Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To My Boy

I spent the afternoon, shopping with EBF. I picked out a mobile, of little dogs with fire hydrants for you, knowing you would arrive at some point.

There was lunch and some more walking around. I went home that night and by 5 pm, I wasn't feeling well. Thinking that it definitely had to do with what I ate for lunch, I went to bed early.

An otherwise uneventful evening and your actual due date.

1:30 AM - I woke up. Uncomfortable. Took some tums and went back to sleep.

1:50 AM - Unsure and feeling cramps. I got up and sat in the rocking chair. I called my OB-GYN and he asked if there was any consistency to my contractions, there didn't seem to be, so he suggested I wait.

2:10 AM - I am dutifully tracking my contractions, they are all over the place. With your sister I was induced, so I have no idea what natural labor is like.

2:20 AM - Your dad got up. Asking what the heck I am doing. I explain. He looks at my sheet and has me call the OB back. I do. Since this is the second call I have made to this man he suggest I head to the hospital.

2:30 AM - I have decided I need to change. I am unable to walk more than a few steps before I am stopped by a contraction. Your dad? Insists now is not the time to change and that we must leave.

2:40 AM - I am chatting with our tenant downstairs explaining that I think I am in labor and that we are going. She heads upstairs to hang with your sister in case she wakes up.

2:42 AM - My husband carries me to the car because I am unable walk without doubling over.

3:00 AM - We are half way to the hospital and I am begging him to drive faster, the pain is so bad. (he breaks many a speed limit and possible breaks the sound barrier as we travel)

3:10 AM - We arrive at the Emergency Room door, a nurse gets a wheelchair and attempts to check me in. When she sees I am clearly in no position to talk insurance. Two nurses and your dad escort me upstairs to the maternity ward.

3:15 AM - I am trying not to push and it is hard. I am put immediately into a bed.

3:18 AM - A nurse comes in to check me. I tell her I am thirsty and that I need drugs desperately. She laughs, pats my hand and assures me that I do not need any drugs, this baby is coming and very soon. I am not amused. AT ALL. I continue to try not to push even though every ounce that is my being wants to.

3:20 AM - The doctor arrives, he checks me. I tell him I HAVE TO PUSH. He asks me to hold on just a minute longer. Then there is much rushing around, a warming unit is brought in, nurses are called, the doctor steps out to put on his lab coat. He comes back in.

3:21 AM - He declares that my water has not broken (which truth be told is probably why you weren't born in the elevator). He takes care of that and in a gush I push three times.

3:25 AM - I hear your first cry and it is a strong one. I immediately am able to look at the most beautiful little boy in the world.

3:30 AM - I keep saying, over and over, that I cannot believe how fast that was. Finally a nurse leans in and says, "You don't want to say that too loud, you know there are women who have been here for hours and they don't have their baby's yet." Excellent point.

You live your life now, much like how you were born. There is no waiting. From the time you were little, you would always walk in front of us. Wanting to see what comes next. To this day you are in the front. That you never miss a moment to tell a joke or poke fun at yourself is something that I admire. I love that you are always friendly and are quick to help me even before I ask.

Today you turn thirteen. And I couldn't be more proud.


jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your TEENAGE boy!

Sassy said...

Wow, that was quick! A beautiful story! =)

Amy said...

LOVE THIS!!! My gosh, we ARE sisters separated, I swear!!

I'm so glad DJ had a great birth day and a fabulous 13th as well!