Monday, August 18, 2008

Feel Free To Speculate.

So get this. After work today I decided to take my girls to the grocery store. The stores I usually go to are five minutes or less from my house. But they are pricey compared to the grocery store I recently went to. I've known about it for years but never took the time to see what it was all about. And much to my surprise going there, gave me ALOT more groceries for the same amount of money.

Except it is in the CITY. There are some interesting people who go there AND who work there. I hate that the parking lot is always jammed.

But ... today we went. We needed DINNER(s) and quick. I figured the baby would probably be alright with snacks and having her sister entertain her. (note to self: buy chocolate).

We got lots and lots of stuff and the baby behaved right until the check out when she might have lost it over chewing gum (picture me saying NO) but all the fun and games came to a grinding hault when I went out to the jeep. My beautiful black jeep, new tires, I love how it looks. Until I noticed, in the brightly sunlight that there was a GIGANTIC hand print right by the rear window. I think some DNA might have been left behind along with outline of skin? salt? dirt? I'm not really sure. But then ...

I started thinking, maybe I'm mistaken, or I thought that perhaps ... oh you know ... I was maybe too anal about my car, heh, so, I didn't say anything. But my daughter (the teenager) came right out with it and said "look at the hand print Mom!" and "when did that get there?" She hadn't seen it either and it was on her side. Oiy! People are you hearing me? "O~I~Y" (breathes into paper bag.)

Then I had a real moment of panic and thought ... DID I REMEMBER TO LOCK THE DOORS?

Granted the thief would find, lots of squished graham crackers, raisins and fermented juice cups. Alone with a couple bags of baby toys that may or may not be VERY STICKY. There are Altoids but they have been raided and drooled on by the toddler who really likes to have minty fresh breath, so go ahead and eat those! Undoubtedly there is a black zippered pouch with a weapon's worth of PENNIES! Because you just never know when you might need a PENNY or fifty.

But really? It would have sucked to find my stroller gone and my notary seal ... taken. My daughter mentioned how she was glad she had her Ipod on her. Me Too!

Course there was the possibility that it was my Husband's hand. He could have been leaning in to look at the baby. But the location of it AND the size (like this person had a BIG hand) would mean you were leaning in looking through the window not leaning into the opening. (if that makes any sense at all). To be sure I asked when we got home. He came down to look at it.

It's definitely not his hand print or my son's. He agrees with the theory.


Sassy said...

Maybe it was an alien! OR the Jeepers Creepers guy...lmao

But seriously...that IS scary!

jenny said...

Where in the hell are you shopping??? MB?

Because R. is hardly a city, you crazy hick! :)

They steal cars in the burbs too, y'know...

Anonymous said...

It might've been me.

I do that sometimes.

I get tired walking in the parking lot and usually lean against someone's car.

Let me know if you found my used gum on your windshield.

Amy said...

LOL@ Jeepers Creepers. I love that. And I think the idea that the BIG CITY is to blame is hysterical.

I also love the list of things a robber might steal from your Jeep.

The truth is, it was me. You KNOW I have Jeep envy.