Monday, September 29, 2008

There's A First For Me

I dialed 9-1-1 today. Weird I know. We had a weekend of rain and apparently it moved a rubber sheath (oh get your mind out of the gutter) on the power line and exposed electrical wiring, which then had a tree branch hanging on it.

Causing smoke and sparks, one step away from burning up. It was at the end of our street. A street that we are the only building on.

Anyway, I called.

Mig: ~dials 911~
Emergency Response: What is your emergency ... BEEP
Mig: I'd like to report a fire.
ER: ... BEEP ... at your workplace?
Mig: No ... BEEP ... at the end of the street ... BEEP ... the power lines are smoldering.
ER: Let me patch you ... BEEP ... through to the fire department.
Mig: Ok, thanks.
Fire Department: You've got a power line ... BEEP ... fire at the end of your street.
Mig: Yes.
FD: ... BEEP ... we'll get someone right over there ... BEEP

I don't know how they do it. Seriously, trying to have a two minute conversation with freaking beeping every ten seconds was SO ANNOYING. I had several conversations with the Fire Marshall, after that one, because our roadway had to be blocked and everyone had to sit tight while they fixed the power lines. So we had trucks waiting to come in and out and second shift employees coming in and HELLO I'd like to go home too. We didn't have to wait very long.

It all got worked out and fixed. We didn't end up loosing power AND I can only hope that if I ever have to use 911 in a dire emergency, all that obnoxiously loud beeping won't bother me as much as it did today. I know you are recorded but does it have to make you deaf so you remember that?

Never a dull moment.

In other news? I am trying Vitamin C (in liquid form) to lighten the age spots on my face. Or sun spots. Or sun damage. Or whatever the heck you want to call it. Let's just say all those years of having a savage tan are now going to haunt me and I'm all about trying to lighten them.


I have no idea if it will work but spending $6.49 versus $30 to $150 bucks on lightening type creams seemed a good place to start. If only I can actually REMEMBER to do it each night consistently.

Tonight is the first night, so I'm all over it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

7-14 Days

I went to the library the other day. I know, as if I don't already have enough reading material. I had gotten word that Season II of Veronica Mars was ready for me to pick up.

I have seven days to watch it. 22 episodes in seven days. Or I pay late fees. I can probably renew it, but I had to wait to get it, so I'm guessing there are other people waiting too. This week, I'll be holding a couple Mars-a-thons. I love that each episode is only 20 minutes long.

THEN, there was some browsing at the new release section where I found Dean Koontz's latest Odd Thomas book, Odd Hours. Oddly I couldn't resist checking it out. (pun totally intended)

I have fourteen days to read it. While I don't see that as a challenge, I do have my regularly scheduled book club book to read too. But if I have to choose between the two? (think Jodi Picoult and her similary pattern stories) Odd wins.

THEN, when I was going to check out my TWO items and get the heck out of there, PLAYAWAY caught my eye.

Have you heard of it? I was unaware of this new kind of book on tape idea. It's Simple. Pre-loaded. Digital. Portable. It was like my teenage years where when I was offered pot, I had to try it. NOW, I have 11.5 hours of unabridged listening to a book titled "Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA" to entertain me in between.

Oh yeah.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Should Be Working ...

But I'm not. I'm sitting here updating my blog page and watching a monsoon outside and listening to the baby play in the tub. (I can see her too, relax, sheesh)

I spent the day doing laundry, doing grocery shopping, cleaning toilets, taking out trash and chasing the baby.

Now my butt is firmly planted in my chair (ok now it is planted. I mean now. I mean now, REALLY) and I should be getting to my work. Instead ...

I'm distracted. Thinking about the week that has past and all the stuff that went on. Want to hear it? Here it goes ... Monday I did some extra work, after work (so not fun). It took me until Tuesday, after work to complete.

Tuesday, the baby had her two year checkup. She's a whopping 27lbs AND is 36 inches tall. I padded the amount of time it would take me for the appointment so I could squeeze in a quick trip to Tarshea.

Oh how I love that store. It's black heaven. Anything and everything you would want in that color is there. I was looking for a bookcase and found one cheap. The package bragged that you didn't need any tools to put it together (Only because I am so weak, a hammer was essential). It looks nice and it reminds me that once that one is filled, I am out of options for book storage in my book nook.

Wednesday, my son, had a dentist appointment. Three cheers for the dentist! (you in the back quit BOOING) He had a deep cavity to fill and a loose tooth. The dentist was more than willing to kill two birds with one stone and while my son objected ...

He was overruled. As a BONUS, he no longer believes in Santa or the Easter Bunny, so I am no longer on tooth fairy duty. Whooie!

Thursday I thought was haircut day and I thought that until WEDNESDAY when I checked my appointment card and found that it's next week. My bad. But instead of haircuts it was therapy for the boy.

There is nothing like sitting in the waiting room with your two year old who wants to talk about her POOPY BUM. (I cannot make this stuff up) AND she also wanted to talk about the guy who was trying to nap. Every time he closed his eyes there was a five minute discussion on whether he was sleeping or not, which would result in her getting really close to him and then shrieking.

I am a firm believer that children should have a mute button and why don't they?

Friday was the big lie day. I was supposed to go over a friends house and do some scrapbooking, which I will admit I have been faithfully doing. But Friday night? I just wanted. to. be. home. So I s~t~r~e~t~c~h~e~d the story of my sinus headache and pleaded needing to rest.

A word to the wise, sometimes I change my mind.

Friday, September 26, 2008

In 10 Seconds Or Less

I have no time to chat (sadly) but I'll be back later to say hi to everyone.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turning Two

The day started out with squeals of glee. Her first gift of the day was a tricycle (pictures of the gifts are on the camera phone, sorry). She loved it. The next gifts she opened were from a dear friend of mine. She sent some beautiful clothes and the baby? Had to try each of them on, tights included (think all THREE pairs). Here's one pair.

Here she is modeling the pretty dress. I thought she would keep it on, and for a while she did.

Next I let her open a gift with her sister. Why not.

It's a little diaper bag for her baby's things.

She liked the ducks the best.

Soon after the guests arrived. One brought a crown for the princess.

She loved it and tried to wear it as much as possible. Other people wore it too. Ok, I think all of us did, even the MEN. Which was hi-lar-ious. (I was too busy cracking up to take pictures)

Here's her cake. Definitely home made and gone in 60 seconds. (so not kidding)

Nana & Grandad.

... seconds after the candles were blown out.

Poke This

Oh how I miss you all in blogland. I'm here for like five minutes in total and then I have to get the three chitlins ready for their day.

I've been working and working and working and it sucks. The good news?

Is tonight I'm not working, like AT ALL. So I will put up the birthday pictures and do a recap of the day. It'll be cute, you will see.

One pressing matter I have going on is with my teenager. In her Science class (which I thought up until yesterday it was her math class, I have no idea why) there is a BOY. Ok, well there are probably many boys. But there is one BOY in particular that is acting weirdly toward her.

Thankfully, she tells me all about it, in great detail.

So she mentions how she doesn't understand this boy who sits behind her in class. She doesn't know his name, from what I can tell she isn't interested in knowing his name either. But she does tell me she thinks he's a grade ahead of her.

He keeps poking her in the arm. AND, she added somewhat indignant, he took her pencil too.


Monday, I asked for an update and she said he didn't poke at her BUT he was shaking her chair. The other kids around her ask him what the heck he's doing and he just shrugs.

And keeps doing it.

Then yesterday? Yesterday they had a group project. And guess who was in her group? THE POKER. His name? Is Chris.

And instead of making his own observations on the experiment they were doing.

He copied her notes.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Where Does It Go?

I was going to write about how, you know, it's MONDAY and all. Another crappy week crammed full of stuff and no breathing room for me.

But I'm not.

I was going to write about this joke of a haircut I got last week, which has made my hair UNRULY today and I'm already annoyed.

But I'm not.

Then I thought about writing about my parents and how my Mom is now obsessed with moving to my Town. Which I really would like but that just opens up a different can of worms.

But I'm not.

Instead, I will say that the baby's birthday party was a huge success and everyone (including me & the baby) had a wonderful time.


I will post pictures soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Loose Ends

I had today off. Tomorrow is the baby's 2nd Birthday. I wasn't going to have a party but in a weak moment I relented. Inviting the family and a few friends.

What the heck was I thinking? Like I don't have enough chaos in my life. Invite more, why don't I? Heh.

I spent the day, cleaning and organizing and tossing, mucho - junko. The end result is EXHAUSTION. However, the cake is made, the pasta is read for the pasta salad, the cold cut platter is done, I just need to get the crock pot going in the AM and it'll be fine.

A good time for everyone.

Now, I have exactly one hour before picking up the little one and my plan is to spend it doing nothing!

Even if it kills me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Motion To Adjourn

I had a controversial committee meeting tonight. Here's a newsflash, I didn't want to go. I keeping getting the agenda emailed to me and thinking maybe this time there will be new and exciting items to discuss ...

Instead it's the same old business. Beating. A. Dead. Horse.

I went anyway. I just sat there. Making my grocery list. Doodling on the agenda. Trying to not fidget. I forgot my water, I had no gum or chapstick. My eyelids were heavy a few times.

At the end (think 2 hours long), the guy running the meeting, asked me if I had anything to say.

I said nope. He said "Not even on the comment I just made?", which was about a group of kids that hang out in the center of town. I just shook my head. smiled and said ...

"Motion to adjourn?" What I really was thinking ... Get me out of here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Why is it not FRIDAY yet? When I say that in my head, it's just like I can hear my mother's voice. Where she says "you are wishing your life away."

I heard from her yesterday afternoon and from the tone in her voice I could tell something was up. She only spoke about my dad and my brother, she didn't talk about herself. She didn't need to, I know what she is dealing with. I know she is depressed.

My dad, it would seem, is having a hard time remembering anything these days. I noticed it when we were on vacation and my mom reports that it's gotten worse. The doctor tells him it's stress. My mother doesn't deal well with doctors. I explained what she needed to do as his wife but I don't really know if she gets it.

It's frustrating to say the least.

I never thought at this stage in my life I would be wishing that my parents lived closer to me. Granted they are only about a half hour away right now but it isn't close enough.

As each day goes by I realize that their days are numbered, more so than my own, and it scares me. I mean really scares me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bark At The Moon

I went to visit my daughter's guidance counselor today. With her permission, of course. Well, sort of, she was just waking up this morning when I came bounding in and explained my plan and she grumbled something that sounded like an agreement.

This was all lost in the fact that we were LATE today. I wasn't nice about it and neither was she. Not time for breakfast, hardly any time to pee and we were out the door. I gave her my hair elastic so she didn't look like a bushman. She dressed in black today.

My favorite color. I cut her some slack when I found I forgot to give her lunch money. No breakfast + potentially no lunch = disaster (trust me on this one, we are talking raising the odds on her passing out). I ended up stopping by the school and meeting this woman.

Now, I just have to say, you "know" you are getting old when, your daughter's 9th grad guidance counselor ... looks to be ... in 9th grade herself. (and that super hot sweat handshake, ew)

I did chat with her and she assured me she'd check on my girl. I left happy and gave only a passing thought to the fact that I was wearing my "I'm only wearing black until they make something darker" t-shirt and the fact that my daughter was GOTH today.

I'm all about impressions. Heh.

After that I stopped at the ATM. I find it most annoying that there are never any deposit envelopes (stay with me here, it gets good). I see a guy at the ATM, I see no envelopes and just head in to the tellers. I complain. They get me envelopes. I go back out and the guy is gone. But the ATM? Is beeping frantically with the question ... "Do you need additional time?" YES or NO. Not only did the guy leave (I turned in time to see his truck drive away) he left his ATM card active.

No I didn't make any withdrawals. Sheesh. There are Camera's you know. I will admit I wondered what his balance was (YES, I am nosey) but not enough to risk it. I turned his card in and had a laugh with the tellers at his expense (sorry but, that's SO BAD, it's worth of laughter).

My final stop was to get gas. (hush, keep reading) I've got the pump going and I'm just enjoying the breeze, when a nicely dressed guy comes over. "Excuse me" he says.

Can someone tell me, here, why I can never see this coming? Why I truly believe people when they come up to me? Do I have sucker written on my ass? Can you check? Well, sometimes I really do wonder.

Here's our conversation.

Mig: ~looks in his direction~
Guy: Can you tell me how to get to *insert closest city here*?
Mig: Sure, you can get there two different ways *insert directions*
Guy: ~nods like he's making mental note of my directions when really HE'S FULL OF YOU KNOW WHAT~
Guy: Sounds like you live in this area.
Mig: I do, over in Anytown.
Guy: Do you work in Thistown?
Mig: I do.
Guy: What if I were to tell you (here's where I am an IDIOT) that I am opening a supercoolsuckyoudryofallyourmoney place in *closest city*. Would you be interested in working for me.
Mig: No.
Guy: Why not?
Mig: Because I have ALOT of flexibility where I am right now.
Guy: What do you do for a living?
Mig: (I cannot believe I gave an honest answer, I should have told him I was a Call Girl)
Guy: Well, with that in mind, what if I were tell you I could offer you that same job, pay you more than you are making AND give you flexibility, would you come and work for me?
Mig: No.
Guy: ~shakes his head in disbelief~
Guy: Can I ask you why?
Mig: Because my loyalty is to the owner of the company And not to you.
Guy: Fair enough, well then ... do you have any friends or family members that would be interested in working for me then?
Mig: You're joking right?
Guy: Ummm ... I guess not, well thanks anyway. ~walks back to his car~

What the heck was that all about? Feel free to speculate ... Anyone?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fast Forward

Four days later. The baby's face? Is hardly noticeable today, with more and more of it just coming off and leaving fresh pink skin underneath. I am like SO happy about that. Not having to do the whole explaining thing. "Oh that nasty road rash under her nose?" "Why no. She fell." along with feeling the need to feel that I must explain.

Buh-Bye. Ta-Ta. (until the next time)

Which happened TODAY. When the baby managed to fall on her head, in a RESTAURANT. Thankfully my man has super fast reflexes and managed to turn a nasty fall on the head into a loud thud with tears and staring. (don't ask) So YES that was fun.

The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of fun things. Like laundry, bathroom cleaning and pet care. Oh, I'M KIDDING (not really but let's just go with it).

There was a bookclub meeting, a 50-family yard sale and a trip to the mall this weekend. And did you know that flat screen TV's are HUGELY EXPENSIVE? Oh my goodness. I may have to fork over a child if we get one. I was amazed by the fact that the sales people weren't all over us as we lingered, lingered and lingered in front of the various models.

I'm thinking the baby is a good deterrent. Here constant chattering and demands for the smallest things (think take my socks off, put them back on, take them off, on, off, on, off) makes it near impossible to discuss anything. As I sit here and think about it, I need to bring her to the bookstore with me. HA.

So now it's Sunday night, AGAIN, and the next week looms before me. Lots of night work, lots of kid stuff and a book sale mixed in. I'm off now to RELAX finally (where is my duct tape?).

Have a lovely evening.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hard Knocks

I took the baby over to the local memorial for a change of scenery and to potentially get some decent pictures of her.

This memorial has special meaning to us here at casa Mig's. There is an engraving (for those of you who know me, and my past, note how I'm only saying engraving and steering completely clear of a certain key word that was used to "find" my first blog) of my Father-In-Law's name and the years he served our country. I never met him. He passed away when my husband was 13, of pancreatic cancer. I can only hope that I am the person he would have wanted his son to be with. I'd like to think that I am.

Not my point here. So we went. This is one of the baby's favorite places.

She likes to walk around the benches.

But mainly ... she likes to run around the flagpole (notice in the picture, the particular item that is dominant, I will never, ever, ever, ever (oh and), EVER use it here.

More running. More laughing. Where she gets the energy to do laps, I have no idea.

Here's a close up of the engraving.

Here she is SMILING AT ME! It was just after I took this picture that she turned and went to climb up on that little wall you can see behind her. Because she had her back to me, I'm not entirely sure what happened. I can tell you, I heard skin hitting cement, I ran. She cried. There was blood. At her mouth, covering her hands, her shirt, my shirt, my hands in what seemed like seconds. We went home and I assessed the injury. Her poor little lip and nose swelled up like balloons as I fed her freeze pops and Motrin. I cannot even being to describe the anguish. Even though it's normal to be fearless at almost two, it is hard to get past her beautiful face with the gigantic boo boo on it. The pediatrician saw it today and assured me she'll be fine. He also mentioned that it is going to look alot worse before it gets better.


We will never forget ..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Sucks?

So I'm sitting in my bedroom in the dark. It's 10:30 PM. I just got home from working my second job. (add in long ass stupid meeting with benefit of pay and you get the picture) The house? Trashed. The litter box? Overflowing and stinky.

Me? Fucking Annoyed.

I'm awake and would like to turn on the TV but out of respect for my other half, I won't. (note to self: ask for wireless headphones this Christmas) I feel like I missed the entire evening of activities.

I hate that.
I do realize there is always tomorrow.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

What an interesting day. Well, that's not to say that everyday at work isn't interesting. Course I try NOT to talk about work here ... you know ... it's just better if I don't.

But there is LOTS to tell.

Today I actually CAN talk about this. Which is most EXCELLENT.

So here we go. My day started as it always does. (just to clarify here, I am talking about 8 AM or 8:05 AM or even 8:10 AM, when I walk through the door at work. I sorted through some work that I am planning on getting done this week. I cleaned out my email, deleting all the obnoxious ASCI Cleanse and Phallic Related Products. I straighted my bosses desk (he was out today) AND one of the guys came in, saying to no one in particular ...

(Course I heard him, as I can hear conversations on the other side of our small office if I really try)

"Is that your dog out there?"

Ummm dog? Being the animal lover (and occasionally not so much animal lover) I am, I went out to see. Apparently the dog had tried to come in but was told a firm "no" at the door.

I go out and take a look out at the walkway and see nothing. I have no idea what kind of dog I am looking for, so I'm not sure if I should prepare myself for a pounce or protect my ankles.

Then I saw her. Little ... mutt ... black and white with black ears that bend at the tip and sort of a Schnauzer whiskery nose. Totally adorable. Looking sad and not sure at all if she is willing to come over to me. Course I got down on my knee and told her "awwww aren't you a gwood widdle girl" "come on". It took some convincing before she got down and looked sort of cowering ... and I kid you not ... she crawled on her belly until she got close enough to me to sniff my hand.

Once we made friends and (I made the executive decision that she could come in ) she came through the door, she went all over the office, smelling every area and making friends. Actually everyone loved her. She has a red collar but no dog license and no identification tag. She has the grey hair too, she is definitely and older dog. My hands were stinky after petting her. But she was just so sweet.

Our office is in a very rural area. Unless she got out of someones truck (not bloodly likely) it would appear she was dropped off. Left. Abandoned.

I could be wrong. But it FEELS like that is the case.

I paged the dog officer. In the Town I work in, there is no phone number, weird. I paged them again. No response. I hear the clicking of dog toes. Looking down for the dog, I find a puddle.


Do I not clean this up ENOUGH at home? Cute dogs PEE LOTS! ... Moving on. The dog hides, her ears droop. Stares at me. I don't yell. Poor thing. I was telling the guys in the office that I called and was waiting to hear back. Then it was suggested that wasn't a good idea. That I'd sentenced her by calling. Ok so that was teasing. BUT I TOTALLY TOOK THE BAIT! Oh the GUILT! Fast forward to returning from lunch. Still no call. (now there's a surprise). I made an inquiry to my own Town. (because I know some peeps in my Town and they at least give me answers) And it was clarified to me that by law the dog is held ten days and then they are turned over for adoption, as long as the animal is non-aggressive. Whew.

Regardless ....

Because I find myself always having to worry in advance about stuff (I don't care what Dr. Phil has to say about that, so you in the back BE QUIET). I was "concerned" about having her go someplace safe. (and YES, I do like duckys and bunnys, what of it?) She was outside by this point (think second puddle) and I put out a bowl of water (you know because what dog WANTS to be thirsty). She wandered a little bit but stayed mostly by the front door. I was thinking she might end up coming home with me? Or perhaps a foster parent *coughjennyjcough* ?

Now ... you know ... I didn't have to worry. A little while later, the head mechanic came in, holding her. It was the end of his shifts and he was headed home. He had seen her in the morning, hanging around and then sitting on the front walk. He has a few dogs already and mentioned that his Mother-In-Law might like her. (He just got married, nice gift, a cute peeing dog) I asked him to get me a picture of her to let the dog officer know what she looks like. Ever the optimist.

Talk about being surprised. And relived.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Challenge

It's Sunday night and do you know what that means? No ... not work tomorrow. It means ... I've only got five days until my book group meets. F~I~V~E days.

You are probably wondering why ... well ... it isn't because I'm lazy. But HELLO ...I haven't even started yet!!!

I think I can do it. If I can squeeze out 20 minutes intervals, several times a day ... and three times on Friday. I can PROBABLY get it read this week. So ... in addition to my crazy-busy-scheduled, I'm going to read 326 pages of this book. I'm not insane I swear.

I hear it's excellent and there is much LOVE for it. I certainly hope so ... I start now.

Oh and ... don't worry, I'll keep you posted.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Book By It's Cover

I'm a freak, I realize this. I whine about exercising but when I'm not doing it, I'm getting jiggy. I find myself resisting urges to do push-ups, crunches, jog while I'm at work, standing in line at the grocery store or even waiting at the bank.

I hear that this is not such an unusual thing, when someone is a fitness crazy person and then they have a spell where they aren't.

Where was I going with this? Oh yes, so I made plans for jogging to alleviate some of my jiggyness (that is TOO a work, just ask W. Smith).

The plans were with a gal from my boot camp class. She's nice, I think. She reminds me of a cross between one of those people you find on a fitness CD and Martha Stewart. For a while, I just didn't get her. She can out run me and essentially out exercise me. She's blond too. Which no offense to those of you that are but when you live your life as a brunette? You get a blond complex.

I'd like to think I'm not a judgemental person. But I totally AM. I don't show it on the outside, I'm always friendly and polite but in this brain of mine ... with people I don't really know ...

So I ended up jogging with her. Just me. Just her. I wasn't really sure how it would go and I wasn't really sure what we would discuss as we did some laps. It turned out to be very interesting.

People often surprise me. I ended up liking her. She's not the person I thought she was. As we talked about our family and a little of our lives, I realized she's just like any other person in this world. She's got her shit to deal with to.

Which made me feel better about this whole judgemental thing. I'm not perfect either and the next time I find myself in the "she's perfect" crap mode. I need to realize that, there just ain't no such thing.

If you know what I mean ...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Calm

School went well yesterday ... I think. My son told me in one single solitary word how it went. BORING. That's good right?

He and I went over a stack of paperwork and I signed and he signed and so today? He is ready for Day Two.

My daughter and I? Went over nothing. She probably has a stack of paperwork for me to sign but didn't want to deal with it. Her answer to my question about school was a fake smile. So I picked her brain. Turns out she in classes (as in all her classes AND lunch) with none of her friends. She's bummed. While I think this might be a ... oh I dunno ... good thing because she won't be distracted, it also leaves her open TO MEET OTHER PEOPLE. She did explain that school wasn't horrible, she just doesn't know anyone in her classes, AT ALL.

At first my protective bear mode kicked in and I was going to call in the CALVARY, or the school guidance counselor and ask her WHY WHY WHY.

But upon further thought, I decided to wait it out. She's seems okay with this.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The First Day Of School

Here we are. In a few moments I'll be going downstairs and finding two perfect children, up, dressed, fed, lunches made and ready for school.

Did you just die laughing?

As I sit here I can hear my girl in her room walking around. I'm sure she is picking out the right outfit for her first day (oh and school pictures? are TODAY) and my son? Is probably sleeping.

I went to orientation last night for High School. And as I sat through this two hour meeting/questions and answers sessions I thought to myself. WOW.

WOW. It's been a long time since High School. There are lots of rules but there is also freedom. There is learning but there is time to get into trouble. Okay, so I'm looking at it from my perspective. I goofed off as much as possible in High School. I didn't take it seriously, I thought my teachers were a joke. I had no friends, my name was written on the bathroom wall with the word SLUT under it. I would get pushed from behind in between classes. I never fought back.

Oh but this ISNT about me IS IT?

I just relived all of it as the Principal talked and talked and talked and talked. Thankfully I have a girl who is the opposite of how I was back then.

Right now she is the opposite. But I fear that there will be boys on the horizon. Part of last nights lecture was the fact that teenagers are having sex. Lots and lots of sex and for ALL of the parents to not kid themselves. Take action.

~insert heart palpitations here~

I have no idea what this school year will hold for each of my kids, but I'm ready.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hanging Around

Alright, so ... Here's my five days off in a nutshell. (think peanut)

My man? Played a gig and rocked. (and yes I do realize the 70's called and they want their lingo back, what of it?)

As many of you may not know, we finally FINISHED painting my daughter's room. Just in time for her first day of HIGH SCHOOL. See those curtains? They took a good hour to hem MYSELF and hang up. The comforter and matching pillow cases (the ones that are a jumbled mess?) will look nice IF THE BED IS EVER MADE. I don't hold out high hopes but at least she will be warm.

Here is a nice white corner of her room. We spent the better part of last night moving furniture into her new space. The fan was to cool us off.

Just in case you thought I was joking, here are some of the totes. The good news is, TODAY, her two best friends came over and she spent the better part of the afternoon unpacking almost all of them.

I just bought these for the baby. While I am not one to give a small child EVIL toys, I feel that this is a great way to teach her colors. Go me!

We are selling this bike on the local classifieds. It's NEVER BEEN RIDDEN. My boy? Has no interest in learning to ride whatsoever. Don't mind the RUST.

Ok, so I just deleted the picture of the baby coloring. (because I SUCK at this picture-posting thing) Here is a close up of her focusing.

Here she is telling me to not take her picture. "No MA-MA"

I don't listen, she continues to say "No MA-MA" and uses her hand to push me away.

Still not listening, I convince her that if she smiles, I will show her the picture. THIS is as good as it gets.

Eye's Closed. I give up. Try later.

Later we make sugar cookies. She likes to do the cutouts AND stick her fingers in the finished product.

In case you couldn't see it, take a closer look. She was calling the leaf cut-out a Cwismas Twee.

She's onto me. So I gave up. We did eat the cookies. She fed hers to the dog.