Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Houze Guestz

Dudes, I am exhausted!

Although I am totally and completely loving the fact that my children are back, where I can resume micromanaging their lives (or hug and kiss them at will), getting back into the swing of a five person dinner, adult like requests ("I need more razors Mom") and directing them as minions, is taking some getting used to.


My MIL and my NIECE came back with them so it's a COZY seven at Casa-de-Mig's. Which means I am cooking for seven people ... and cleaning up after seven people. Ok, that's not entirely true, my MIL is doing her share of cleaning up. But as we all know here, everyone elses idea of cleaning, is not my idea of cleaning. Just sayin' Every room in our house is full at various times throughout the day.


There is lots and lots and lots of sitting at the kitchen table and talking. Talking about the kids visit, talking about the two year olds progress and just plain ole talking. I'm surprise my voice isn't completely hoarse. (it's not, I think I'd have to be screaming for that)

They are here until Monday. That's right. Monday. SIX more days. My entire vacation spent entertaining guests.

Six more days of ... "Excuse me, Aunt Mig? What's for dinner?"

Don't get me wrong I love it and I love them. Today we hit the city and it was a total blast, just us girls (all five girls to be exact). There was some fine dining and lots of vendor shopping and amusement (think "darling ... its like wearing 100 dresses!"). The toddler napped snuggled on my chest the whole train ride home. I am enjoying it all.

Of course, my MIL and I both came back with barely a couple of bucks to our name. I won't even tell you what we each started out with. But the memories? Are well worth it. I'll be putting up pictures at some point. But where it's taken me four times to try and write just this one post, it's probably going to be a while.

Right now I'm being summoned. To make pancakes.

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Sassy said...

Company is nice, but it's also nice when they leave to go home. You can get back to your comfort zone. Sounds like you are having a good time. And you need that!

How about making some pancakes for me? :D