Monday, November 29, 2010


I have finished decorating for the upcoming Holiday at my house.  I just love how it turned out.  Instead of going crazy on the tree (crazy = every ornament I own, along with a whole village of houses underneath and a train that goes around) I kept it simple.  But that previous statement doesn't include the lights in the hallway, I went the extra mile there this year.  But that is okay right?  RIGHT?
Anyway, I used two boxes of ornaments, strings of red beads and the reflection of light off the floor to add a glow (as a side note, I am skipping the tree skirt/dust magnet/cat bed this year too)
You realize, I am doing this because of the four year old.  I figure I'll stress less over it this way.  No yelling "Leave those Christmas houses alone, the pretty ponies can live someplace else!" or "Quit knocking over the train")
Oh, by the way, the tree is fake.  This is something that my teenage son points out EVERY CHANCE HE GETS.  He would like us to have a real tree.  Too bad, so sad.
I changed around the living room and have made it somewhat difficult to play video games and use the computer in a hidden manner.  It is now very teen unfriendly.
Inadvertently I did this but now ITS WORKING OUT SO WELL.  I'm kinda proud of myself.  I can make eye contact with whomever is on the computer AND see what video games are being played EASILY.
I don't see this changing even after the holidays are over.
I will post pictures and give you the tour.  (as soon as I empty my camera of years worth of photos)
My youngest asks everyone she meets (boys and girls alike) if they want a Barbie Swimming Puppy from Santa too.  It is the cutest thing.
I will be wrapping up books this evening, so we can open it and read one each night leading up to Christmas.
Very exciting stuff here!

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