Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not Star Trek Related

So the "big" weekend is almost upon us at Casa Mig's. There is much sewing happening, and sizing, stitch ripping and resewing. We had to run to the fabric store yesterday for yet another yard of fabric.

I have to say the results are impressive.

For those of you who are just joining us, or simply forget, we are going here. The plan is to head into the city early on Friday and spend until Sunday evening, enjoying all things Anime. My daughter has peppered me with questions over the past several months, ranging from what my plans are for the weekend to outright asking me if I will be following them around.

Yeah, I don't think so. While I do have a pass to get me in, it is more for the gawk factor than anything. From what I understand just about everyone dresses up as a character and role plays as they walk around. There are shows and vendors peddling trinkets.

Frankly, I will probably have to stop myself from peeing my pants because some of these characters are hilarious. (my daughter used her own money yesterday to buy a hot pink and purple wig) I do plan on bringing my digital camera and taking pictures.

Should be fun.

The worst part of this whole thing, is dealing with the other Mom that is going. Now don't get me wrong here people, she is truly a very nice and genuine person.

She is simply driving me insane with her questions, wanting to know what every little detail is, wanting to sit down and go over it all, calling the hotel herself to check on things and then APOLOGIZING for it. Not wanting to let the kids do anything alone.

Yeah, its annoying.

Yesterday's saga had to do with what train we are taking in. She has to work, so the earliest train she can catch is the 3:25 PM. The kids are all skipping (with parents permission to do so) and I have taken the day off. So 3:25? Kinda sucks. She went ahead and made arrangements with a free ride from a friend's limo service to come and get us, which I thought great. We can ride into the city in style, but no, this is just take us five minutes down the road to the train station. What?

So I made the suggestion yesterday that I take the kids into the city, get us checked into the hotel and then come back and meet her train.

Then I held my breath, because if I were her, I'd be thinking how much that bites, missing the kids walking through the city all dressed up, the excitment of them all riding together, etc.

But she said it was fine. Maybe I am being too hard on her and in the end everything will turn out alright.

We shall see.

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Sassy said...

Sounds fun. Can't wait to see pics!