Friday, May 14, 2010


It's official, here is the email I just received ...


Thank you for registering as a volunteer donor with the Caitlin Raymond International Registry. The results of your HLA testing are as follows:

DNA-A: 01:FKXK, 02:FKXY DNA-B: 08:EABA, 39:EUUT DRB1: 01:01, 03:01

These results are reflective of your DNA typing and are used to determine if you could be a potential match for a patient in need of transplantation. We have entered your test results into our database for all patients in need of transplantation worldwide.

Your registry membership card will arrive via U.S. Mail. On behalf of the thousands of patients seeking an unrelated donor, thank you for your participation.


It reminds me of one of those math sheets that you used to do in grade school. Where you had a key-code to figure out the sentence. Usually it was a witty saying or the punch line of a silly joke.

Except, this is no joke. It makes me feel good and its kinda scary at the same time.

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Sassy said...

Makes ya feel scary and good at the same time, I agree with that.

I'm a donor. I'm donating everything. I won't need it. At least I don't think.

My luck, I will be a dead person walking around with no eyeballs.