Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shades of Beige

I took my girls to our local Home Improvement Store yesterday. Thinking I could get in and out of there pretty quick.

Thinking I could, that is. It was all well and good in the beginning. I found the carbon detectors I was looking for and a couple of replacement toilet seats (raise your hand if you hate a seat that wiggles and no amount of tightening fixes it!). The last item on my list was a gallon of beige paint. We are, finally, going to paint the living room and decided to use a neutral color (and yes, we do watch alot of "sell this house" and see that color on the walls, why do you ask?).

Except there is no beige paint you can just buy off the shelf. Instead there are endless paint samples in the "beige range". They are called all these weird names ...

Including but not limited to the following ~
  • Mediterranean Mocha
  • Dust Bunny
  • Bungalow White
  • Adirondack Path
  • Sand Storm
  • Balance
  • Moroccan Moonlight
  • Imperial Sand
  • Puppy Paws (awwww)
  • Sandy Cove
  • Churchill Hotel Wheat
  • Woodrow Wilson Linen
  • Moose Mousse
  • Hopsack
  • Cream in my Coffee
  • Diamond Mine
  • Drifting Dune
  • Camel
  • Treasure Map
  • Bermuda Sand
  • Bristlecone
  • String of Pearls
  • Toast
  • Timeless Taupe
  • Cincinnatian Hotel Briggs Beige
  • Light Raffia
  • Del Cornado Tequila

After looking at them all, we opted to just head to the local hardware store, where they ACTUALLY sell beige paint, not premixed into fancy named colors. And it happens to be $10 cheaper per gallon.

Course, I'll probably hate it. And that's probably why they have so many shades to choose from. So we shall see ...

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Sassy said...

Nah, don't do yellow. I have a nice beige color in my house, it's called Otter Tail. Isn't that cute? lol