Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back To Reality


Remember me? I'm back. I survived the homecoming of my two oldest children (bliss) and a ten day stay with my Mother In Law and my Niece. I have run the dishwasher, washed endless bedsheets, put away extra chairs, cleaned out all the "leftover" food from the fridge. I, essentially, have taken back my house.


In the mist of all that, my youngest girl and I have been working on the potty. Actually she works and I clean up where the work went overtime. (and there is alot of that, in case you were wondering) I did realize that it would mean extra laundry to me but I was taken by surprise at all the creative places peeing can take place. Especially where in an older home there are slants to the floor. I believe we have gotten over the hump of that and now it's more of a ... I waited too long ... kinda thing ... and not so much a ... I'm playing dolls and tell me again why my pants are soaked ... kinda thing ...

Either way, I now have to return the super-duper-extra-large package of pull-ups I bought at Target on Sunday. What was I thinking?

I do have lots of pictures and I'll be doing a recap of my vacation week, which was really a good time and ever enlightening (teenagers!). My Mother-In-Law took a lot of video footage and some of it is pretty funny.

It will be up soon.

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Sassy said...

Glad you're back! Returning the pull ups is a good thing!

Happy Friday~