Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking It For Granted

.... it's been four days. Only four days. Four long days. Realistically speaking this is an opportune time to focus on other things. To work on projects that don't involve a keyboard. But instead, I find myself wondering if any progress has been made. (umm probably not with the holiday and all) And I mourn for the digital pictures of my youngest baby that could, very well, be gone. I find myself thinking about how I can possibly recreate an evening's worth of notes with official votes, for a meeting I had over a week ago.

Then I realize, it's all out of my hands. The data can either be retrieved, or it can't. It's just that simple. My agonizing over it changes nothing.

Instead I'm planning back-up strategies because good old hindsite is 20/20.

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Amy said...

You are so right, the worrying won't cause change, but it's still just so hard to let go of that, isn't it? I hope it all IS saved and fixed and that you'll have it all back soon. But if not, remember, it's all just material. You still have the beautiful child that was in all those pictures!!