Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100 Things About Me

I was reading over at Say-La-vee and was reminded how I hadn't done this here.

1. I love blogging.

2. When I was young I had a diary.

3. When I got older I had a dated journal.

4. I was never good at faithfully writing in either.

5. Leaving large spots of time accounted for.

6. My friend introduced me to this blog world.

7. I am grateful to her for it.

8. My first blog was discovered by my boss.

9. I had no idea he found it.

10. Until I blogged about what a gigantic ass he was.

11. The next day he started to re-read the entry to me, I stopped him, apologized and offered to resign. He wouldn't hear of it. So I hastily deleted my blog.

12. I wish I had put more thought into that.

13. I lost an entire year of good writing.

14. As it turns out, My boss cut and pasted every entry to a word file. He tried to hold it over my head. I assume he thought I would sue him.

15. I didn't. I never spoke of it again. He gave me the file. So I didn't really lose it.

16. I'm afraid to go back and read that last entry.

17. I think about #'s 8-16 often. I worry he will find me again.

18. I recently invited my husband to read.

19. I'm not sure if he has.

20. I love books.

21. Biographies are a favorite genre.

22. I can draw.

23. I hope that one of my three children use that talent that I passed on to them.

24. Always wanted three children.

25. It took ten years to convince my husband to try for #3.

26. If he suggested a #4, I'd go for it in a heart beat.

27. I don't think I will ever be ready to stop having babies.

28. I have always loved children.

29. School and me, don't get along.

30. Regardless of my Bostonian accent, I try to speak correctly.

31. I swear too much sometimes.

32. Exercise and I, get along.

33. When I was eighteen I used to do a workout routine while listening to a tape recording and looking at a booklet.

34. In the basement with my dad's weights and sit up board (he made himself) surrounding me.

35. My first music cassette tape was RUSH Moving Pictures.

36. I played it on my boom box.

37. My first serious boyfriend got me into music.

38. He used to write the lyrics to songs, in notes, to me.

39. The first one he wrote for me was "Eat Me Alive" by Judas Priest.

40. I don't know why I remember that, I just do.

41. I'm adopted.

42. I spent the first three months of my life in an "adoption center".

43. Nurses took care of me.

44. My parents had three babies to choose from.

45. They picked me.

46. Because my hair matched theirs.

47. I have an older brother, he is their natural child.

48. He is bi-polar, diabetic and they think suffered brain damage at birth.

49. My family life revolved entirely around him. (IMO)

50. I love my parents and my brother.

51. Even though they drive me nuts.

52. They are nice and thankful people, who raised me right.

53. There was no alcohol in our house whatsoever.

54. I grew up in a "dry" town.

55. I had my first drink at fifteen.

56. A shot of Wild Turkey.

57. I have never really liked the taste of any hard liquor.

58. I can tolerate Margaretta's.

59. With salt.

60. I don't like not being in control.

61. I call myself Type A but I don't really know if I am.

62. Those who know me, are laughing at that statement.

63. I am an ex-smoker.

64. I started smoking Marlboro's, in the red box.

65. I used to tuck them into the top pocket of my jean jacket.

66. By the time I got to Business School, I was smoking Marlboro Lights.

67. I don't think I was ever really addicted. I could take it or leave it.

68. I love the act of smoking and if it weren't so deadly, I'd probably still smoke.

69. I taught myself how to drive a standard.

70. My first car was standard. I bought it knowing I had no idea how to drive it.

71. I loved my first car. It had an on-board computer that sounded like "Kit" from Knight Rider.

72. I consider myself lucky.

73. I try to see the good in people, even when they tell me themselves they are bad.

74. I'm trying to take a simplistic approach to life.

75. My first step is to stop buying/bringing stuff we don't need or won't use into the house.

76. Speaking of houses, I love mine.

77. A good day for me is cleaning my house.

78. I love cleaning.

79. I don't care how freaky that makes me sounds. It makes me happy.

80. I like the smell of Lysol.

81. I don't like the smell of bleach.

82. I'm super organized.

83. Organizing is another thing that makes me happy.

84. My two oldest children are messy.

85. I hold out hope that it will change.

86. Even as a teenager, I was a neat freak.

87. My youngest likes to keep things tidy already. She's only three.

88. Black is my favorite color.

89. My Dad likes to tell me that black is the absence of color.

90. If I have to choose another color, it's a toss up between red and purple.

91. Those last two are my oldest kids favorite colors.

92. I am good at trusting my instinct and believing my first thought on things.

93. You'd be surprised at how accurate you are when you don't second guess yourself.

94. I want to travel across the U.S. someday.

95. If I could see the seven wonders of the world, I would do it.

96. I hate flying.

97. I'm a white knuckle flier.

98. I love warm weather but not hot, sticky, humid weather.

99. I am awful at any sports.

100. If there is any sort of ball playing (football, basketball, soccer) and I am sitting close by, I am almost guaranteed to get hit in the head.

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Sassy said...

You spent your first three days in an adoption center? That's so sad.

For what it's worth, I would have totally adopted you! I'm glad you got good parents.