Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Always Pressed For Time

What the heck happened to Monday? I have no idea either. Except maybe there was a headache involved, I can't remember that far back because it is now TUESDAY.

I need to keep up people. Help!

Today I've got to work (boo-hiss), a dentist appointment at 4:30 (oh the fun just never ends), some sort of dinner AND as an added bonus, more work.

I am hating me some Tuesday.

I did get to redeem some empties, during my lunch hour, to the tune of $18.75. Which I promptly spent at the drug store on a snack, Star Magazine and some headache medicine (which did not work, probably because I've got a stubborn mind).

Now it's approaching 7 AM and I have exactly a half hour to get the baby up, dressed, fed, her lunch made and if I'm lucky I'll get a glass of water before I head out and start my day.

Is your head spinning yet? Oh GOOD!


Sassy said...

It's only Tuesday?! Oh man, I was hoping for at least Thursday. I'm so ready for the weekend...the three day weekend!

Hope your headache goes away =)

Anonymous said...

You need some Goody's Headache Powder.

Do they have that where you live?