Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Your Average Holiday

We had big plans for today.  A meet up in another state (not a far ride, like it sounds) at a big name mall with a teenage friend, made at the Anime Convention.  It was all set, after much fuss and much debate on who was going (six teens altogether) and what parents were driving (two cars).  Then the gal, that we were to meet, had to work.  And there was much disappointment. And no one went anywhere today.

Then my youngest got very sick yesterday.  The kind of sick that requires both types of fever reducer to be used, overlapping each other, so that the sickeness holds back and you don't have to watch your child suffer in 100 degree heat while feeding her crushed up popcicles.

Its been a long day but I think we finally are ahead of it all or perhaps it is the illness we are leaving behind.  This is good because there is a beach trip to be planned, along with a shopping excursion, some outdoor play and ending the week with a camping trip.


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jenny said...

Camping this weekend? Us too! Where are you heading???