Monday, June 1, 2009

Convention Recap

I will admit I know precious little about Anime. so while I posted many pictures of people in costumes, I have zero idea who they are. It was the same way when I walked around in the Dealer area. I will say this, when I saw these hats with the long ears, I knew I had to have one for my youngest girl. They were all adult size (you know because adults all crave the ears) but after speaking with the salesman he was willing to make adjust one to little kid size. I freaking love it and so does she.

I will also admit, i spent next to no time in the convention and most of the time out in the huge, giagantic, enormous mall that connected a bunch of hotels together. AND I found my favorite store, Levenger. Course I couldn't afford anything IN the store, but I got to look around and buy a '09 calendar at half price. I think the bag is a keeper.

I wrote a three page note for my man on "how to's" for the toddler. This must have been the most important of the three. It was on her dresser and it lists out where her clothes are. Way cute.

Ok, so I didn't get pictures of the costumes on. However, I did get pictures of the boy's costumes. He fit in none of them. The stitching is excellent but the sizing was far too narrow for a growing boys large frame.

This one he couldn't get past his shoulders and it's a shame, it has the most detail on it.

This was just pants. But note the waist is just straight. The boy has a bubble butt, so the pants had to be pinned to his boxers. It didn't work very well. He did wear a long black shirt but couldn't wait to change mid-day.

Look at these!!!! They had the same problem. Except they are SHORTS and they are tiny. My boy never (and I do mean never) wears shorts. But he worse these and it barely fit around his man parts. B.a.r.e.l.y.

Here is the costume altogether. He was suppost to be shirtless. But I pitched a fit about that, (because hello 13-year old busting out of shorts, no shirt, cape, etc, BAD) and he wore a black shirt. It was cute otherwise.

I do realize I'm a geek. But I loved the vanity in the bathroom of the hotel.

I especially loved the "freebies".

Who the heck puts white on a hotel room bed? That's just CRAZY. And yes, we did spill soda on one. WTF?

Here's the view from the hotel room, of across the street, at night. I made us sleep with the curtains wide open and loved it (except in the morning, that part kinda sucked)

Alrighty, on to the costumes. I have no idea what look this guy was going for. I can say it was a wooden frame and had to be heavy walking around in.

I loved this girls costume. Period.

This dude's costume was very cool. And heavy I'm sure.

Who doesn't like a little Star Wars at their Anime Convention? He had a voice recording too.

And last but not least, This gal's costume was awesome. Although I'm sure it took a few showers to get all that blue off.


Amy said...

AWESOME!!! I love these!! I have no idea how to even pronounce 'anime' correctly, but I love this!!

Sassy said...

Very awesome! And no white in hotel rooms! I can't even wear a white shirt without spilling something on it...