Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Second Verse, Same As The First

I really feel for those who have multiple children in the school system. Those information forms, permission slips and picture "checks" that have to written out, many times over can make ones eyes bleed.

I suppose as the computer age, just about takes over every aspect of our lives, it won't be long before this information will be supplied once and then it can be updated ... with yet another user ID and password.

Anywhoodle ...

As I sit, in between jobs, filling out various forms, I came across a narrative, written by my daughter, asking her what her goals are this year for her English class. Here is what she wrote ~

"My goals for my English class this year are, but are not limited to, improving my comprehension skills and expanding my vocabulary. While I'm confident in my abilities I find it never hurts to know more and get better. I believe in always learning as long as there is a word to know I want to know it. I find I lack, if just a little, the ability to understand what people tell me, and I want to fix it."

You may now proceed with your regularly scheduled program ....


Amy said...

LOVE THIS!!! Ooohhh treasure this little glimpse into your girlie! I love it!

Sassy said...

Hi Mig! Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgot ya!

Love ya!