Sunday, August 17, 2008

Step Inside For A Visit

One week ago today my MIL came for a visit. She's 62 and a wonderful, wonderful lady. I am lucky to have her in my life. She told us before she left what a pleasant trip it had been and commented on spending quality time with the older kids and hearing the baby say Grandma over and over couldn't have been any cuter.

My MIL picked this from the landscape to take home with her. It's carefully wrapped with paper towels and a baggie. She forgot it when we left for the airport this morning at 4 AM. (Yes you did read that right 4 AM!)

This little fella made pot after pot after pot of coffee this week. I can now put it away as there will only be one drinker now that my MIL has left. (read: coffee = yuck)

This is the coffee maker of choice. The Cadillac of coffee makers, single serve. I like the color. (and hate the rest of my kitchen m'kay?)

This goody was purchased for a whopping $2 as the thrift store and currently transports a few naked baby dolls with blankets AND as an added bonus the baby can sit in it, which she does and then she tells me to push her around, what fun!

Here's to you Grandma. We had many laughs this week and it was nice to look at pictures and catch up. You are an inspiring writer and know alot about a variety of things. The Baby couldn't have enjoyed your visit more if she'd tried. She misses you already!

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