Thursday, February 28, 2008

Letters I Want To Write AND Send At This Moment

Dear Chairman of Volunteer Committee,

I know you are smart. I have heard what your IQ is. I have seen firsthand your Type A (times infinity) personality. While you are excellent at reading and comprehending volumes upon volumes of material on the subject and keep current with every single solitary new item that arises on this topic, as well as everything else ....

Tonight, before our meeting, when you were showing articles to a key press person and asking her if she had read them yet (they came out today) and I made the joke about how I just read an entire book to those sitting around me, (there was some giggling)

And you stopped mid-sentence to look me in the eye and state how you just finished reading a Janet Ivonovich book (you know because it's mindless and trashy) ...

I decided ... I quit.

But I won't because by tomorrow, after I've had some much needed sleep, I will realize that my quitting will defeat my purpose. Which is to somewhere, somehow at some point in time bring up a topic (and I will do it, even if it means talking about delivering my babies without drugs) that you cannot chime in and out do me in some way.

Trust me. Sincerely, The Member Who Will Have At Least One Last Word


Dear Mr. MissManyManyMeetings,

I absolutely cannot stand the fact that you were appointed to this Volunteer Committee because you expressed your interest in getting involved, yet you have attended only 3 of the last 12 meetings we've had (and yes I do keep track).

I realize that key people are ok with this because you are some sort of engineer with an inside tract on the project we are discussing.

However, when you interrupt the conversation with remarks that are not relevant just to hear yourself speak, I want to kick your shin.

Please make more of an effort to attend regulary (and none of us care that you had bronchitis), so you are up to speed and don't cause us to loose ground while it has to be explained why your comment is not relevant.


Sincerely, Mig

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

End of the Cookie Saga

I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of yesterday's white board message, it was replaced with a "new and improved" design.

It says ... and I quote "No, it wasn't a nightmare, there are no more cookies."

Not to be outdone, the pesky brother came back and added to the design. Which is completely fair as his note had been erased.

At first it said, "Hey, what happen to my message?" but not more than a minute later it said "What is this" instead.

Obviously I have deprived my kids of cookies. My son insisted it's been four months now. Until I pointed out the baking I did at Christmas.

I relented. Do you think I made a good choice?

I Like It When ...

I get out of work early for no reason whatsoever.

I'm off to fill holes with putty in anticipation of painting my girls room for her birthday.

Someone hold me ...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Note Found On The Kitchen Whiteboard This AM

"For crying out loud, aren't you EVER going to buy cookies again?"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do My Eyebrows Look Big To You?

I've been catching glimpses of myself in reflections and what stands out? My eyebrows. I have no idea why I'm stuck on them or why they are catching my attention these days. It's not like they've changed a whole lot since I discovered a mirror. (think: same, never changing)

I didn't go through any sort of plucking phase and I've never waxed them either. They are au-naturale (ok aside from a little trim now and then, sheesh)

When I was at the hair salon a few weeks ago I inquired about waxing. The stylist assured me that I have well sculpted brows and she didn't see any need for me to go about changing them and starting a long living cycle of waxing, growing back, plucking, repeat.

I agree. But that hasn't stopped me from subconsciously checking them out, as well as checking out everyone elses to see what I'm missing.

Which, if you take the time to notice, you will find some that have skinny little lines, others are penciled in, some shapely, some uni and others? well those others have the "ideal" brow one that I swear cannot possible happen without a little trimming and waxing combined.

Why do I even care? There is nothing wrong with my eyebrows, they look fine. Hello, Type A, Mrs. Alwayssufferbycomparison.

I think it might be that I've outgrown my hairstyle (bangs with a constant ponytail) and should try growing out my bangs completely. Follow me here, covering my eyebrows completely.

Easier said than done, I know. But how then, can I loose this eyebrow obsession if not by fighting with loose hair in my face.

Yes? No?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

I say, there's nothing like a quiet Sunday afternoon. Cold Air. Sunshine. Dog that won't pee in the snow.

Beautius (that is TOO a word!).

I just finished up keying in numbers to a spreadsheet that is 54 pages long. It's a draft budget for the Town I work for. Ask me if I'm sick of numbers? Go ahead ask me.

~smacks screen~

Of course I am! But I'm glad it's done. Now it's a review process and the final column will change and get filled in over the next few months. I just sent it off to the guy who runs the meetings and told him I don't want to see it back for a while. Oh he won't listen and he'll reply to me right away. He's one of those punctual people and he's super super nice. So I won't bash him too bad.

The baby has been asleep now for three hours. While I'm thrilled to of gotten so much done, this is unlike her and makes me wonder if we really did have to get up at 6:30 AM this morning of if we could of slept a little longer.

Not in the cards today. Therefore I will be waking her up immediately after hitting publish here. Just like she woke me this morning.

This evening will consist of more work (huge surprise there eh?) and something for dinner. I have no idea what will be for dinner because there are slim pickings. Some garlic bread and chimichungas perhaps? I don't think so.

Maybe Chinese Take-Out. That's what I am thinking too.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cleaning & The Boy Look

Today has been whirlwind of tidying up. I can let stuff "accumulate" for only so long and then I find that .... IT .... HAS ... TO ... GO!

Right now I am sitting with two stacks and two grocery bags full of papers to sort through. Pain in my butt is what it is. Some are tax related documents, some are statements that can be shredded and then there is a mix of things that need to be filed and saved.

I also cleaned two bathrooms. While it's convenient to have them both. It sucks to clean them both.

I have a buttload of work that needs to get done. But the house looks and smells good.

So there's that.

My man is working outside these days. It's cold. Very cold. He's been dressing in layers of t-shirts and a hooded sweatshirt. I saw him the other day and mentioned that there was probably some even warmer stuff in his closet.

He told me last night he looked in there but didn't find anything. Are you familiar with this? My children have it too. You tell them where something is, they go and look and can't find it. So you go and guess what? It's THERE. While my kids joke that I'm some kind of magician, the truth is unless you move some stuff it isn't going to jump out at you.

My man and I joke when he looks for something and can't find it. He'll ask if I'm sure it's there because he doesn't see it. Then I'll ask him if he wants me to come and get for him. He'll say no. Then he'll say yes. I go over to where he is, move something and WHOLA!


Someone I know happens to call this type of thing "the boy look" and I have to laugh (not just because he is a boy) but because it is true. and funny.

Do you see where this is going? Oh good. Because I found several different extra warm sweatshirts and four hooded shirts in that same closet that held nothing that would work.

Thank goodness I have a handle on what the inventory is in the house ...

Or we might never find A -Thing!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Annoying ....

Today, was a major arm workout day at bootcamp. There isn't a muscle in my fingers, hands, wrists and forearms that doesn't hurt.

Thankfully tomorrow is the last day. I only have one more 5 AM wake-up, which makes me very happy (I say that now but come 5 AM tomorrow I'll be cranky)

Vertigo. It's not pretty and if I think that I can tilt my head a little down and to the right without making the world spin I am mistaken.

The medicine I take to counter-act the vertigo makes me unbelievably tired. Several times today I could of fallen asleep right in the spot I was sitting in.

I can switch my hours from 9-5 to 8-4. Coordinating this with daycare will result in a delay so while at work I can do this immediately. With daycare I have to wait until Monday.

That all three family members were home today while I was working. And none of them offered to make dinner tonight (they all can cook something). Choosing instead to wait it out until at 7 PM I reluctantly made bacon and eggs. Slamming cabinets while insisting that I was "FINE".

The dog whining constantly amid all the usual hustle in the house. I know she is spending huge amounts of time in her crate and doesn't realize it's only until the baby is old enough to not provoke biting. But it's like freaking nails on a chalkboard these days. I wish there was a better solution.

Not having enough sleep. Which reminds me ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In The Closet

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day. She was droning (and I do mean droning) on and on about those silly space pages that all the kids have these days.

Well kids, adults, teenagers, bands, pedophiles, etc.

What? I'm sure there are plenty of bloggers that have those pages. I am not one one of them. I say that proudly.

I am not about flashing roses and hearts twinkling with "have a nice day" messages attached to them. I am not about little smiley faces that can be changed to reflect my mood. I am not about having one million ja-gillion friends.

My friend? Totally is. She first did it under the guise of wanting to monitor her daughter. A completely valid reason. But now, her "page" is filled with all the typical stuff PLUS a continuous feed of pictures of herself partying.

~insert retching noises~

Ok, while it's not my cup of tea (what am I? my mother ... cup of tea? SHUT UP) I am the ever supportive friend that she has this. AND my man has one for his band, so there's that too.

But when you spend a good thirty minutes of your visit with me, telling me all the different reasons why I should have one, I am going to laugh at you and call you CRAZY.

Which I did. to her.

What I did not do was tell her I have a blog. It was on the tip of my tongue. It danced around in my mouth for a bit ... but it did not come out. I could of just said it. I could of just talked about how I AM a writer (oh, OK, I'd like to be a writer) and how I AM a reader and enjoy visiting and commenting everywhere I can.

But I didn't. There are times when I mention it. Like when I'm telling the story of my boss and how he found my first blog .... and my second ... and how I'm now here, profile protected. There are times when I have come close to giving the address out and letting people I know in real life read. I stop myself.

It comes down to not wanting to be censored. Although if I end up moving to YET ANOTHER place then I might just tell the world.

So I said nothing. And she ....

Seemed like she was expecting me to say it.


If it's a good thing that I volunteered for this Committee, you know for the benefit of the Town I live in, does it suck so bad that I have to leave ... right now?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here I Am

Ready for work. Joy!

I think the hardest part about the whole vacation thing is going back to work. I mean really there are oodles and oodles (did I just write that?) of stuff I could be doing and instead ...

I'm packing my work bag and lunch for the baby.

Stupid not winning the lottery because I don't play. Why o' why doesn't publishers clearing house EVER find my door. (again because I don't play)

Oh well, time to move back to reality, you know, with the people who work for a living.

This week is a vacation week for my school age kids. I venture to say I never truly appreciated my vacation weeks when I was their age. I was too busy sleeping, watching TV or begging my Mom to take me to the mall.

My kids do pretty much the same thing, except TV is exchanged for You Tube, where they can search and watch the most bizarre stuff. Last night I was subjected to five minute stretches of Harry Potter Puppets. My daughter insisted I see it because I'm a Potter fan. Except in this skit its all about swear words. Well, that got my attention. We had an episode of Dennis Leary a few weeks back and his wonderful song ... a$$hole. Which BTW, cracked my kids up to no end. I mean really what better way to drive your mom to the brink of insanity by chanting ....

A ~ $ ~ $ .... H ~ O ~ L ~ E

This one was pretty tame and most of it involved lots of beeping.

So today I am leaving the kids home by themselves. They will be alone for the rest of the week. My husband just got a job outside of the house. They will be left to their own devices.

I thought about hiding all the snacks. Then I re-thought that and set aside some snacks for myself. Let them just eat through everything and by Friday they can duke it out over the last of cheerios.

As if ... they even ate cheerios. (I hear there just isnt enough sugar in them)

I will be worrying about what they are doing. We just set my daughter up with a cell phone. Oh QUIT with the eyerolling already. She isn't even going to carry it around because she's afraid someone will steal it (her idea, not mine). So I can drive her crazy calling her and asking her what she is doing and remind her that sitting on her brother's head is not nice.

I may even pop in for surprise visits. Or I might just leave them alone.

I haven't decided yet.

Monday, February 18, 2008

When Toys Mean Nothing

Don't let all those toy makers fool you, buying those flashy bells and whistles pull toys, fake food and dolls do not mean that your toddler will be interested in them.


Keep the bathroom door open. There is nothing more interesting to a toddler than picking through the bathroom trash. Wadded up kleenex, plastic wrap, tiny dixie cups and q-tips are all the more appealing when mom screams over and over "get out of that".

But go ahead, take that trash away. It means nothing, compared to toothbrushes and tooth paste. The baby does, after all, need to learn how to brush teeth. This will involve screaming because what fun is it to just have your own toothbrush, why not cry for your brother and sister's too. And heaven help us all if the baby gets their hands on the dental floss. I suppose then, at least, there is a trail to follow.

Now let's move on to the Kitchen, shall we.

The regular kitchen chair can cause problems. While the chair provides direct access to the table itself, it is somewhat difficult, to move backwards and find your footing back onto the chair. This might have something to do with the fact that whatever coveted item in the hand will not aid in the balance of making it back onto the floor. (but it doesn't stop the baby from taking pens, pencils, homework, glasses with a tiny bit of liquid on the bottom, lunches, money and sometimes a newspaper.

All the chairs are taken? Find a cabinet that will open. If pots and pans aren't that exciting (and believe me they really ARE exciting) there's always a bag of potatoes, a bottle of cooking oil and napkins. Glorious napkins. That come out one at a time and can be ripped to shreds. Oh what fun. Everyone loves a napkin, even the dog.

Speaking of dogs. There is virtually hours of entertainment involved with the dog. Too bad she spends most of her time crated. She's fun to sit on and to chase. Who cares if she snarls, that just makes the baby love her all the more. So much more that any and all cookies, crackers, bread, pretzels, chips or fruit can be shared with her. Speaking of sharing there are PLENTY of small sized toys that will fit through the bars. Along with baby hands that can reach in and pet the doggie, whether she wants that or not.

(as a side note: I keep a blanket over the top part of the crate to create a cave like atmosphere. This blankets spends more time on the floor than it does on the crate.)

In between the kitchen and the bathroom, there are often mad dashes through open doors. These open doors are to brother and sister's rooms and those opportunities are few and far between. For good reason. Too many tiny things. That doesn't stop the interest or my heart attack when suddenly the baby drops a marble after being removed from one of these spaces... heh.

Never fear the cats are here. Or there. Or here and there. Or hiding. Or hissing. I think the ability to put a chokehold on an animal at such a young age is instinct. No amount of howling or crying will make it so the cat can wiggle free. No amount. Several of the cats are smart enough to vacate the area when the baby is around but my yuoungest cat will take her chances, if it means being pinched or held down every once in a while.

Snack time is fun and a good distraction. Crackers are good to cruch into smitherenes with sippy cups and anything sticky goes great with baby hair. The best is yogurt. Similar to paint and edible it can hold the baby's attention for a good five minutes once it is dumped onto the high chair tray.

Mixed inbetween all these "adventures" is the occasional sprinkling of toy activity. Books are thrown around or stepped on. Toy sorters are emptied and the block sized pieces are tossed around. Dolls, puppets and stuffed animals are carried to each of the different rooms in the house and any attempt to bring them back will not be pretty.

The end of the day is probably the most entertaining. Nothing will bring a baby running (or send them running) faster than that single word "bathtime". Water play is best toy ever. A single cup and bubble bath will allow for ten minutes of entertainment. There is always lots of reasoning as to why water cannot be poured outside the tub. Existing shampoo and conditions bottles and sometimes soap will come for a swim. Depending on when the baby shampoo comes out and is applied will related directly to how quickly bathtime is over.

I forgot to mention the whole getting dressed part. This is about as easy to do as wrestling a baby pig. Ok to be fair, I have never wrestled a baby pig but it HAS to be like that. I simply do not have enough arms or body parts to hold down a baby and get them dressed. Until I call shoes, then suddenly arms and legs co-operate. (in case you are wondering I do say "shoes" alot).

Granted asking about shoes will result in each and every person in the house getting their pair of shoes brought to them by the baby. Along with the insistance that they be put on, immediately.

Bedtime is the best. Blankies and stuffed animals all contained in a little pen with a light blocking curtain, sound masking and a mini-radiator. The perfect mixture for sleep.

So tell me why then, did I spend gobs of money on toys?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birthday Presents

The baby is napping! Let's just bask in the glow of silence for a moment shall we?
Pictured above are my three favorite birthday gifts. Sitting on my laptop are two gifts that came from Levenger Magazine. It is, by far, my favorite catalog. These two items I picked as suggestions for Christmas but at the last minute I need a crock-pot. (so they became birthday gifts, which works for me)
Here they are. I love them! The item to the left is a book rest. Timing is everything because next months book club book weights about 9lbs, so this will come in handy. The item to the right is a library style book bag. It's made of durable canvas and has leather handles. I have plenty of books and other stuff I can pack in it as my "entertainment to go" bag. (this will go nicely with the 100 other bags I have, AHEM)
We had restaraunt take-out for lunch and ice cream cake. It was so nice to see the baby charm the pants off her grandparents. She was as good as gold for them.
Now I'm off to lounge and I hope to have a relaxing evening, while I plot how I can stay at home and get paid. (it's back to work on Tuesday!)

Happy Birthday To Me

It's 8:15 Am. I'm awake with a baby that's flipping out.

I love turning 39, it's GREAT!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Entering The End Of An Era

Catchy title eh? Today is my last day being 38. As I am every time this year, sad. I do not embrace getting older. Even though my age increases I continue to be the same person inside, a young sometimes crabby jokster whose mind is always in the gutter.

That's something to be proud of eh?

The kids are always excited to celebrate with me. I have always made such a big deal about their birthdays that they do the same for me.

Growing up birthdays just weren't a big deal in my house. There were gifts and a cake but no friends or family invited over to celebrate. When I was old enough to understand being adopted, my mother explained to me that the adoption center had suggested that two dates be celebrated, the day I was born and the day I was brought into the family. Because my brother is my parents biological child, the decision was made to not celebrate my adoption in that way.

(as a side note: this was probably a good idea because my brother tells the story of how when I was first brought home he squeezed my toes until I cried.)

My most memorable birthday gift was my 11th birthday. My mom actually bought me three books. This was most unusal. My mother's gift themes follow the same genere, outfits or knick-knacks. She is not one to stray from that either, even though I am beyond beaded sweaters and scuptures made of fake stone and have plastic plants. (I wish I were kidding)

To this day I can remember the moment of opening the books (they were wrapped together) and the thrill I felt. (one was The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe)

These days I love to give the gift of reading. Sometimes it's a book or sometimes it's a magazine subscription.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

There is nothing nicer than vacation days. I start the day thinking about what I'd like to do and before I even breathe I can come up with ten different things that need to be done.

I ignore nine of them and decide that the jeep really does need an oil change. wipers. a reverse light.

Then I come home and decide today is the day. Yes it is. The day that I will finally sew all the squares together into the quilt I am making for my bed.

Doesn't phase me when I lay it all out, sewing the first few squares to find I measured wrong. Bigger is better than smaller. So I trim and sew. Trim and sew. Trim and sew.

Eat fudge and have a red bull. What???? That IS TOO part of working on a project (Amy, look away).

Then I have a brian fart and sew together two sections the opposite way. I swear bunches and rip out seams thinking it can't get any worse than this.

Famous last words. It does get worse. My sewing machine decides that it wll no longer sew. The bottom stitch that used to be all tight and orderly has become a sloppy mess of thread. I spend the next half hour rethreading it and trying different options. Knowing full well that I did nothing different.

The next half hour. I yell, become frustrated and eat more fudge.

I tried surfing the net to figure out the problem, however, I still have no idea. And all the while I am thinking of something that was said to me, about a week ago.

"With the time and money you spend to get the materials and put it together buying it finished is the way to go."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Elle prend le français l'année prochaine

My oldest is going into High School next year. I am very excited for her. Last week when I asked her about her class choices she told me she couldn't even think about tomorrow's classes let alone what she was going to take next year.

Umm ok.

Today was a different story. Today she came out waving her choices of classes for next year and asked me to look at it and sign it for her.

I looked at it. Her teachers are recommending CP classes. Remember what CP means? I didn't either, for a few seconds. It's College Prep classes. I'm thrilled. She is a smart girl with a bright future.

I looked at her electives. She picked many things from computer to art classes. All numbered by preference.

My eye stopped at her choice of language. She told me how everyone and their brother (her words) were planning to take Spanish. But she was not going to do what everyone else was doing.

She will be taking French. She know's it hard and she doesn't care. She wants to be different. I had to stop myself from hugging her right on the spot.

Instead I signed the paper and told her how she made the right choice.

After all French is the language of love isn't it?


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rubin' It In

Oh the hurdles to get here. As if the weather was not enough of a challenge, it was an eternity at my meeting tonight and while I was trying to get out of doing anything extra, I managed to get roped into doing a few things tomorrow.

Then I'm free!

Free to do anything and everything non-work related for the next five days. (Hello IKEA!)

I am so excited.

Going Through The Motions

One more day kids. Then it's five whole days off. Whoooie!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We have a potential new candidate for one of my night committee's. They have taken out their papers and they have gotten the necessary signatures to get themselves on the ballot. They attended our meeting last night.

That's the easy part.

One of the existing members, whose term is going to expire, has done the same thing. And while this person has been with us for a long time and I'd like to see them leave, I question what the new person's motives are and what the lesser of the two evils are.

Regardless, they will have to run against a candidate that is well known and well versed in the topics we discuss. I've seen this happen before and the outcome is always the same. New person looses, old person stays.

Could we use some change in the group? Absolutely. Could we use a young, divorce, army guy who reads years of previous minutes, follows discussion boards on the latest topics in our town and emails me like crazy picking my brain about key players?

I'm not sure.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Book Show & Tell

Alrighty, so here is an upcoming book club choice. This is just a completely INSANE choice. It is not a quick and easy read.

I have no idea, who at the Los Angeles Times reviewed this but they quote this book as "a page-turner ... that pays the reader back and richly." In what? Papercuts? The book is 1400 pages long. I repeat ... 1400 pages.

And JennyJ, who admitted to me that she was hoping to find a large book to tackle this winter ... keep notes for me. Ok?

Worst case, I can use it as a step stool. You can get an idea of it's depth in the next picture.

So here we are. Looking at a picture of $14 worth of books from the local Library booksale. There was an odd group of people in front of us waiting to enter the pre-sale sale. They came with scarves and empty boxes and rushed to the Art and other Novelty Books section when the doors opened. It is as weird as it sounds. I was glad they didn't run to the fiction first, otherwise I'd of had to resort to elbowing and screeching. (I love me some fiction)
In random order, my booklist.
The Richest Season - MaryAnn McFadden
Getting Over It - Anna Maxted
The Pretender - Celeste Bradley
The Bad Luck Wedding Night - Geralyn Dawson
Pretty Woman - Fern Michaels
The Pilot's Wife - Anita Shreve
Wicked - Shannon Drake
Little Altars Everywhere - Rebecca Wells
Leading with My Chin - Jay Leno
Everything And A Kite - Ray Romano
Fatherhood - Bill Cosby
The Summer I Dared - Barbara Delinsky
An Accidental Woman - Barbara Delinsky
Last Call - James Grippando
Out of My Mind - Andy Rooney
A Touch of Panic - L.R. Wright
Double Take - Catherine Coulter
I also got three John Grisham 1st Edition books but they are going to my MIL's because she is collecting them. (I'm not a big fan of law books, kinda ironic eh?)
Let me know if you've read any of these or if you want more information.

Never To Old To Want To Belong

I wasn't the popular girl in High School. Actually I spent many days of my youth trying to just blend in. Because I'm not one to just go along to fit in, I probably stood out more. Some days I would hide out in the girls room because I had no one to eat lunch with. (okay more like every day)

Needless to say I'm glad High School is over. But that "want" never really goes away. In every job I have ever held there has been some group that I've wanted to be accepted into. Honestly, not with any real chance of doing so. (mostly because I'm really a huge dork) I always felt that once I left the conversation, I became the topic.

Working for my Town is no different. There is a group of women, that for years now, I have wanted to be a part of. I think if you met them, you'd think I was nuts. I mean why on earth would I want to get to know any of them. They are at least twenty years older than me and any past attempts I may of made to sit with them during annual meetings were a joke. (in my opinion) It was more like I was sitting in their vicinity. Picture a puppy trying to wrangle its way into a pack of uninterested dogs.

I didn't give up though. Now that I'm older, I know that life has ways of presenting opportunites for things like this. You just need to be paitent. Wait your turn.

I got my chance in a way I had never expected.

I joined this controversial committee and one of the ladies was on it. As her and I got to know each other and as we both worked for the same cause, that door that I wanted to open - did. With came an understanding of where these woman stand on Town politics. Holding the same views as myself.

This past weekend I was invited to a breakfast birthday party. I was honored to be invited. I went and was teased for being the youngest. I didn't mind in the least bit. It was nice to share in the moment ...

And know that if there was discussion about me after I left ... it was all good.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou ...

The past twenty four hours have been all about skipping. Skipping boot camp, skipping swimming, skipping breakfast, etc.

I need to get my act together. The planets must be out of alignment or something. Full moon maybe? Lack of sunshine. I'm all for blaming everyone but myself.

Because what fun is that?

In honor of getting back on track, in the last three hours I have done any and all of the following. Swept three floors and three staircases. Mopped on kitchen floor. Cleaned on bathroom. Followed around cleaning up after and feeding one toddler. Organized a yit load of paperwork. Sorted and took pictures of books (to be posted soon, k?) and drank one red bull. Cleaned one litter box. Vacummed front stairs after cleaning up no less than five spots of cat yak. Windexed one TV screen and two mirrors.

Now the baby is napping so I have moved the "maid" service to the third floor. Where I will continue with KP duty, fold laundry and/or surf the net.

Am I feeling better? Less funkified? Not really. But the house will at least be tidy.

Baby skips right?

Friday, February 8, 2008

You Know It's Going To Be A Good Day When ....

.... you cut yourself some slack and skip bootcamp (to be made up at some point next week, of COURSE).

.... you are getting out of work early (like 12 PM early) for your daughter's doctor appointment and have the rest of the day off.

.... you attended your local Library's book sale, last night, and got yourself TWENTY new reads.

.... it's the weekend and you have some me time planned for yourself.

.... starting tonight, with a much anticipated to trip to the Mall with my BFF.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Conversation With MIG at 4:45 AM

Alarm goes off.

Sleepy-Self: hits snooze
Voice of Reason: Get up.

Sleepy-Self: no
Voice of Reason: I said, Get Up.

Sleepy-Self: No
Voice of Reason: You need to, GET UP!

Sleepy-Self: Five more minutes?
Voice of Reason: N-O-W

Sleepy-Self: N-O
Voice of Reason: This is for your well-being and overall health. Please get up.

Sleepy-Self: Ummm nope.
Voice of Reason: Just two more days until the weekend.

Sleepy-Self: Go away.
Voice of Reason: You can do this. Just get your ass out of bed.

Sleepy-Self: Too bad, so sad. (rolls over, stretches a little)
Voice of Reason: I'm going to have to resort to drastic measurers.

Sleepy-Self: Whatever!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not Your Average Number

I finally got around to making a few inquires this week. Inquires regarding my son and some extra assistance at school. This involves something known as a 504 plan.

A 504 plan allows for special accomodations for your child. Sometimes it's to take extra time on a test. Sometimes it's for the teachers to review the assignments written in the homework planner to assure they are correct or sometimes it's someone making sure that all of the day's work makes it way home at the end of the day.

During the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process (which was a total waste of time) I had hoped we could kill two birds with one stone and handle both. Luck was not with me. They are two separate things.

And now, since I continue to pursue this whole 504 thingy. I have to jump through the following hoops (like a dog, sort of) .... (these are taken directly from the email of the Vice Principal)

1. there has to be a documented disability (from a physician) that states the nature of the disability with recommendations for what accommodationsare needed for the child in a regular education setting.

2. there has to be a "major life activity" that is substantially limited in the child because of the disability

3. the 504 team needs to determine that without the accommodations, the child would not be able to do the major life activity. The physician statement, student grades, state testing, teacher recommendations, social or cultural background, etc. are all used to determine the need for a 504 plan.

4. if the team determines the child needs, then they determine what accommodations are needed.

Just reading these gives me a headache AND (let's just say) once I complete all these, I am being told that I have no say in the determined accomodations. Something I know is not true.

Advocating for your kid is not fun.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Just Creepy When .....

You go in to work each morning and find that sometime after you left the previous day, someone has been looking through your computer files, checking your "internet history" AND opening pictures you have of the baby.

In a way, it's a good thing I know where to look to see this happening. But at the same time ...

It's FREAKING me out.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday

Guess what? This week isn't going to be so bad!!!!

Only one evening meeting this week, that only requires my attendance, nothing more. A regular work week, where the boss is going to be out. Therefore, I will have our shared office to myself (dances in chair).

And ....

The local library is having a booksale on Wednesday evening, open first to members and then to the rest of the public (Hello! Member!)

I actually skipped cleaning my house this weekend and lightening DIDN'T strike me down. I did get to work on one of my projects, which is now ready to be sewed (pictures coming, I swear).

I have Friday afternoon off to take my girl to a doctor's appointment but overall ...

it'll be a breeze

Friday, February 1, 2008

My New Theme

Songs. Ok not really. But I feel like being loud for awhile. So check out my playlist. Make your own. Enjoy some of the tunes I like while you visit ... or mute it. I'll change the code back to automatically off ... later ... or something ....

I have to just tell everyone how happy I AM that it's FRIDAY. I'm hanging out in bed, with my laptop, surrounded by some magazines, a drink and my blanket.

Soon I will probably be sleeping but hey, I can enjoy the moment.

This weekend is filled with superbowl stuff. Ahahahahahahahahaha. Fooled ya right? Ok I will watch the game. Ok truthfully, I will have it on the TV. I'm not sure if I (as in me, myself and I) will be watching the entire time. But I will make an attempt. Whose playing again? HEY, I'm trying ok? (you in the corner stop shaking your head at me!)

The key word here is "trying".

I am very excited to cook. I know can you believe I just made that statement? I found this receipe for corn chowder. Not very exciting but it involves corn, potatoes and BACON. So you know, anything involving bacon is pretty damn exciting here at casa-de-Mig's. I had to quiz the children to see if they would eat it. Normally they like those three ingredients but not mixed together and cooked.

So we shall see how it all works out. But I'm looking forward to cooking it (in the crockpot of course because that involves ... little effort).

In other news, this long week is over. YAY!

The baby has been sick. Like really sick this week. That whole respiratory virusy thingy that involves my giving her three different medications, thirty minutes apart, sevearl times a day. Not so much fun. She's resting comfortably but I may not survive all the boogies and used kleenex.

The dreaded meeting Wednesday night wasn't HALF as bad as I made it out to be. THANK GOODNESS. For all my complaining about how much I dread it, really I'm honored to be a part of it. This group makes me step out of my comfort zone and speak up. I think sometimes I feel overwhelmed by that. I'm not one to step into the spotlight (which is what I tried to tell my eight grade drama teacher, but he just wouldn't listen) and speak. I have a chance here to be a leader for something that I feel is important and will have a profound effect on the Town I live in. Scary.

I'm off now to visit. Happy Friday!