Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Ready

There is nothing like packing for a long weekend. It's not as bad as a full-fledge week long trip, where you have to figure out what the weather will be like, choose accordingly and how it will all fit into that medium sized suitcase you are bringing. (which it won't and you'll have to sit on it while trying to snap it closed)

For this event, whatever we take has to be easily carried. HA!

I started working on it last night and putting together what I consider to be essential items.

My book.
My eyeliner.
My camera.
My toothbrush.

My children's idea of essentials are completely different.

Nintendo DS.

I'll have to follow up and make sure changes of clothing are brought along with deodorant and socks. But pretty much everyone here is thrilled to be going.

I just need to get my game on. Too bad my game wants to be sleeping. Right about now.


Sassy said...

Hope all goes well. Have a lovely weekend!

Amy said...

Have a fantastic time!! Take oodles of pictures and show us!!

I'll be praying for safety and joy!