Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Exhausting Life

I cannot even believe it is Wednesday. Did you see Monday or Tuesday pass by? I think I missed it completely. As I sit and wonder why, I realize something ...

Having a two year old? Is sucking out every ounce of energy I have. On a good day, I maybe get to sit for a couple minutes. A bad? I'm standing the entire time AND holding 32 extra lbs.

While I realize all too soon, she'll be shut up into her room, listening to music and hating anything that involves rules or limitations but right now? She's all about wearing rainboots that are three sizes too big and watching Caillou.

Rain or Shine.

Feast or Famine.

All or Nothing.

Right at this very moment I have one ear on the baby monitor and the other on the TV. I'm finishing up a series that is a week overdue at the Library. I am about to load up the newest SIMS game and loose myself micromanaging simulated lives.

I think I'm going to be an evil thief for a while.


Sassy said...

I'm feeling evil. Can I join you?

Amy said...

Did you know that at they have Caillou games you can play? They are perhaps a bit much for a 2 year old, but maybe the boychild would play and let her watch? Just an idea...