Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Team Cranky Now With Guilty By Association

The instructor, this morning, broke us all up into groups of three to do a station type work out. So while three of us did push-ups, another three of us did leg lifts, etc.

My group of three consisted of two other girls. One has been with this class since the beginning and the other is her sister in-law. They are nice and that was fine.

I, however, worked a 12-hour day yesterday. Went to bed at midnight (because heaven forbid the kitchen, you know, clean itself) so I could at least spend a little bit of time, unwinding.

This morning, I admit I was Mrs. Crankypants. The instructor kept bringing that point up but not focusing on me directly, just calling all three of us Team Cranky.

Bless his heart. It's catchy and fitting.

Everyone in my house yesterday after I got home from work. Cranky. The baby has taken to having tantrums at the worst times. And by worst times, I mean one right after another. If everything isn't done exactly as she wants, when she wants, how she wants, its this mad screaming fit. Joy!

I'm dealing with it. I get that she knows what she wants but can't verbalize it in a way I can understand it. I get that she knows what she wants to do but often her little hands or little legs can't master it.

Thankfully, a single donut snapped her out of the whole mess and she was a ray of sunshine for the remainder of the evening (special thanks to sugar).

I won't even get into my superlongsuperboring meeting last night.

Today I have a dentist appointment (cue the groaning here). I have canceled this appointment and rescheduled it twice now and I swear I heard a sigh of relief from the gal who called to confirm my appointment and I said "yes I will be there".

I haven't been in several years. More like three years. For a cleaning that is. I've had various teeth break or fillings that needed to get done. So while today should be easy and fun. I'm not looking forward to it. Anyone want to take best on how many cavities I have?

At least I can look forward to the new tooth brush and floss.

That's something right?


Sassy said...

I'm pmsing so I'm cranky too.

I went to the dentist a few years ago. I hadn't been since I was a kid (no insurance and no money). So finally when I got insurance, I decided to go. I had no cavaties! I thought for sure I'd have a mouth full. Even the dentist was shocked. So don't worry, you may not have any!

Amy said...

Well, if nothing else, today you will have woken to a clean kitchen, felt good about getting in a workout (even if you were cranky) and you'll get past the ol' dentist appointment. That's something, right? AND to top it off, you now know the secret to pleasing an 18 month old!! WOOHOOO!!!

(Hope today is better)