Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsession MeMe

Book: Blink, The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcom Gladwell. This book was so interesting. It has many different scientific studies and the findings on facial expressions, gut reactions and how the unconscious knows before the conscious when something is wrong.

Snack: Barbecue Chicken Dip.

Restaurant: Longhorn & Applebee's. I'm looking for coupons to either of these places so that the gift cards we have will go farther.

Beverage: Focus by Crystal Light. It's risky for me to drink because it contains aspartame which sometimes causes migraines for me but it's so TASTY.

Decor: Black and White. always.

Actor: Robert Downey, Jr. Bad boy love.

Actress: Jennifer Garner.

Movie: Overboard is my all time favorite movie.

TV show: True Blood. I watched it for the first time last night and I'm HOOKED.

Hobby: Sewing. I've got to patterns, one for a purse and the other for pants, I can't wait to try them both.

Band: My man's band.

Song: Lifeline by Papa Roach.

Meme: Anything Sunday Stealing ;)

Blog: Post Secret.

Lover: My husband, always.

Friend: My BFF. She rocks.

Quote: "The world does not revolve around (insert child's name here)"

Peeve: People who wait until the last second to pull out in front of you and then drive slow.

Sport: Ahahahahahahahaha

Singer: Axl Rose. I might have a thing for bad boys or idiots.


Lisa said...

My cousin hooked me in to True Blood (and the Sookie books) and like you, I am HOOKED. I'm on S1 Ep 4 of the show (through Netflix) and love it.

:-) Nice visiting your blog!

Lisa at

I am Harriet said...

I almost forgot about Post Secret.

Have a great day!

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Amy said...

HEY!!! I am reading Blink, too!!! Woohoo!! I'm reading the same book as Way Cool Mig!!