Monday, July 26, 2010

That's What I Get For Thinking About It ...

I started my day, today, in the usual rush.  It's nice with the kids out of school because I only have to be about getting myself and my youngest out the door right now.  Said youngest, slept until the last five minutes before I needed to leave.

She reluctantly got up.  I repeat, RELUCTANTLY.  Telling me that we had TWO DAYS OFF and she didn't need to get get up.  Yeah, nice try.  Monday's aren't fun these days for her either. 

As we finally get going I found myself thinking about cell phone plans and whatnot.  By whatnot I mean whatever else crossed my mind during the drive from my house to preschool.  I did think about my oldest and how she's been so responsible and maybe at Christmas time this year, I'd upgrade her phone.....

It was just a passing thought, lost by reality.  Drop off requires me and a mule to carry in a weeks worth of stuff (changes of clothing, blanket, sheet, bathing suit, towel, extra shoes and a hefty weekly payment, etc.)

I finally get my butt into work and haven't been at my desk for more than ten minutes when I was hit with a barrage of questions and my pre-caffeine, already frazzled brain was picked about previous practice.  I answered all that and got going on my day.  (this is what happens when everyone elses day starts at 7 AM or earlier)

Blah, blah, blah to lunchtime when I headed home to check on my middle child.  (I fondly or not so fondly call him the destroyer of furniture)  Said hello, got the mail and sat down to open coincidentally the cell phone bill.

Wherein I promptly had a HEART ATTACK at the $70 extra dollars due to running over our allotted minutes.  Something which has never happened up until this very point.

The culprit?  My oldest daughter.  Who thanked her lucky stars she was at a friend's house instead of right in front of me as my eyes bulged and veins popped out my head while I ranted about being IRRESPONSIBLE.

NOTE:  For all the "I knows" I get from her, you'd think not only does she grasp the whole cell phone minutes thing but she also would have facilitated world peace and solved the earth's hunger problems.  But apparently, none of this has happened and frankly, I'm not all that surprised.  It was only a matter of time, EVERYONE said so (including the lovely T-Mobile lady, who I laughed at when she mentioned I might want to increase that), you all should be so proud of yourselves.  Now where do I get my "I told you so, now you believe me" T-shirt?

The end result is extra babysitting for me and a lesson learned for her.

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Sassy said...

That's how the cell phone companies get ya, I tell ya! And I believe she learned a lesson. She is responsible. And has a very good role model. :)