Friday, December 19, 2008

This is my Friday

Last night, school was canceled. I don't get that one. Seeing how it is TODAY and, you know, there is not a speck of snow on the ground YET.

I packed the baby up for daycare and when I arrived, there was a note on the door that explained that daycare too was canceled.

I repeat, no snow on the ground YET.

Today I had a boatload of things I wanted to get done. I had planned this day off MONTHS ago and now, one snow storm, has messed the entire thing up.

Thank you Mother Nature. Not.

I suppose it isn't the end of the world. Just another challenge to end a long week.


Amy said...

You and my sister both. How can you be grumpy about a snow day? As my sister even said, "It's a day you're forced to just stop and enjoy" and yet both of ya are grumpy!! Put down your to-do list. Pick up your kids. Play a game, watch a movie together, laugh. Everything on that to-do list will still be there tomorrow and THAT IS OKAY!!

Sassy said...

Happy Friday!!!