Friday, May 29, 2009

The End Of a Long Ass Week

Dudes, Seriously? Life has to suck this badly in one week? Gah!

Alright, maybe I exaggerate, but only slightly. I am working on my Anime Convention post, I swear! (ok, first I am going to post a bunch of costume pictures on facebook, so check there too) I just haven't had much time to plant my butt in front of the computer and do it. Let's recap my week so far ...

Monday - recovery from Anime Weekend.
Tuesday - Work & a town meeting (that went until almost midnight)
Wednesday - Work & meeting to review the summer concert stuff. Whee!
Thursday - Ear Surgery with the toddler.

That last one was a DOOZY. And took up the better part of the day. The toddler (I had written baby but she really isn't anymore, which when the heck did that happen?) did really well, all things considered. Mind you I'm glazing over the screaming in my face, kicking and trying like heck to lay on the floor and have a full blow out tantrum. The pain medicine did wonders for her temperament. AND once she realized that getting dressed, eating and drinking were the ticket out, she did them all quick.

We stopped out in the lobby to put on her coat and she was smiling at the elderly people. She even pointed out Curious George in the gift shop display.

Breathing the fresh air outside was awesome! I have had enough of the controlled environments for a while (the hotel, the convention center and now the hospital, it totally messes with my sinuses).

Because I am a big mushball for my girl, we stopped at Wally World to look at toys. (it might have had to do with the fact that her ear was bleeding, which is normal but still gross ... and guilt) For a while I thought she was going to go with Diego's Rescue Pack but in the end, she picked a new baby. This one makes baby noises (no crying just eating) and faces. She pointed out how it was wearing "feetie jamma's" like her.

I am so glad to have this week behind me! Today is Friday! And I'm ready for the weekend!

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Sassy said...

Awww..good for her! She's a big girl. She has really grown. I remember the baby pictures you used to put up. Now it's like..where the heck did she go!

Happy Friday!