Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jabbing My Eyes With A Fork

I got out of work early today. Honestly? I have no idea why my boss thinks I need time off. He came in and asked if I wanted to head out. My answer was ... well ... SURE! (I cannot even begin to image what the men in the office think of that.)

Anyway. I left and thought it would be perfect to hit the grocery store. I even went home and got my teenager; thinking how great it was to be getting this done in time for the weekend.

Earlier in the day, I had booked tickets for two of my children to visit Florida. WITHOUT ME. As in flying, WITHOUT ME. I was hyperventilating over it. (not kidding people, actual hyperventilation)

So much so, that I forgot I left my wallet in my work bag.

When did I realize this? Oh, not in the fifteen minute ride over. And definitely not as I made my way through the store. Actually enjoying myself.

It wasn't until I wanted to check the date on the peanut butter coupon I knew I had. That I realized.

And then it dawned on me that life is just MEAN LIKE THAT. Seriously. My daughter thought I was crazy when I suggested she hang out by the magazine rack, while I HAULED ASS home.

Thankfully the idiot drivers and the state police were nowhere to be seen. I got back and found my girl, sitting on the floor by the half full cart reading an Anime Magazine (who knew they had such a thing?), unaware that I had been gone for THIRTY MINUTES.

And then life went on.

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Sassy said...

I hate when that happens.

I'm ready for the day to be over too.

Happy Friday!