Sunday, October 19, 2008

Party Anyone?

Mig's Teenage Daughter's Halloween Party
Date: October 31st, 2008 (No year-late partiers, thanks. xD)
Location: Smalltown, USA
Leave your contact number, in case I need to call you back.
Time: Whenever you can get there!
Girls can sleep over, guys cannot. Sorry guys.

In the spirit activities:
· Truth or Dare!
· Prank calls.....
· Manhunt after Sunset!
· Seance, courtesy of the Ghosts of our 100 Year Old House!
· Guess what? (Blindfold game)
· Ghost stories... Outside, after Dark!
· Horror Movies!
· Music&Treats!

(Video game tourneys will be held inside before sundown, after sundown we're going straight outside no matter what.)
· Kareoke Revolution!
· Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution Tourney!
· Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tourney!
· Pokemon: Battle Revolution Tourney!
· Dance Dance Revolution: Party Mix!
· Costume Competition!
(Any costumes are ellidgeable as long as they are high school appropriate. All Costumes will be judged fairly, so other then that, wear what you like!)
· Pumpkin Carving Competition!
· Halo 2, Four player capture the flag!
· Another, secret competition that goes all Halloween!

· Barbie Smashing!
· Group Youtube video! Make those costumes good, everyone! ;D
· The scaring of trick-or-treaters. MUAHAHAHAHA!
· Glowie stickz?!!? Oh teh noes!
· Plenty of sugar!
· A 118-year-old house with old-style rooms and creepy cubbyholes. (AKA, Ushi's house.)

Required/Optional items:
· Your own pumpkin (Required for pumpkin-related activities)
· Your own carving set (Required, same as above)
· Candy or treats (We won't be trick-or treating... This is optional, but would be loved!)
· Ghost stories (Optional)
· Flashlight (Optional, but helpful for the game of manhunt.)
· Your own controller (Optional. Original Xbox, Wii, and Gamecube only.)
· Any other games you think would make good toys for us. Be warned; Group is known to get competetive and we are not responsible for broken games. (Jk, jk, xD)
· Costume (Required, it's the spirit people!)
· Movies! (Optional; Horror or Halloween-related please!)
· Warm outer layer (Optional)
· Regular clothes (Required)
· Bring your own beverage and snack, in the case you don't like what we have to offer.

Be ready for a night of Fun and Games this Halloween!
There's only six of us, so skip out and I hunt you and then gut you like a fishie, kay?
*Note, Rides are available if needed!


Amy said...

That's a SERIOUS Halloween party!! LOL She'll have a blast (so will her mother!)

Sassy said...

Oh man...I wish I could be there!