Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Me: From Me

Dear Me,
You need to get OVER IT. Today is your 40th Birthday and I want to see you embrace it. It's just a number, you are still the same person as you were yesterday, just today, that number has changed. And it's okay. You will be okay. Everything will be okay.
You are so lucky in your life and YOU need to REALIZE IT. A loving husband, three kids, lots of Internet friends, facebook friends and real friends. You are well known in the community and you do you share to contribute to the Town you live in. You are gainfully employed!
Look at the birthday cards and wishes you have received so far. These people are thinking of you. Do they care that you old and wrinkly? (ok that was unfair, as I know your weaknesses the best, but it was kinda funny) They do not. They like you for who you are. They want you to have a good day.
Over a month ago you attended the funeral of your friend's son, who had died in car accident. It moved you. People leave this world everyday and it involves lots of sadness. But you are here, now. You need to look at each day as a gift and not a day for a pity party. You are lucky. You are blessed and above all you need to be thankful and appreciate it.
Happy 40th Birthday Mig. Spend your day celebrating all the people who love you and all the things you enjoy and may you feel the same way today, as you do on your 80th birthday.


Sassy said...

You are a wonderful person! Happy Birthday!

Now go to my blog...


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to my Best Far Away Friend!!