Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday Plans

Riding to school this morning, 7:30 AM (he just rolled out of bed, used the bathroom and got into the car)

Mig: So, what are you plans for your birthday.

Son: I have none.

Mig: Did you want to stay home from school that day.

Son: I should probably go.

Mig: Well you sister got to stay home for her birthday, so I was thinking you would want to. I took the day off from work, we could go out to lunch.

Son: No, if I'm not at school I might miss something important that I won't be able to learn on my own.

Mig: Ummm okay. What classes do you have the last two periods of the day?

Son: Math and study hall.

Mig: How's math going? ....

That was the end of the conversation. My boy? Not interested in a legitimate "get out of school" free card? WOW. He really must be turning fourteen. A very serious fourteen.

sErIOusLy? Fourteen.

Course when asked that question tonight, after dinner. He had a change of heart, he did want to spend the day with me after all.

... even if he said it like this ....

"I would love to just stay home on my birthday."

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Sassy said...

Of course he did! You're a cool mom! I never got to stay home even when I was sick!

Then again, my grandma freaked if she had to spend money to buy me tampons.

May she RIP.