Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Hope It Was A Good One

I was going to write a sentimental "fifteen years ago today" post but now that I am sitting here thinking about it, I'd rather write about today.

I spent the morning baking your cake and putting together your gifts. I remember years ago when it was Coloring Books and Dress Up Clothes that you wanted. Today I wrapped up your ticket to the Anime Convention, A Drawing Pro Technical Book and a homemade certificate for cable to be hooked up to your TV.

I picked you up at the bus stop and whisked you over to our favorite Book Store. It took you no time at all to pick out some new Anime books (big surprise there). As an added bonus, and on a whim, I took you to the game store too.

On our way out of the bookstore, we got to witness, firsthand, some idiot on a cell phone, who was talking loudly about needing money, while carrying and armload of books. Hearing his flapping feet run by us, we both looked up in time to see him jump in an old model jeep, drop the passenger seat back, while some woman drove him away. No one chased him and we both wished we had gotten the license plate number.

The ride home was filled with chatter. With both of us talking about music, school, work and birthdays. It's those moments that I wish time would just stand still and it would last and last.

Dinner out, I thought was sure to be a good time. Your little sister had other plans. No eating, just fussing and at one point outright crying (and to the dude sitting next to us, dirty looks are not the least bit helpful). We got through it.

At home, the cake was the best part. Your brother made sure the lights got turned out and I took your picture in the darkness. Out of all of them, it came out the best. We sang and the littlest voice was the loudest, even though she was the one who ate the least amount cake.

After the gifts were opened and you were taking your loot into your room, the smile on your face said everything.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, and here's to another great year.


Amy said...

love love love this!!

Happy Birthday again, Jessica!! May they all be this fun, this wonderful and surrounded by the people you love most!

Sassy said...

Happy Birthday, Jess! Sounds like she had a wonderful day. The cake looks good too!

Holly said...

Stopping by to say hello and sorry it's been so long. Life is busy and crazy and TONS of stuff going on. *sigh*
Miss you!