Monday, September 7, 2009

Bullet Labor Day

  • Bye Summer. I miss you already.
  • Saturday's yard sale? Most awesome! Great weather, lots of people taking tons of our crappe and I split the $$ with the kids.
  • Clean up pretty much sucked.
  • Season II of Carnivale? So weird and yet ... so ... interesting. I am sad that there is no Season III.
  • Zack Effron? HOT in "17 Again". Did I just write that?
  • Third ear piercing. Looks nice but holy heck batman, do they hurt.
  • I haven't decided yet, if it's worth it.
  • Bath & Body Works, Shea Cashmere Hand Cream? To die for. (and on sale for $7) It smells and feels SO good on your hands. Sinful.
  • 1st day of School tomorrow. We are ready. Or so we say ...
  • Am dreading the 6 AM alarm and a very long double work Tuesday.
  • Big news here, I am no longer using my Palm Pilot. I have reverted back to my Day-Timer days. This, for some weird reason, makes me incredibly happy.
  • Potty training is the BOMB people! The things you forget when your older kids are teenagers.
  • I did zero cleaning on my vacation. ZERO.
  • In hind site, I'd do it all again, because I actually had a vacation.
  • My tie-together quilt is almost done. My weak math skills resulted in less squares than I needed (and two separate trips to the fabric store because I'm that crafty ... or not)Pictures soon.
  • Spaghetti dinner is almost ready. A fine and yummy ending to a great six day vacation.

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Amy said...

wait, THIRD ear piercing? How am I out of this loop!?