Monday, February 16, 2009

A Tale Of Two Chairs

If you hang around with me long enough, you will realize, when I set my sights on something, I become obsessed with achieving it. Could be as simple as finishing some work. Could be setting up a piece of furniture ... or ... it could be my deciding the living room NEEDED more chairs.

How hard can it be? I sit and watch HG TV constantly and they are always finding cheap chairs to paint and reupholster to fit a new design. I decided I could do that too. (now before you go rolling your eyes I have reupholstered two chairs so I have an idea of what I can and cannot do)

My plan was to find seating that was mostly wood but with a fabric seat I could take off and redo. Easy? Right? No.

I started by going into the Salvation Army Store daily in the town I work in. Always a day or sometimes hours too late. I would find chairs. Chairs that I could work with. Chairs that I liked. Those chairs? Sold.

I refused to give up. I stopped in at a used furniture place in my Town and gave up my business card with an idea of what I was looking for. I even asked my man because he is always in places like that. He agreed to look for me.

I scoured the Internet for local thrift stores and made calls to find if any had armchairs available for sale.

I looked at ALOT of chairs. Many were wing backs or overstuffed. Few would work for what I wanted. In a weak moment I looked at Target online. Where reality said to me "you are not spending $125 on a single chair!"

Finally, on a long shot. I took a 30 minute ride to another Salvation Army. It was snowy but it wasn't sticking to the roads. I thought about not going but then I decided to take a chance.

And I found this! For the bargain price of $10.99. Or at least that's what I thought the tag said. As it turns out, it was $16.99. But after searching for so long (ok, it was a week and half) I said what the heck AND your handwriting is terrible.

As you can see, blurry, my largest cat likes the chair. Now I had just the one chair and really I wanted TWO chairs. I never in a million-zillion-gabillion years would have thought that I could find a second chair in the same style. BUT, on a whim, I took the 30 minute drive on Friday and found THIS for $7.99.

The EXACT same chair. Just in a different cushion color.

And here it is. TWO of the same chair. Internets I am so happy. I am seriously considering going back one more time, next week.


jenny said...

OH WOW! These are excellent.

Well worth the obsessing, I'd say :)

Sassy said...


Love the tv! I miss mine.

Amy said...

CHAIRS!!! wooohoooo!!

P.S. the word verificaiton is "caned" which seems appropriate when we're discussing chairs, huh?