Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What The Cox?

My child is sick AGAIN today.  Apparently she missed the memo about today being a self-declared BEACH day and has, instead, chosen to lie on the couch like a lump, sweating and complaining about how she doesn't feel well.

Yeah.  I took her to the doctor this AM.  (because I do not, repeat, DO NOT want to be awake at 5 AM again this week)  He feels that she has hand, foot and mouth disease.  Which isn't really a disease but more like a virus.  A pesky, vacation ruining, virus.  This is day three of her having a barely controllable fever and I hope, that this is the END of that whole business.  I mean it's easily 100 degrees here during the day, add in her already overheated body and well ... lets just say that she hasn't internally combusted is saying somethin'.

Anyway.  Since I am not one to let illness get in the way of my vacation, today I took my oldest and not sick girl out to run errands with me.  We did the usual, bank, drug store and library.  But we also checked out this new, clean thrift store.  Exactly like a Salvation Army but not the Salvation Army (I'm not sure what is up with that).  I found a few goodies but it was hard to shop with a teenager stuck to my hip at every turn.  Nothing in the store was of any interest, except staying right by my side.

I had to take her to Borders to assure myself that she could indeed walk on her own.  I treated her to a  couple of new reads and we did a quick tour of the local mall.  (by tour I mean brisk walk as we scooted in and out of key stores).

No exactly enjoyable but better than working by FAR.

I am hoping that tomorrow, my youngest will be up for THE trip to THE beach for some sand, water and breeze.

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