Monday, January 11, 2010

To The Max

Its pretty bad when you wake up at 5 AM and instantly wish it was Friday. I'm looking at a long week ahead of me. Mon-Tues nights working. Appointments for different kids in the afternoons each day. A tough phone call to make, that has to be done out of earshot of nosey people and preferably on a land line, although I don't see how I can pull that off. Maybe on my cellphone in the middle of nowhere would work... Bank of America is a demon to me right now.

I'm dreading the Gas & Electric bills arrival. And it sucks that I have to avoid the tenants because I worry that is the first thing they will mention to me (how cold it is downstairs), something that we cannot afford to do anything more about.

I wish winter were almost over, instead of just beginning. Even though I have a feeling that the extreme heat of the summer will be an issue as well.

Work is tense as a hornets net that has just been struck by a bat. A layoff that I can't talk about to anyone. Sitting in an office with my Boss, while he talks about how much it costs him to put oil in the furnace tank of his winter house. Or, like last week, telling me how he cannot survive on a salary of 125K.

All while I smile, answer phones kindly, and make like I don't have a care in the world.


Chriz said...

i've got kind of winter depression this week.. everything seems wrong and all i need is merely a sunshine... but i can't find it.

what a long winter...

Sassy said...

Your boss should try making it at what I make. Geez. I'd probably give an ovary to make 125 k a year. Ovaries are very important to me, you know!

As for your tenants...SNUGGIES!