Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where's The Confounded Bridge?

I have a business that services my lawn (YES, this blog is just THAT exciting, that I start out with these types of sentences, go me!). I do the mowing, they do that whole four times a year fertilizing stuff and they spray my overgrown hemlocks too. They are excellent and reasonable.

So when I inquired as to what the estimate would be for them to edge and mulch all my flower beds, the guy I deal with was more than willing to stop by and leave me the costs associated with this.

He forgot to mention I would need to give my left kidney.

Here's the estimate. Now keep in mind, I have weeded (for the most part) and removed all winter debris from these areas. My house sits on a "quarter" of an acre lot (read: tiny).

Labor: 14hrs $616.00
Mulch: 7 yards $197.00
Tax: $9.80
Fuel Surcharge: $25.00
Grand Total: $846.80

Apparently I live in lala land, because I honestly thought, you know, IT WOULD BE REASONABLE.

It might take me 14 hours to do this job but it certainly isn't going to take two guys more than maybe two hours to get it done. And I've gone the whole mulch route MYSELF. Four yards is plenty (and there will be extra, unless a yard isn't a yard anymore).

The most insulting is the "fuel surcharge". I know gas is expensive but YOU ARE RUNNING A BUSINESS THAT REQUIRES VEHICLES. Deal with it.

I know he can charge that because my business doesn't matter. But for that price, there should be a bridge involved ... don't you think?


Amy said...

OIY!!! A bridge and some beachfront property, I think. Wowza. I'll come help ya mulch. I won't even charge ya a fuel cost (which is good, cause it'll be like $200 in gas)

Sassy said...

He's out of his tree...