farms workers.
· We'll play some mad air band.
· At the memorial.
· With many people beeping at us.
*Optional. xD

· KR
· GH
· KA

GOOGLE IT, FOO. (/////----////AAAA////Ask Mig's Daugher)

Requirements: (/non requirements/non-nesessaries/totally nesessaries/semi-nesessary-but-not-really-needed/I-would-like-if-you-did-this-but-you-don't-have-to-do-what-i-like-because-america-is-a-free-country-that-runs-on-dunkin-donuts-and-it-would-be-against-the-law-to-force-you-to-do-something-you-don't-want-to-do)
· You attend.
· You RSVP before you attend.
· You attend if you RSVP. D<
· You bring a bathinsuit.
· Or a spare change if youse secretly hate bathingsuits and believe them to be part of a government conspiracy.
· Youse bring your own food and drink.
· If not, we shall starve you.
· Because we're in poverty nao and cannot afford to feed you all. 8D (Aka, they stingy)
· You take your allergy medicines BEFORE you start dying in our yard. >>
· You eat a crapload of candy before you get here.
· No red light district. Mig's Daughter's Friend already had a baby, we don't need another one. XD
· That you sign the release form that will be sent to your mailbox within the next month.
· Bring your own sunblock.
· That you don't mind being mosquito food. =D
· That you don't mind being Cat food.
· And that you can get past the fact that my dog has a mental issue and might attack and kill you at any moment she wants~
· This is dee end of da list.

(Almost forgot to add this. xD')
1-508-555-Mig's Phone Number
Mig'sDaughter@ gmail.com

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Finish The Sentence MeMe

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... left a grape jelly smear on my chin.

2. I am listening to... endless chatter from my two year old.

3. I talk... through email and texts. Call me your digital best friend.

4. I love... my husband more than anything right now, Happy Father's Day.

5. My best friend/s... can we talk ex-best friend? I saw her twice last week, and one of those times I know she saw me.

6. My first real kiss... was in 8th grade and happen after a climb on the top of a great big rock.

7. Love is... a bed of roses. (sorry, but this is getting dumb)

8. Marriage is... hard work.

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... about chocolate.

10. I'll always... clean.

11. The last time I really cried was because... I was feeling sad about #5.

12. My cell phone... is downstairs charging.

13. When I wake up in the morning... I hope it's the weekend.

14. Before I go to bed... I read.

15. Right now I am thinking about... how full I am.

16. Babies are... fussy.

17. I get on MySpace... never.

18. Today I... am celebrating Father's Day.

19. Tomorrow I will be... back to work.

20. I really want to be... working in the yard.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Things I Miss At 3 PM

I am sitting here, as I type, across from my teenager daughter. She is beautiful. She is young. She is so full of life. I am in the moment right now and I feel truly blessed.

Today, the window between us is open.

I am off from work today (you in the back shush). I got everyone off on their day this morning and went back to bed. Oh YES, you did read that right, I went back to bed. I slept until 10 AM, when my dreams got all weird and became a mix of warped reality. I got up, groggy and got the grocery shopping done, then I went to every one's favorite store - Target (pronounced Tar-shey). Came home, made too many trips upstairs, went and back out picked up the truck to load the truck bed and do a dump run. Hey, no one can every accuse me of not being productive on my own time. What can I say.

I got home from all that and started cleaning the kitchen. My girl? Home at 2 pm. Came right in. Animated, chatty and oh so charming. I have heard good natured teasing to her brother and how we should learn how to make truffles. We've talked about their upcoming trip (more on that in a future post), how her room needs to be cleaned, how her i-pod is randomly pausing and how to fix it. and all about her various friends.

It's endless the chatter and the laughter. She declared that today would be an anti-hermit day and she brought her computer out to the kitchen (its still here even now).

My son came home and keeps coming in and giving commentary on whatever we are discussing. My phone rang at one point (around 3:15ish) and it turned out to be one of my son's friends. Someone I had never heard of or met. Plans were made and before I knew it I was on the phone with this boy's mom exchanging directions to our houses.

We went together to pick up my youngest from daycare. Who was thrilled to see her sister and clung to her all the way home (she even had to buckle her car seat because the toddler wasn't having any part of my doing so).

Since then, I've been listening to various songs, some are my favorites, some are hers. There was much discussion on different artists and I have been allowed to tell a few stories of my teenager years, with little to no eye rolling.

She has gone to her school bag and brought out a sheet of French words. She is going through them too quickly for me to even grasp let alone type here.

Banyet - Pancake
Gaufres - Waffles

I am sure I am not doing the spelling any sort of justice here. But I sure am enjoying these moments. And wishing that I was home in the afternoon, more often.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Blue Rene MeMe (The Late Edition)

1. What thing is nearest to you ? Peanut-butter M&M's. They are almost gone.

2. What is your ring tone ? The old fashioned ring. Remember? From the dial-phones?

3. What was the last message in your inbox ? From Freecycle, free carpet for us. Yay.

4. Who is your best friend ? My husband. And while it's taken some getting used to, I am loving it.

5. What is the brand of your TV ? Phillips Magnavox. It's the one with the built in VCR. Which is a bad idea to begin with, it should be one or the other. VCR or TV, not both.

6. What schools did you attend? High School, Business School, College classes at night. I'm pretty much done with school (and yet I still don't have a degree ...)

7. Do you own a MP4 ? Nope.

8. What song are you listening to now ? I Can't Hold Back by Survivor. (I'm watching Mall Cop)

9. Did you kiss anybody in the past 2 days ? Yes my husband, my kids, maybe the dog.

10. Have you ever kissed someone you met in the blogosphere? Nope. But I follow a guy that's sort of cute.

11. What would you want to call if you weren't your current name ? I have no idea.

12. Would you be happy if you had everything ? Nope. Life is not about having everything.

13. Are you always thinking of someone special? I am.

14. Tell us of your most desperate dream? Money. Lots of money.

15. When did you last laugh till you cried? Yesterday. My husband and I were talking about the kids flying to Florida and hearing him talk about his Mom and growing up, was cracking me up.

16. If you had a crush, would you tell them you love him/her now ? I would. I had a couple of crushes in High School and I never let on. I wish I had, because who knows. Now, I'd just go for it. I'm more spontaneous.

17. If you could be anywhere in the world now, where would you want to be ? Someplace warm and tropical.

18. When was your heart last broken? Three years ago. I was let down, like you would not believe.

19. Whose birthday(s) is/are coming up? My baby. She's going to be three in September.

20. How many email accounts do you have? Two. One too many.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jabbing My Eyes With A Fork

I got out of work early today. Honestly? I have no idea why my boss thinks I need time off. He came in and asked if I wanted to head out. My answer was ... well ... SURE! (I cannot even begin to image what the men in the office think of that.)

Anyway. I left and thought it would be perfect to hit the grocery store. I even went home and got my teenager; thinking how great it was to be getting this done in time for the weekend.

Earlier in the day, I had booked tickets for two of my children to visit Florida. WITHOUT ME. As in flying, WITHOUT ME. I was hyperventilating over it. (not kidding people, actual hyperventilation)

So much so, that I forgot I left my wallet in my work bag.

When did I realize this? Oh, not in the fifteen minute ride over. And definitely not as I made my way through the store. Actually enjoying myself.

It wasn't until I wanted to check the date on the peanut butter coupon I knew I had. That I realized.

And then it dawned on me that life is just MEAN LIKE THAT. Seriously. My daughter thought I was crazy when I suggested she hang out by the magazine rack, while I HAULED ASS home.

Thankfully the idiot drivers and the state police were nowhere to be seen. I got back and found my girl, sitting on the floor by the half full cart reading an Anime Magazine (who knew they had such a thing?), unaware that I had been gone for THIRTY MINUTES.

And then life went on.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Didn't See It Coming

I got to work today, in a huff, late, as usual. Planted myself at my desk, no one in the office and got my computer going. The first phone call I took was my boss. He said, he could tell by the tone of my voice that I need a day off. (cue the crickets) He told me to get myself ready to go and that he was on his way in.

I did. He came in, he stopped to see the accountant and then he gave me this.

UNBELIEVABLE I KNOW! (and boss? if you are reading, which I really hope you aren't, THANK YOU)

He told me I should take it and go HERE. Which, sounded like a most excellent idea!

After being asked no less than six times if I could be helped. I spent $30 without blinking an eye.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Here we are .... Monday ... f'en again. This morning I've already been up and worked out, now I'm showered and almost ready to wake the kids and get the day moving.

But first, I thought I'd stop in and share some thoughts ... whatnot ...

I went to a High School Graduation Party yesterday. It was very sweet, as far as they go. This boy (man?) has special needs and in many many many ways reminds me of my own brother. His mom was telling us all how she cried as he walked across the stage to get his diploma and as her oldest, I can see how she savored every minute of it. She was so grateful that I was there and I have to say, I contributed nothing other than a lot of food eating and some idle chatter with a few relatives and friends.

Sometimes it's just your presence that counts ... I guess.

I finished an entire book in two days. I have to say that it is not often that I am enthralled, so much so, that at every moment I can manage, I'm reading the next page to see what happens. This book? Got me from page one and held my attention to the very end. Its a three part series, so I am right now, waiting for the second book. It was written in the late 80's and has to do with a childhood fairytale but with a sinister (and very perverted) twist.

That's all I'm saying on it. For it was? Sick? but very interesting. I don't even want to know what that says about me.

And yes, I am rambling, what of it?

I accomplished my goal this weekend. Just check my stove and kitchen floor and you can get an idea of what the rest of the house looks like. I'm trying to not let it bother me, because in truth, I had one of the better weekends than I've had in a long time. Instead of being a slave to the house I actually did some things I enjoy.

As I'm gearing up for the week, which starts ... now ... I'm plotting as to how I can squeeze in a little cleaning each day so maybe this coming weekend, I can do the same thing.

We shall see how it all plays out ....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Hate MeMe

1. Most hated food: Beets. My mother used to make us eat them a couple times a year and would laugh about us while we struggled to keep them down.

2. Most hated person: The Stay At Home Mom's. I admit, I'm jealous.

3. Most hated job: Hostessing. No matter where you seat people, the waitresses aren't happy with you. (either they have too many customers or not enough, you can't win)

4. Most hated city: I don't live in the city so I don't really care.

5. Most hated band: The Doors. Yeah, Yeah, Jim Morrison, he's a legend, I know. I still don't like them.

6. Most hated (non-blog) website: Google, it offers too many choices and not always what you are looking for.

7. Most hated TV program: Anything on Fox News. Hate it.

8. Most hated politician: State Politicians. I don't even bother listening to what they have to say.

9. Most hated artist: Cold Play. They annoy the crap out of me. Every song sounds the same.

10. Most hated book: Jane Eyre. I wouldn't say hate, I'd say most BORING book ever.

11. Most hated shop or store: Walmart, it's a zoo and sometimes dirty. But cheap.

12. Most hated organization: I can't think of the name, but the one about saving the abused animals (voiced by Sally Struthers). They show the pictures of their sad faces. I get it. I don't need to see it twenty times as I'm trying to watch my TV show.

13. Most hated historical event: Anything recreated in Historical Colonial Williamsburg. It's hot, it's dry, it's dusty, it's not fun.

14. Most hated sport: Seriously? I hate all sports.

15. Most hated technology: The digital scale. Just when I think it's going to give me a decent number, it goes all "Err" on me.

16. Most hated annual event: Family Reunions. I wonder if I will ever reach an age when I find the idea of this a fun thing to do.

17. Most hated daily task: Cleaning the litter box. These days it is making me rethink the whole cat thing.

18. Most hated comedian: Carrot Top. He is not funny.

19. Most hated blog: ???? I like all the blogs I read ... so ....

20. Most hated song: Anything by Pink Floyd. What can I say, I don't enjoy their mellow music.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Falling Into Place

It is now 1:48 PM. I am home. Sitting at my computer, watching HGTV and having some lunch. My boss? Told me that if I wanted to leave I could.

Ahhhh yeah ... no need to ask me that twice.

So my weekend has begun. I am not running errands. I plan on spending the next two hours with my butt planted here.

Well I might refill my soda.

No big plans for the weekend. I am declaring it "dirty house week" therefore I will not (and I repeat WILL NOT) be cleaning this weekend. Instead I am going to spend some down time, doing my own thing.

Plus laundry (because there is always #$%^ing laundry).

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Exhausting Life

I cannot even believe it is Wednesday. Did you see Monday or Tuesday pass by? I think I missed it completely. As I sit and wonder why, I realize something ...

Having a two year old? Is sucking out every ounce of energy I have. On a good day, I maybe get to sit for a couple minutes. A bad? I'm standing the entire time AND holding 32 extra lbs.

While I realize all too soon, she'll be shut up into her room, listening to music and hating anything that involves rules or limitations but right now? She's all about wearing rainboots that are three sizes too big and watching Caillou.

Rain or Shine.

Feast or Famine.

All or Nothing.

Right at this very moment I have one ear on the baby monitor and the other on the TV. I'm finishing up a series that is a week overdue at the Library. I am about to load up the newest SIMS game and loose myself micromanaging simulated lives.

I think I'm going to be an evil thief for a while.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's 10:03 PM

And my evening has finally begun.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Convention Recap

I will admit I know precious little about Anime. so while I posted many pictures of people in costumes, I have zero idea who they are. It was the same way when I walked around in the Dealer area. I will say this, when I saw these hats with the long ears, I knew I had to have one for my youngest girl. They were all adult size (you know because adults all crave the ears) but after speaking with the salesman he was willing to make adjust one to little kid size. I freaking love it and so does she.

I will also admit, i spent next to no time in the convention and most of the time out in the huge, giagantic, enormous mall that connected a bunch of hotels together. AND I found my favorite store, Levenger. Course I couldn't afford anything IN the store, but I got to look around and buy a '09 calendar at half price. I think the bag is a keeper.

I wrote a three page note for my man on "how to's" for the toddler. This must have been the most important of the three. It was on her dresser and it lists out where her clothes are. Way cute.

Ok, so I didn't get pictures of the costumes on. However, I did get pictures of the boy's costumes. He fit in none of them. The stitching is excellent but the sizing was far too narrow for a growing boys large frame.

This one he couldn't get past his shoulders and it's a shame, it has the most detail on it.

This was just pants. But note the waist is just straight. The boy has a bubble butt, so the pants had to be pinned to his boxers. It didn't work very well. He did wear a long black shirt but couldn't wait to change mid-day.

Look at these!!!! They had the same problem. Except they are SHORTS and they are tiny. My boy never (and I do mean never) wears shorts. But he worse these and it barely fit around his man parts. B.a.r.e.l.y.

Here is the costume altogether. He was suppost to be shirtless. But I pitched a fit about that, (because hello 13-year old busting out of shorts, no shirt, cape, etc, BAD) and he wore a black shirt. It was cute otherwise.

I do realize I'm a geek. But I loved the vanity in the bathroom of the hotel.

I especially loved the "freebies".

Who the heck puts white on a hotel room bed? That's just CRAZY. And yes, we did spill soda on one. WTF?

Here's the view from the hotel room, of across the street, at night. I made us sleep with the curtains wide open and loved it (except in the morning, that part kinda sucked)

Alrighty, on to the costumes. I have no idea what look this guy was going for. I can say it was a wooden frame and had to be heavy walking around in.

I loved this girls costume. Period.

This dude's costume was very cool. And heavy I'm sure.

Who doesn't like a little Star Wars at their Anime Convention? He had a voice recording too.

And last but not least, This gal's costume was awesome. Although I'm sure it took a few showers to get all that blue off.