Friday, June 26, 2009

Change Is In The Wind

My 2.9 year old has told me (on her own) every night this week that she no longer wants to sleep in a crib. That she wants to sleep in a bed.

My bed.
Her sister's bed.
The couch.

While I do realize that part of this is her not wanting to sleep at night, I also realize that she is quickly reaching a point where she will simply climb out. She has the gross motor control to do it but hasn't caught on.

The logistics of this are scary. We are on the third floor and she is on the second, her door, at the bottom of the stairs. And like every room in our 100 year old house, there are two doors to enter and exit from. We are working out the logistics of it all. Her crib transitions to a toddler bed.

It's time.

In other news, the party yesterday? Was a success. I had thought that there might be some new boys coming over but they never showed. Perhaps being handed a two page invitation concerned them. Or all the mocking in it. (or maybe they really had no idea what all those acronyms were and did wanted to be a FOO) Last night she had her three girlfriends sleep over. I was upstairs when I got this text. It was 9:40 PM.

"Mom, can we have a fire? I really want to burn my planner."

I said no. I'm not the fire person in the house anyway but the little pit we have is in the garage (to protect it form this onslaught of rain) and under a couple of riding toys and beach chairs. We were not ready for it. (she even asked if doing it in the early AM before work would be beter) Instead they choose to go for a second walk. Even though I distinctly remember saying "stay in the yard"

I happen to take out the trash and found the driveway empty of giggling, bug sprayed girls. I called her on her cell and here is how it went.

"Where are you? I asked that you stay in the yard."

"I told you Mom, we were going to go for a walk."

(side note: I am hearing that statement a lot these days, the "I told you" part. While I do realize I am getting older, I am pretty sure that these things I am being told must be happening when I slip into a coma because I am not remembering any. of. them.)

"You did not tell me, if you had, I'd of said, stay in the yard please."

They came back. In hindsight I should have realized they weren't putting on bug spray to hang in the yard. But I'm a newbie when it comes to catching on to teenage antics. I cleaned up the kitchen after that and locked up the doors and turned out the lights. The girls were in the living room hanging out.

This morning? The front doors, both of them, unlocked. Do I think they went out after we went to bed?

I honestly have no idea but you have to wonder ...

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Sassy said...

Maybe they played truth or dare and ran around the yard naked...