Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Friday Fun For My Friends

Alright. Since I promised. Here are pictures of this year's favorite Halloween Decorations. Now keep in mind the baby finds everything scary so I have items here and there, not the full blown house full of stuff like usual.

I love the witch. She will cackle and chant but this year, she is silent and pretend.

This witch is new. She takes ALOT of wall space. But I like it. I have her mate, Frankenstein but he's got a scary look on his face, so this year? He's hibernating.

The Ghostie (that's what I call him) travels back and forth across the kitchen. Currently he is immobile but I am hoping that the baby will warm up and enjoy knowing that if she claps her hands he'll move on his own. We shall see.

I love this sign. Last year it was outside but this year I chose to hang it over our kitchen table so I could enjoy it more.

Here's a little known secret. I love this guy. It's like seeing what lives in my head.

This is another favorite. I hope you all appreciate the fact that I had to take six pictures before I finally realized I should shut the light out so you could actually see it glowing.

Here's a picture of the baby, I have no plan for her Halloween costume yet. I do have several options, involving a bear, a tiger and the hundred acre woods.

Here's Hallmarks tribute to Halloween, a singing tree and hooting owls. The baby doesn't like it at all. In fact, if you want her to cry, just hit the "press" button. Which is too bad because she is missing many opportunities to drive us all nuts. Oh well, next year.

Okay so here's a laugh for everyone. We put these up side by side BUT after looking at it for a week, it seems to me, the panel on the left should be cut up and placed on the panel on the right. We'll be working on that.

Nothing scary here. I just wanted to show you that everyday, the baby has me buckle her baby into her car seat before I drop her off in daycare. EVERYDAY.

This is our outside display. I'm thinking next year we will invest in some more realistic gravestones. Because ...

This is what I am competing with next door. Gah!


Sassy said...

Great decorations! I love the graveyard sign too.

The baby in the car seat cracked my shit up...especially how you said it...

hehehehe you so funny!


Anonymous said...

Geeeez Mig, you really love Halloween huh? ;)

lol...and you have some MAJOR competition there!!