Friday, July 17, 2009

I Promise Next Week Will Be Better

Here are my plans for the weekend ...

  • Cleaning. What?
  • Reading Olive Kitteridge (yawn!). **spoiler alert** This character is the kind of person I am not fond of. There are alot of names involved and while I can follow along I feel that I shouldn't have work this hard at remember who they are and how they are connected. I about halfway done. Whee.
  • Tie Together Quilt - I came up with this idea when I was looking at a children's catalog. It was selling a craft kit that had the squares of fabric pre-cut and you tie them. For those who know me, it is like the blankets I made. I have all the squares cut (which cramped my fingers beyond belief) and am happily tying away. Starting too, anyway.
  • I will take pictures. But, don't get too excited, I am crappy at photography these days.
  • The toddler has decided this evening would be a super-fantastic-time to run a 100 degree temp. Stupid molars.
  • Thank goodness for Tylenol. Cherry flavor.
  • I'm off to eat watermelon and pizza!

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