Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Cookie Tale

I'm not one to return plates empty. I figure you brought it to my house with something yummy and left it, the least I can do is return it with something yummy too.

My yummy of choice is homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Since Christmas I have had a baking dish to return to my brother in law. I made a batch and got it ready to go. After dropping it by his house on my lunch hour, I sent him this text, to what I thought was his cell number.

"Hi there, I left your dish filled w/ cookies on the bench outside your front door. Enjoy!"

I got the following reply ~

"I don't think I have a bench outside my front door. But thank you."

Now I know he lives in a BIG ASS house and you'd think after living in it for the last eighteen years he'd know he has a bench outside his front door ... but whatever, I said ~

"ROFL! You totally do, I could tell the door is hardly used. Hope you have a nice day."

The reply to that was ~


I then went on with my day. A couple hours later I got this message ~

"Would like to say thank you for the cookies but there were none. I do not think I am who you think I am."

CRAP! All sorts of things went through my head but mostly I felt AWKWARD. Who could it be? Did I have the wrong number? Was he playing a trick on me? So I said ~

"Interesting. I must have the wrong #, sorry about that."

Good save on my part right? Diplomatic. But it puts an end to it. At this point I am wondering who, in the heck, am I talking to and how they must think I'm some sort of cookies tease. Then I get this reply ~

"No worries. I just really want cookies now."

See above tease reference. I can't help myself, like watching a train wreck about to happen I . must. send. one. more. text. ~

"Awwwww. Store bought cookies are good too."

There were no more replies. Figuring that was the end of it. I sent a regular 'ole email to my brother in law and asked him to verify his cell number and sort of told him the cookie story quickly.

I then went to my evening meeting, which consisted of a whole lot of blah, blah, blah. I found myself going back to the texts and my mind wandered as to who I could have been talking to. Kind of like when you know the answer and it is on the tip of your tongue but you just can't get it to come out.

That night, before I went to bed, I read this on my FB page ~

"Thank you for telling me I had cookies waiting for me then I have NO COOKIES when I get home from work. Jerk!!! It's okay though. I stole some from the old man. :)"


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LOL that was too cute! Now I want cookies!